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2023.06.06 14:10 autotldr Russia says Ukraine has launched a full-scale offensive in Donetsk

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 90%. (I'm a bot)
The Russian Defense Ministry has stated its belief that the Ukrainian attack was launched on Sunday.
Multiple Russian military sources and international observers have confirmed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have gone on the attack in the east, in the provinces of Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia.
"On the morning of June 4, the enemy launched a large-scale offensive in five sectors of the front in the South Donetsk direction" the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.
The Institute for the Study of War claimed in its daily analysis of the invasion that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have also advanced on the Zaporizhzhia front, on the other side of the dividing line with Donetsk.
Western military sources told The Economist that the Ukrainian advance in the Donetsk area stood at six kilometers.
Ukrainian special forces told EL PAÍS that there are other foreign groups supporting the Freedom of Russia Legion.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Ukrainian#1 Russian#2 front#3 force#4 attack#5
Post found in /worldnews and /europe.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.06 14:09 Lucky_duck_lemonade2 Help with my x55

Anyone else having problems after the latest update. I updated last night and now it will not power on at all.
I am guessing I need to Flash the sd card again, but it seems weird that it will not even light up or show that it is charging.
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2023.06.06 14:09 Unable_Blackberry308 AITA for going through my boyfriend’s phone?

I (26F) went through my (28M) boyfriend’s phone and was shocked. We have been together for two years. We were very happy since the beginning of our relationship. Our chemistry was undeniable and just clicked when we met. We had similar interests and hobbies, we’d spoil each other when we got the chance and we’re open with our communication; or so I thought. After a while to the relationship I noticed he started acting different, an unusual attachment to his phone. We always respected each other’s privacy with our phones but suddenly he’s taking it to the bathroom more often (that was rare before) or trying to hide it when we’d go out. Seemed harmless at first until I woke up to him going to the bathroom for almost 40 minutes without using it. It became more frequent afterwards. He’d wait to see if I was asleep and sneak off to the bathroom. When he’d receive a notification he would act strange and out away the phone. One night we attended a friend’s birthday party. We were having a good time and he was letting loose with the guys. He had too many shots which lead to me asking for help to get back home. One of his friends drive our car back to our place. On the drive to our place he started rambling to him about not saying something to me before passing out. Thought that was odd but he was pretty wasted. He laid him on the bed and left. I took off his clothes and shoes than put a trash can and a water bottle next to him if he were to wake up.. that’s when he got a notification from his email. Not proud to say curiosity got the best of me so I opened it. It was a notification of a post on an OnlyFans account. I clicked on it, my heart dropped. Saw numerous videos and photos he payed for ranging from $5-$45. I couldn’t believe it, I started shaking wanting to throw the phone on his face. Scrolling through I couldn’t find anything else so I checked his social media. On instagram he had saved pictures of women (mostly showing most of their body). Open his Snapchat, he had paid for a subscription saying “the best $30 I’ve ever spent”. Furious I went back to his email to see what else he was hiding. Too many email to go through so I start searching for keywords. Wrote date on the search bar and there they were; several adult dating sites. Than searched for the word adult and more popped up. One of them was a website for anonymous user looking for happy ending massages. He left a review saying how much he liked it. I started to freak out. I looked at the dates when he had made those accounts. They were made before we started dating; but he was in another relationship at the time. When I confronted him about the in the morning he tried to deny it. Showing everything to him his response was “I was curious” and the other stuff happened before me so why would it matter. He deleted the account with the promise to not repeat this mistake. It has been a couple of months, took some time to forgive but I still can’t get over it. He goes as far to show me his bank account to prove he is done with all that. I can’t help but feel as if I was in the wrong for going through his phone when he was blacked out drunk. AITA?
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2023.06.06 14:08 _SuperTrollMan_ Deteriorated Night Vision Since 1.67

