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A sub for Jewish people who like guns, and gun people who like Jews.

2016.06.29 03:03 mostinterestingtroll BLΛƆKPIИK JISOO - 'ME' (First Single Album) - 230331 1:00PM KST // 12:00AM EDT

BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

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A reddit dedicated to physical and sport shooting competition known as The Tactical Games.

2023.03.30 19:41 Mindless-Carrot-9651 Today, Argonaut announced updated mineral resources and reserves with a significant increase to resources at two principal assets: > the Magino Project in ON, Canada > the Florida Canyon Mine in NV, USA News release: #ArgonautGold $AR.CA #goldmining

Today, Argonaut announced updated mineral resources and reserves with a significant increase to resources at two principal assets: > the Magino Project in ON, Canada > the Florida Canyon Mine in NV, USA News release: #ArgonautGold $AR.CA #goldmining submitted by Mindless-Carrot-9651 to ArgonautGold [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:41 Fat_Poster Very grey.

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2023.03.30 19:40 i1470s How to setup WireGuard on windows server 2016 - 2022 [ GUIDE]
I want to elaborate on this guide which i found amazing, on the website there is people complaining about the following error, this was something that took me about 3 hours of messing around to figure out and thought it'd be best to share.
``` [PS> Set-NetConnectionSharing “wg_server” $true
An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040201) At C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\wireguard\wireguard.psm1:54 char:13 + $publicConfig.EnableSharing(0) + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : OperationStopped: (:) [], COMException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040201) At C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\wireguard\wireguard.psm1:55 char:13 + $privateConfig.EnableSharing(1) + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : OperationStopped: (:) [], COMException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException] ```
The following issue can be caused by a few things
1. in the guide having RRAS (Routing and Remote Access) Enabled is not mentioned as an issue but it needs to be disabled and the service needs to be deleted from the services application in windows server. You can do this by using the following command in a command prompt: sc delete servicename (Double check with google before you accidentally delete remote desktop)
(The reason for this is because ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) Cant start when RRAS in running or even installed on the machine and ICS is a requirement for the powershell script included in the guide and as far as i can tell this script is the only way to fully allow internet access through wireguard to the machine, ofc windows doesnt just give a simple error and there is no information on this issue anywhere)
2. This one can happen too, you may need to change the execution policy to either Unrestricted or Remote signed, Security wise this could be seen as a danger but as long as you or anyone else with administrator privileges isn't running random powershell scripts sent to their email you'll live.
this for myself was such a stupid issue and powershell was telling me the system power is transfering from blank to . which has nothing to do with what was actually going on, anyway hopefully i can help someone fix something so simple.
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2023.03.30 19:40 AutoNewsAdmin [CA] - UCP candidate, slammed for comments on pornography in schools, quits

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2023.03.30 19:39 magnusnepolove I’m confused, but okay

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2023.03.30 19:39 TheHYPO Why is Worf already grey? What are the implications to Klingon society?

Worf was born in 2340. In TNG, he's in his 20s. In Picard, he's around 60.
By contrast, Kor, Kang and Koloth were adults in the late 2260s (already commanders or captains with their own ships, in fact). I think we can say it's generous to assume they are least 20 years old - having their own ships, they might well be over 30 or older - the actors were all around 40 at the time of shooting TOS.
But even based on being 20, we see them again nearly 100 years later in 2370. they must be at least 120. Perhaps even 130 or 140 or more. They are clearly old men, but not geriatric incapable men. Nothing suggests they are close to the life expectancy of a Klingon at that point. Clearly Klingons have a long lifespan.
We also have Martok. We know he served on ShiVang's flagship from 2345 and we know him through around 2375. Again, assuming he was at least 20 when he was on ShiVang's ship, he would be at least 50. We see no signs of him having any grey hair.
K'mpec, the "longest serving" chancellor is grey, though his beard appears to still have some black in it - it could be dark grey though. The older Klingon survivors we see in "Birthright" from the Khitomer massacre are grey. They have been there for about 23 years at that point, but we don't know precisely how old they are. I can't think of any other Klingons off hand that we know the ages of.