Any one else seeing night vision a lot darker in the past few days to week?
At this stage I'm thinking its related to the 1.67 firmware my "Nest Cam (Battery)" 's have just received. Raised up a Google post
Thought I'd ask here too given it looks like its come up in the past
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2023.06.06 14:08 rectusfemorisss ang gastos mag review

Sobrang gastos maging lisensyado dito sa Pinas huhuhu. Review center, accomodation, allowance, mga requirements tapos once makapasa ka magbabayad ka pa ulit. Kinda felt bad sa parents ko and I told my mom last night sorry daming babayarin ang mahal ng mga kinakailangan ko tapos sabi nya lang okay lang daw basta makapasa ako hays. Itotopnotch ko to ma, pa. Kung papalarin at ibigay ng mundoooo.
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2023.06.06 14:08 Steelsoldier77 Week 12 Recap + Power Rankings

We had some real exciting games this week and some real chaos going on in both conferences. What looked like a one man race for first place in the east is suddenly not so sure, and in the west 3 games separate first from last place. As we near the end of the season and teams start to get eliminated from contention, I would like to do a weekly post about the playoff picture, like I did last year.

Tucson Sugar Skulls (5-4) @ Vegas Knight Hawks (4-6) 42-41: What started out as kind of a dull game, in which Vegas led by two scores for a long time ended in a 14 point fourth quarter comeback thriller for Tucson. Down by 14, Ramone Atkins ran for a 15 yard touchdown with 7 minutes left in the game. The Sugar Skulls got a lucky bounce on the following kickoff and tackled the returner for a rouge point. This would prove to be the difference, as standout DB Rashie Hodge intercepted Daquan Neal in the end zone as Vegas was trying to seal the win. The Sugar Skulls drove down the field and scored another touchdown, with the extra point putting them ahead for good. Vegas had time to attempt one last field goal, but it went wide and Tucson emerged victorious. Of note, Daquan Neal left the game before Vegas' final drive, but I was unable to catch why. Will be interesting to see if this is him reinjuring his ankle.
Player of the game: Rashie Hodge, DB, Tucson

Frisco Fighters (8-2) @ Massachusetts Pirates (7-3) 58-72: It's almost impossible to believe the Pirates who got absolutely thrashed by the worst team in the world a few weeks ago are the same Pirates who have just notched 3 wins in a row, including 2 double digit wins over the other top teams in the East; QC and now Frisco. Anthony Russo is on fire, and I firmly believe he should be the starter going forward even if Bennifield is healthy. The rookie QB threw for 201 yards and 8 touchdowns, beating his 7 touchdowns from a couple weeks ago. Frisco had an amazing night running the ball, but part of that is due to the Pirates' defensive backs locking down the Fighters' receivers the entire game. TJ Edwards had his worst game of the season as he had pretty much no one to throw to. On the plus side, RB Martez Carter had a monster game, rushing for 134 yards and a touchdowns. Also of note for Mass. was kicker Josh Gable who made I believe 5 deuces on the night.
Player of the game: Anthony Russo, QB, Massachusetts; Josh Gable, K, Massachusetts

Green Bay Blizzard (5-5) @ Iowa Barnstormers (1-9) 43-17: I tell you what, it's games like these where I am just so glad I am so dedicated to watching every single game every week. This was probably the most boring game of the year. Green Bay kind of limped out to an early lead just thanks to the ineptness of Iowa's offense (Zach Reader being pulled with -1 passing yards, as an example) and then the two teams just futzed around the rest of the game, mostly running the ball. Even Iowa giving newcomer Henry Ogala more playing time wasn't enough to make this game interesting. The dude had zero time in the pocket and when he did throw, it was nothing anyone wants to sit there and watch. 2/10 would not recommend watching Green Bay at Iowa again.
Player of the game: Terrence Smith, RB, Green Bay