There is always a possibility that Worf has bad genes and is the Steve Martin/Anderson Cooper of Qo'nos - he may have prematurely greyed. It's also possible that unlike humans, Klingon greying varies wildly among individuals from 60 to 100. But if this is not the case, it leads to some questions.
In general, we rarely see Klingons with grey hair in normal battle situations including manning Klingon ships (including those in command where you would expect the most senior and experienced officers). This would seem to imply that Klingons generally only serve on ships for a few decades, perhaps until their 50s before retiring from that life and living as much as 70 years longer doing other things. I would have to think that if this were the case, Martok's objection to Kor being allowed by Worf to serve on his ship at over 120 years old would have been a lot more serious - "Dude, he's like 60 years past retirement age."
And if this is the case, what do Klingons do for the remaining decades of their lives? Kor didn't want to feel useless at 120+. Even if he is the exception to the skill and alertness of a 120 year old Klingon, I have to imagine there are Klingon warriors at 70 who are experienced warriors and don't want to be useless either.
In particular, going into the Dominion war, you would think it would be an "all hands on deck" situation and that able-bodied Klingons from 60-100 would be invited or drafted in to fight the Dominion threat. But we don't really see any grey Klingons during the war.
Quite frankly, I would have expected Worf to perhaps be showing a bit of grey at this point, but for him to be fully grey, I find that an interesting production decision.
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2023.03.30 19:39 von143 [SELL] [US] NWT Align Tank Size 10 in Violet Verbena

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2023.03.30 19:39 terribleheadspace [Friendship] 24F / Looking for (female) friends to VC with

Hello, makenewfriendshere. We meet again. I am once again asking for friends. This time, I'm looking to find voice chat friends to foolishly be socially awkward with. And to play chess with. If you're into that, send me your discord tag and let's link up. Just tell me a little bit about yourself first. I prefer chit chatting w other women since I don't really feel comfortable 1o1 with guys online, but I will try to be open (butttt im sorry but one creepy, misogynistic, or homophobic thing and i will scadodoole, im not playing)
Besides chess, I have a graveyard of other hobbies: I dabbled into writing, & stories about sentient toilet papers were written (thank you, writingprompts). I drew cats from memes, I had a readathon mania when i discovered zlib years ago, designed fake book covers that no one asked for, made some music, i even dipped my tongue into new languages. All have been abandoned eons ago in liu of depression.
Then the xqc v. Moistcritikal chess match happened and my mind has been reopened. I have found a new joy in living and losing miserably at.
I like horror and psychological thrillers books and movies, but I've substituted that with air crash investigations and whatever Shawn Cee reacts to that I can find on YouTube. That's the extent of my films and shows, lol.
Music: currently my focus is on exploring hip hop/rap, I'm very new to the genre. But my fav artists are kendrick lamar, little simz, leikeli47, tierra whack. Favourite album of 2022 is: Renaissance or Mr Morale, I can't pick.
Before my hip hop phase I was a twenty one pilots, Melanie Martinez, half alive & KKB type of person. I also like LoL's K/DA if that counts.
Games: none but among us and chess and i suck at both🤙🏾
I'm very very socially awkward and I'm just trying to learn how to conversate. I'm not as expressive on VC but I try to be. If that doesn't bother you, shoot me a message.
BTW I AM QUEELGBTQ+, just in case. If you're homophobic or disrespectful please don't contact me. Just trynna keep away from any awkwardness. Also, no NSFW. Also, final thing: I can't see chat requests, please PM me instead!!
Thank you and have a cool day. Stream RENAISSANCE by Beyonce
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2023.03.30 19:39 damnitmicca Updated About Me & FAQ, ask me anything in the comments!

The basics: * my name is Micca * 26 years old and a Taurus * german/nigerian * living in Germany * university student * 5‘11“ and 158 pounds
There is nothing really special about me, I’m basically just your average girl next door who likes to share her nudes online (all for your viewing pleasure of course 😏) and gets off on the thought of making men cum! 💘
I have a weightloss body - stretchmarks, jiggly, soft tummy, saggy boobs and all oft that, yet I’m not scared to show it all off and I really hope you will like me even with all my imperfections! 🥺
Where are you from? I was born and raised in Germany and I never lived anywhere else!
How old are you? When’s your birthday? I’m 26 and my birthday is on May 7th!
Are you single? Oh yes, I am very single.
What do you study? I study media, political and social sciences! It’s a three course bachelor and it’s a lot. I’m glad when it’s all over 🙃
Are you ever in the US? Have you ever been there? No, I’ve never been to the US! Furthest away from home I’ve ever traveled to was Russia! But I hope to visit the US in the next few years!
You look like Tracee Ellis Ross! Yes, I hear this often! I had no idea until I started posting on Reddit. I didn’t even know who she was 😅
Do you do meetups? No, I don’t do meetups at all.
What are some of your favorite things? Definitely my dog! Horror movies, serial killer documentaries, plants 🪴, nature and especially the woods, Quentin Tarantino movies, asian and oriental food (kimchi fried rice is 10/10), oldschool rap and hip hop (tyler the creator, odd future, tay-k, Biggie are some of my favorite artists), being a hermit at home lol, taking nudes, giving boners 🤪, cooking, smoking weed and listening to music, Rise of Kingdoms, MTV Catfish and so much more!
Will there ever be B/G or G/G content on your page? Maybe, but probably not any time soon. If there ever will be this type of content, you can be sure that I’ll let you know 🥰
Are you looking for someone to create content with? I offer my services. Thank you! That is nice. But currently I’m not looking for someone to shoot content with. Also, most who offer to shoot content with me are from the US and I’m from Germany. So I don’t think that would work out so well! 🙁
Do you have Twitter or any other social media account? Besides reddit I don’t have any other social media account that I’m using actively but I’m planning on bringing my Instagram account to life! It’s @shymicca
What do you in your free time besides doing Only Fans? I love to cook and try out new dishes, watch movies and documentaries, go out for lunch or dinner with friends, game and spend time with my dog! 😍 Oh and I love to sleep lol I’m the queen of naps
Why are you doing OnlyFans? Since I’m a student I’m often short on money, and even though I can pay my bills without the money I make on OnlyFans, many times there is just no money left for anything else and I really want to save up money for emergencies and maybe every once in a while buy myself something nice 🥺 So I’m on OnlyFans to make some extra money. And since I’m my own boss and am more flexible than I would be in a vanilla job, I have a lot more time to focus on university as well 🤓
Another reason is that I always loved the thought about men getting off on me! I love knowing that I’m making men all over the world cum 😋 I love the attention and just connecting with people! Thanks to OnlyFans I’ve become way more confident in my own body and learned that it’s okay to be openly sexual as a woman.
Does your family/friends know about what you do? No, none of my friends or family know what I’m doing. One day they’ll probably find out but I’m not really worried or scared of that. Not because I’m not aware of the consequences but because I 100% stand behind being a hoe on the internet. I’m loving it 😈
What’s on your OnlyFans? What can I expect? - I post mostly pictures and most of them are full explicit nudies! Pussy close-ups are my specialty 😏 but you’ll also find short clips, gifs, pics of my boobs, ass, feet, lewds and some regular selfies - Once or twice a month I upload a full video (between 15-30 min. long) in which I’m just masturbating with one of my toys. Everything is pretty vanilla over here 🍦 - You can expect daily posts but every once in a while there can be 1-3 days where I won’t post anything 🙈 I always make up for it though! I’d never just dip and disappear. I love and appreciate my fans way too much to let them down! - I see my OF more like a little NSFW diary and try to let my personality come through as much as possible! And I’m always there to chat with 🥰
Do you make customs and dick ratings? Absolutely! 🤪 If you’re interested in a custom you can hit me up any time! Tell me about your wishes and what you’re thinking of and I’m sure I can do it for you 💖 I do text, audio and video dick ratings as well! All my services and prices are on my tip menu which you can find here and on both my free and paid OnlyFans page.
Do you offer video calls? Yes I do! I Even though I still get so nervous and a little awkward every single time! 🙈 I offer it to subscribers to my paid page.
Do you have cashapp and sell content over reddit or any other site? Sadly, Cashapp is not available in Germany! So I only sell my content over OnlyFans and ManyVids.