Duke City Gladiators (4-6) @ Bay Area Panthers (7-3) 52-69: I have a hard time figuring out what Duke City is. Their offense always looks so lost and uncoordinated on the field, like they have no chemistry, but they somehow score a lot of points? Anyways, they kept up pretty well with Bay Area for the first half, but BA was able to get a quick score before half and then return the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown. They then coasted the rest of the way for another solid win. Justin Rankin was incredible, running for 100 yards and 4 touchdowns while Dalton Sneed (Daltons Speed?) was efficient as usual, spreading the ball around to his receivers. A couple of late interceptions by the Panthers off of McCollum sealed the win and dashed any hopes of a DC comeback.
Player of the game: Justin Rankin, RB, Bay Area

Tulsa Oilers (1-9) @ San Diego Strike Force (4-6) 55-56: This turned out to be a really entertaining game, as the Oilers started a new quarterback, Andre Sale, who they signed earlier in the week after having spent part of the season in Duke City. Sale played great, and looks to be in the same mold as Nate Davis- that is, a pure pocket passer who is great at finding the open receiver and putting it on target. And I don't know if Tulsa did anything different with their offensive scheme, but it seemed like dudes were getting way more open than they had up to now. Still, it wasn't enough as Nate Davis dragged the Strike Force to a touchdown with less than a minute left to take the lead. The Oilers were then able to drive down to the goal line with 3 seconds left, but their kicker sliced a chip shot field goal to the right as time expired to give SD the win.
Player of the game: Nate Davis, QB, San Diego; Edward Vander, RB, San Diego

Arizona Rattlers (6-4) @ Northern Arizona Wranglers (5-5) 63-62 OT: For whatever reason this game is unavailable on YouTube, and it looks like it was the best game of the week, so that kind of sucks. The two teams went blow for blow for the entire game, with NAZ scoring a game tying touchdown and 2 point conversion to send it to overtime, where NAZ missed a two point conversion, allowing Arizona to score and just kick the PAT for the win. It looks like both quarterbacks played great, combining for 11 passing touchdowns and 5 rushing touchdowns between them. RCB had a great receiving game for NAZ, as did Braxton Haley for Arizona.
Player of the game: Drew Powell, QB, Arizona

Power Rankings:
  1. Frisco Fighters (8-2) ~
  2. Bay Area Panthers (7-3)~
  3. Massachusetts Pirates (7-3)+1
  4. Quad City Steamwheelers (7-3)-1
  5. Arizona Rattlers (6-4)~
  6. Tucson Sugar Skulls (5-4)+1
  7. Northern Arizona Wranglers (5-5)-1
  8. San Diego Strike Force (4-6)+1
  9. Vegas Knight Hawks (4-6)-1
  10. Sioux Falls Storm (5-4)~
  11. Duke City Gladiators (4-6)~
  12. Green Bay Blizzard (5-5)~
  13. Tulsa Oilers (1-9)~
  14. Iowa Barnstormers (1-9)~
Not a whole lot of movement, as to be expected at this point in the season. I know Frisco has lost two in the past few weeks, but I still feel like they are the best team in the league. I think an argument could be made for the order of 2-4, and maybe even you could include the Rattlers in that group as well. It's going to be a real exciting last few weeks for sure.
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2023.06.06 14:08 Significant_Shop_364 Top Guide To Select Party Venues In Hong Kong

Top Guide To Select Party Venues In Hong Kong
Make party arranging simple with our manual for the best settings and occasion spaces in Hong Kong.
Arranging a major occasion? To make it somewhat more straightforward to find the right space for you, we've assembled a definitive rundown of the party venue. Whether you're commending an extraordinary event, a major birthday, an occasional occasion or even a work, we take care of you. Searching for someplace comfortable and private? Or on the other hand what about a party adrift, or on the top deck of a cable car? Anything you're searching for, we're certain to have every one of the containers ticked.