What (kinks) are you into? I’m really into breeding and getting creampied knowing damn well I could get pregnant 🤪 but I like getting a nice facial as well. I guess you could say I like getting cummed in and cummed on 🤤 I’m a little exhibitionist too, the thought of being watched while having sex or masturbating or being seen naked by unexpecting strangers makes me horny af. I’d love to show more of this side of me to you all…I just don’t want to get in trouble lol oh and I LOVE sucking dick and kissing passionately while fucking.
Would you do a gangbang? Yeah absolutely. I’d do B/B/G but not B/G/G.
Are you into white guys by any chance? I’m into all men! I don’t care about the race, color of your skin or whatever else ❤️
What camera do you use to shoot your content? I shoot all of my content with my Sony Z-100.
I answered even more questions on my OnlyFans! If you have any more you can drop them in the comments. I’ll try to reply to every one of them! Thanks so much if you read all of this! 😍☺️✨💘
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2023.03.30 19:39 atdi2113 Strange Death Outside Lighthouse

After the Dewdrop fight those drones fly up and are peaceful. Scanning does nothing, shooting does nothing BUT if I scan AFTER i have shot them I die and it's like someone hit me in the back of the head. I'm assuming because then I would see that drones are actually red/hostile??
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2023.03.30 19:39 ThomasGregorich Congressman who represents the Nashville district involved in deadly school shooting posted a gun-toting family photo for Christmas in 2021

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2023.03.30 19:39 Competitive_House_23 Need application advice

I am currently a sophomore in undergrad looking to apply next cycle. I was looking for some advice on what my application is lacking and what I can do to improve:
-GPA: 3.85
-Diagnostic MCAT: 498 Kaplan FL/505 AAMC Practice FL (shooting for a 510, still got awhile before I take the real thing)
-Clinical Hours: 250 as clinical assistant at Orthopedic clinic --- projected to be around 600-700 after this summer (Have EMT-B but not apart of the job)
Volunteer: Will have about 250 (150 tutoring anatomy at my college, 100 at food bank)
-Research: Will have about 350 research hours after this year (2 pending pubs in factor 1.15 journal, 2nd author and 4th author, as well as current research with physician and MS3)
-Shadowing: 115 hours orthopedic, 10 hours emergency medicine, 10 hours urology
Any advice is much appreciated!
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2023.03.30 19:38 neomancr More verification that it's fine to have red and and blue lights. Bichael finally got 300 miles. And we climed from water level to the tip top of the Oakland hills.
Everywhere is beautiful and worth getting to on an ebike. I used to go hiking but I'd take a different way since this way is entirely uphill so though its the shortest path on foot its a lot less fun. Actually it's not really fun at all and I'd be like probably gorging on tangerines or something the entire time since I'd be all tired.
I had to shoot a bunch of proprietary drone photos which I can't publish and had a 3 axis gymbal and camera too so if it wasn't for the ebike I'd be carrying this huge back pack that was about 50 lbs.
Part of the weight is because I always carry a couple bags of freshly laundered blankets and panchos to hand out to the homeless if they need them. They also need a lot of socks and bags to wrap their feet.
There aren't really as many homeless people as you'd imagine, I ride every day, when I finally hit 300 miles it dawned on me that's basically half the distance of California, I could have rode to Mexico. I'd just have to chrome my battery to make sure it reflects and doesn't absorb heat and add a fan, bring 2 modular batteries one for power for climbing etc and one for cruising where I'd be pedalling and coasting mostly.
By I guess the grave of God, somehow the thumbnails literally matched perfectly.
That was completely unintentional.
Rode from sea level at Alameda to the top of the Oakland hills, took pictures. When I posted them magically 2 of the thumbnails fit together perfectly.
Also happened to be my 1500th post. So that was weird. What are the odds when the angle I was standing on was so steep and my bike was so laden with gear the kick stand didn't work and I had to lay it on its side. So I was taking shots while standing on as flat of a really steel angle as possible.
When hike by foot I usually go the round about way toward the Mormon temple.
Alao got another verification that blue lights are for ebikes. Regionally were leading the way working with the various dots and I'd actually pick a more electric blue or lighter cyan but I'm deliberately matching the exact blue and red of cops just to show its okay to do and establish the strandard since standards are established by groups from the ground up and don't even need to be laws. I'd rather there be no laws at all forcing people to put blue lights on their bikes but as a safety precaution I have a ton of things you can do with blue and red lights.
I made a post a while ago where I explained the pulsing was due to the camera shutter but then it got hijacked I'm pretty sure deliberately since both the video and the first line explained that. But a magenta light that upon moving trails red and blue at 60hz each would definitely stop the over 50 dooring attacks we've had from Berkeley to sf to Oakland to Emeryville.
Sadly. The cops are not treating it as a violent crime regardless of how many times we face off with them. They just kinda for some reason want everyone to think Oakland is a violent town... I'm working on a case from back in April that's still in discovery. But the refusal to treat clearly violent crimes as violent crimes like classifying attacks on Asians as crimes of opportunity, like someone dropped a 20 and you just pocketed it was enough for a friend of mine to run for mayor fully aware he didn't stand a chance but just wanted to get the message out.
He's worth like half a bill so he can do stuff like that.
Eventually I'll brighten my blues to a lighter shade but nows the time to claim blue and red. If ebikes are so common now I can show you a Monday morning video where you see as many ebikes moving as cars.
I usually take the metro even when it'd be slower and I don't even have to since we have a dedicated ebike highway just to support the metro, and I usually use the escalator but onetime someone was heading out the elevator anyway so I came in and another ebiker raced in behind me and we suddenly found ourselves playing tetris so I just manualed my ebike and it stood like another me and we got 2 ebikes to fit.
Does anyone have any issue with escalators or stairs? I can do some how videos, its pretty easy. I've ever seen someone ride up the center which I wouldn't suggest but it looked fun.
Escalators are much easier than they may seem. With stairs there's a trick where you can use your hand bar and pedal backward to help guide the bike up. You do the same down but you can also just use the brakes and walk it down.
Some bikes also have a walk mode that walks up the stairs along side you if you hold down the minus sign.
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2023.03.30 19:38 Longjumping_Act8684 Sounds familiar

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2023.03.30 19:38 inmate911 I think Stephen Paddock's filipino girlfren has something to do with why he did what he did:

Why did Paddock shoot 50+ people dead in Vegas a few years back?
To understand, one has to look at whom his girlfriend is: a filipina.
This particular type of pairing is what one calls 'very low status': An ugly older male from a 1st world country with an ugly female from a 3rd world country.
You see, Paddock is understand as 'conventionally successful' because he has SOME of the markers of success and status but people (for WOKE) reasons overlook one thing:
His significant was a filipina woman, and not even a higher status attractive one but one who looks like a monkey and someone who gladly eagerly adopted her husband last name because deep down you know she doesn't want to be filipino.
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2023.03.30 19:37 Practical_Bluejay_35 White flies on ficus

White flies on ficus
Where I live is an HOA community. We have about 20ft of ficus planted in front of our homes. Unfortunately they cannot be removed. The HOA does treat them every 6 months. I honestly don’t mind doing it myself so I ca have a better curb appeal. Is there any home remedies? Maybe 🤔. We have 5 dogs between my neighbor and I. We’re hoping to maintain these ficus without harming our pups.
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2023.03.30 19:37 Phteven668 Am I retarded or is the mobile version lot harder than pc version?

I mean the controls in itself are making the game already harder so why the fukk are they making the game even more harder by reducing the pickup radius for heals drastically? Wtf? Aren't mobile ports supposed to be more balanced so the difficulty feels more like pc version? I mean I needed 2 or 3 runs on pc to get into the game and after that i beat the shit outta the stages. Lvl 3 difficulty was no problem at all. Now im hard stuck on lvl 2 difficulty because the stage 13 mini boss is killing me in like 3 or 5 seconds because you have no fukking chance to dodge his 6 lines of attack because the damn potato is so big and the screen is so tiny + the clunky ass dog shit controls. Also some projectiles of the mobs feel faster than on pc version. I keep running into shit when there are more than 5 or 6 monsters shooting projectiles. Sorry for the rant but wtf mr.potato bro why you making me feel like potato? You are supposed to make me feel like brotato
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2023.03.30 19:36 HokageChef Changes and Nerfs

Alright, so as most of us know in the last few seasons there have been some questionable "nerfs" and an announcement of a really dumb rework(monty/blitz). I just wanna point out a few and get some feedback and give some ideas on a few nerfs/changes.