Metropolitan Studio

In the event that you're searching for a space that can take special care of any sort of occasion, Metro Studio may only be an ideal one for you. Found only two minutes from the Focal MTR station, the scene is appropriate to private occasions and gatherings, but on the other hand, is ideal for more conventional business dos. Whether you're facilitating a work occasion, meeting, class, or studio, Metro can situate up to 60 individuals (or 100 standing!), and is accessible to lease for only $2,000 to $2,500 each hour. You can likewise utilize a 100-inch projector, Apple television, remote receivers, and theater-style seating. Looking for corporate event venues find the best ones here.

R ONE Space

With areas in both Boulevard Sound and Kwun Tong, any place you're hoping to have your next event, R ONE will take care of you. Exceptional and geared up for whatever might happen, the space can be utilized for a different cluster of occasions, going from workshops, meetings and gatherings, shows, merry gatherings, and even yoga classes - the potential outcomes are huge! Removing the issue from arranging, the group at R ONE can likewise assist you with sorting out catering, embellishments, and decorative designs and that's just the beginning, making your occasion a breeze.

The Space

Found in Wong Chuk Hang, The Space is a confidential occasion space by Pirata Gathering. Crossing 4,000 square feet, the space can serenely fit up to 80 individuals and is ideally suited for corporate occasions, cozy individual festivals, and energetic gatherings. Different menus are likewise accessible, including all that from breakfast dishes to informal breakfast top choices, sharing-style snacks, debauched meals, and even outdoor grills. With dishes on offer from city top picks, for example, Pici and TokyoLima, quality is ensured. Email [email protected] to book.
The Space, 1/F, The Production line, No. 1 Yi
Assuming you're needing to couple your occasion with sea sees, look no further than The Rebuff Sound. With various, cafés, bars, and occasion spaces, there are a lot of decisions to suit your requirements, whether it's a birthday celebration, a confidential occasion, or even your important day! Track down more data here.

ABOVE by Komune

Set in the Ovolo Southside Inn in Wong Chuk Hang, ABOVE by Komune is a cool housetop bar highlighting all-encompassing perspectives and creative mixed drinks. Some degree indoor, to some extent outside scene is perfect for private occasions, fitting up to 70 visitors. Taking special care of everything from huge birthday slams to corporate classes, drink bundles, and canape choices can likewise be dealt with by the scene to remove the problem from arranging!

Chalk Party

Situated in the core of LKF, Chalk Party is a confidential occasion just scene, great in the event that you're searching for something somewhat unique (and beautiful!). Wear all white and attract all over yourselves and the walls the blacklight party room, prior to moving outside and appreciating shisha, brew pong, and BYOB on the selective roof party region. The most extreme number of individuals the scene can hold is 60, with a three-to-four-hour schedule opening accessible for every occasion.

Three Visually impaired Mice

On the off chance that you're searching for good food, a lot of beverages, and a casual space for a pleasant occasion, Wan Chai's Three Visually Impaired Mice is for you. The supportive and cordial group will exceed everyone's expectations to oblige your solicitations, and alongside a scope of free-stream food and beverages bundles accessible, the confidential higher-up room (fits 16 to 29 visitors) or even the entire eatery (fits 40 to 50 visitors) can be reserved for your occasion. More data can be seen as here.

The Blending Bowl

The Blending Bowl is a baking studio in Sheung Wan with classes covering everything from cupcakes, bread, and bagels, to Hong Kong egg tarts, macarons, and pizza and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Decide to either join a class for a pleasant evening out on the town or book out the entire scene for your own confidential occasion. You can likewise tweak a class as indicated by your inclination, and all classes incorporate the fixings, gear, and recipes you really want, alongside the opportunity to plunk down with your prepared post-class, or bring them back home to appreciate later! Figure out more data here.

Crossfire Field

Get ready to get dynamic and somewhat serious with Crossfire Field for your next slam. With bubble soccer, bows and arrows tag, dodgeball, and laser label on offer, consolidate a scope of games and fight to dominate the competition at this invigorating occasion space! The space can hold a limit of 100 individuals, and costs range from $250 to $500 per individual.
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2023.06.06 14:08 SkinnyBoiBigFeet Where to live in Manchester?