Aruni - Firstly a DMR should not be in the hands of a defender. 60 dmg, a fire rate of how fast you can click, and a capacity of 20. If they want to let her keep it at least change it. Do what they did for the MP5 and add a letter(MP5K). Call it like Mk 15 EBR or something to make it seem like the same gun but also that it is slightly different. Decrease the dmg to like 35-42, fire rate the same, and mag size to 10-20(closer to 12-15).
Alibi - Taking away a sight is NOT a nerf. It is at most an inconvenience. Her gun is still just as powerful and a bit broken as it was just not, oh no I can't see as far. Like decrease something, dmg, fire rate, mag size. Something to show that it is an actual nerf.
Oryx - Honestly for him taking away the sight is actually a nerf. Since most roam with oryx and being able to have long-distance fights is well really good for a roamer. I can agree with this one, hopefully his pick rate goes down at least 25%.
Monty/Blitz - Holy fuck, no no no no NO. The rework needed is their hitboxes, the stabbing through extended shield bug, stabbing and shooting through a shield bug/glitch, and the fact that for some reason a Kevlar Titanium alloy shield with bulletproof glass should be able to withstand an explosion better than it does. Right now if I get a C4 thrown and blown up in front of me say 5-10 feet away it can do anywhere from 60-20 dmg, 1-5 feet can do 100-60 dmg. Impacts are another problem, they do anywhere from 40-80 dmg depending upon the spot hit. See the problem here? I think a shield like Monty's should be able to withstand an explosion a lot better than it does. The only part of the rework I am okay with as a Monty 2ndary is the reload behind the shield. The other part is when running have the shield in front and arms tucked in. Keep those but don't get rid of Monty's main forms of killing someone, his shield bash, and his hipfire. The bash is my main way of killing someone who is aggressive on me or overconfident that they can kill me. The ads time of any shield is worse than anyone. Even in the promo video oryx was knocked down by blitz and had his gun up BEFORE Blitz was able to shoot. Their hitboxes, holy fuck someone has finally dethroned Ash as the broken hitbox king/queen. I get dicked due to a hitbox that isn't even right. You can get shot through your shield whether it be while ADS, Hipfiring, or even extended. Honestly, ubi needs to fix the problems that have been here since year 1 before deciding to "rework" them.
Capitao - I like it. His smoke lasts way too short right now, I'd go as far as to same make it the same time as a smoke grenade.
Tchanka - Okay really? He is a meme pick or a last-ditch effort to stop a rushing team or a Monty. He does not need 6 more canisters. "But they are reducing mag size to 5" Okay and? That just takes it from 2 full mags to 4.
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2023.03.30 19:36 Outrageous-Farmer-42 Lord Shen was a dumbass when it came to battle strategies.

  1. The idiot pandas from movie 3 survived his personal visit. And Shen didn't even suspect they survived even after discovering Po was alive.
  2. Instead of ordering his wolves to kill the warrior of black & white on sight, he asks them to bring the magic panda and his friends right in front of him.
  3. After losing his house, he orders the Wolf Boss to call in everyone. Even though the Dragon Warrior & the Furious 5 had already infiltrated it before, he leaves Gongmen Jail totally unguarded.
  4. In the fireworks factory, he had multiple chances to bombard Po with knives and pull an instakill. However, even after losing his house, he doesn't learn from his mistakes. He heavily holds back so that he can kill the "last" panda in a dramatic way.
  5. When Po starts deflecting his cannonballs, he had 2 options. Either ask his large armada to attack without projectiles and curbstomp Po. Or to try and shoot him with more cannonballs. Choosing the 2nd option destroys his armada.
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2023.03.30 19:35 Regular_Jimmy Laugh at Me, Baby is at Comedy Bar (April 5th)

A new hit cult monthly show coming back at Comedy bar, showcasing some of the best comics in the country. Amy and Anna’s style of absurdist comedy will be the footnotes of the evening - with an occasional mix of sketch, musical and multi-media presentation, it’s a night where they want you to “laugh at me, baby”!
On April 5th at Comedy bar, Amy Bugg and Anna Menzies present Laugh at Me, Baby with a lineup that includes credits from HBO, Netflix, CBC gem, JFL and your hearts!
Alex Wood (Just for Laughs) Jen Sakato (Absolute Comedy) Brendan D’Souza (JFL West Coast) Andie Hong (Toronto Fringe) Dan Curtis Thompson (JFL 42)
Hosted by Anna Menzies (JFL 42) & Amy Bugg (Winnipeg comedy festival)
$15 online, $20 at the door
Wednesday, April 5th, 9:30pm
Comedy bar west, 945 Bloor street West
Laugh at Me, Baby Comedy Bar
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2023.03.30 19:35 TommyLeeStories [AA] The Nameless Knight - (Part 3) Burning the Wasps Nest

Knight finally reaches the end of the corridor. The walls are lined with banners ending on a massive steel door depicting the tarantula wasp seal in the center. A voice bellows from the other side. Knight stops before entering to listen but it’s difficult to make out the words. The speech stops and a flurry of chanting, howling, and other strange noises fill the silence. Knight pulls the steel door open to peek through the crack. The air was thick with a sulfuric odor. Her eye widens at the sight of a massive sunken cave filled with cult members, wolves, and other monstrosities circling a fountain spewing a black sludge like liquid. A loud screeching noise echoes from the cave walls. The floor begins to quake like a wild animal stampede that nearly knocks Knight to the ground. To her horror, these sounds appear to emanate from three enormous beasts with horns sticking out from both sides of their mouths. Platforms were strapped to their backs carrying catapults and ammunition. Their long snake-like noses raised up in the air and launched into a screech again. By the look on Knight's face, she had never seen anything like this before. But she knew those things could never leave this cave.
Knight quietly squeezes through the door trying not to arouse anyones attention. Her lungs started to feel heavy from the toxic air. Hiding behind a large stone, Knight watches as the cultist in the center yells gibberish to the group. She looks around at the hundreds of members all focused on the man by the fountain. They kneel before the man praising the fountain as if it was a church. As knight looks around, she notices there are barrels all around the cave. They collected the sludge in preparation for what Knight can assume, a massive offensive. She grabs one of the barrels and slowly drags it closer to the stone. As she goes to get another barrel, a shout breaks the cultist's prayer. Knight looks up and realizes she has been discovered. The cultists and their beasts roar and begin to charge at her. She quickly grabs a torch from the wall and ignites the lid of the barrel before kicking it down the stairs towards the group. Knight sprints towards the door kicking down as many barrels as she can on the way.
When the flaming barrel reaches the fountain it erupts in an explosion that crumbles and cracks the walls. A chain reaction is initiated and all the barrels around the fountain start exploding, sending beasts and cultists flying in all directions and opening a hole in the floor. Screeches of pain from two of the behemoths erupted as they dropped through the floor. Knight having barely reached the exit, was thrown against the steel door by the shockwave. She began tumbling down the stairs towards the crater she had created. Knight catches on to a stone halting her fall. She stands to collect herself realizing just how many she sent to their doom. She investigated the remainder of the room, many of the cultists were still holding on.
A dark shadow rises up from behind her. Knight turns around to see a giant foot about to crush her. She dives out of the and thrusts her blade into the beast's leg. It screams and stands up on its hind legs. With the blade still stuck in its leg, Knight is lifted into the air. She hangs on for dear life as she's thrashed about. The remaining cultists picked themselves up ready to make Knight pay for setting their plans ablaze. They shoot at Knight with arrows and throw spears hoping to land a fatal blow. Her armor deflects many of them, however a few of the arrows hit their mark. Blood streams down from her shoulder and leg. Knight is forced to let go of her sword when an arrow strikes her hand. She lands on her feet and pulls two of her hand axes from her belt. With hatred in her eyes, she was ready to do the grim reapers work.
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2023.03.30 19:35 Elevate-Burbank Join us in Burbank CA for the 2nd Annual Elevate Burbank Multicultural Arts Festival!

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