Hi Everyone,
I just got accepted to UoM, and I am now looking for an apartment for me & my wife. We have never been to Manchester so we don't know anything about the city.
Can anyone give us some advice on which area we should look into and where to avoid for safety reasons? We want to be close to the city center and my school but don't want to live in a neighborhood that's not safe (especially at night).
Thank you very much!
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2023.06.06 14:08 Outside-Category-668 We have different priorities, don’t we?

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2023.06.06 14:08 awestruckomnibus Tween son lashed out and lost only friend; how to help him?

Bit of background, my 11 year old is most likely BPD and most likely on the spectrum, but getting a diagnosis has been a struggle. His BPD father died from suicide when he was a toddler and I (mom, high functioning autism) have raised him on my own. He has always struggled with emotional regulation. I, his teachers, counselors, etc have worked with him on it over the years but it has seemed to get worse. He has a lot of social awkwardness and anxiety as well. At this point, he is in 5th grade, and really only had one close friend, a seventh grader who is on the spectrum, who he met through online gaming. They would play together and sometimes call on the phone and talk outside of gaming.
Son has lost his cool when they've lost matches and tried to blame his friend for it. Friend would usually just blow it off, say it wasn't his fault, and move on. I brought this up several times with my son, focused on social skills more in therapy. My son worked hard to compliment his friend and thank him for his good playing, etc. Son was doing good on the giving his friend compliments and positive feedback but still was struggling with losing his temper. His solution to not yelling and blaming his friend for every lost match was just to stop talking to him altogether, ignore him, etc. for the rest of the night every time.
We were trying to work on that in therapy too, but then he had a big blowup where he got mad and started screaming insults at the kid on the phone and the kid blocked him. After a few weeks the kid reached out, son apologized, they reconciled. Unfortunately a few weeks later my son repeated the screaming blow-up and was blocked again, after a brutally accurate but hurtful statement from the other boy saying things like, "I don't want to be your friend anymore because it's really hard, you make me miserable and it's more fun to have no friends at all than be friends with you" etc.
Son is now severely depressed and suicidal. He's begging me to reach out to the friend, but I'm concerned that isn't the right move as he still struggles with lashing out when angry.
We continue to work on controlling emotions in therapy, but in the meantime, my child is friendless. This is a major loss for him. I want to help him grieve the loss and make new friends, but I'm terrified he won't make it that far due to the severe depression. At his age, there are not really any medications his doctor wants to try, just more therapy.
I'm kind of rambling here. Not really sure what I'm looking for, I guess just support and advice.
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2023.06.06 14:08 mwc031323 Who is stealing my suet at night?

Who is stealing my suet at night?
This is the 2nd morning in a row I've found my suet feeder opened and empty with no suet in sight. Before this, I had to give up on my birdseed feeder (different location) because I kept finding it on the ground in the morning with all the seed spilled out (even after zip tying it to the hanger!). I'm under attack.
If it helps, I'm in Massachusetts. We get a wide variety of wildlife, but the suet feeder is pretty high off the ground and there's no damage to the house.
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2023.06.06 14:08 Crandy_12 17 years later....

I don't even know where to start with this. I am reparenting myself and have been for the last 4 years. I am 35, exhausted, and still feel heartbroken frequently.
I am my family's scapegoat. The oldest of 3 girls, all 4.5 years apart. My dad was (and still currently is after nearly 40 years) the district prosecutor in my community. He is a recovering alcoholic who drank heavily throughout my childhood. My mom went back to school to be a social worker when I was 8ish years old, and continued going through two masters degrees. This was the 90's, and online college wasn't a thing; she was frequently gone at school, when I was in middle school she split her time at home half of the week and at school in married housing three hours away the other half. We were kids at home with our alcoholic dad, who was also drunk on his own power. He was abusive verbally and physically, though not in the traditional hitting way. He would grab and push and squeeze my face while pushing me up against the wall. When I was 14, he told me I was his greatest mistake in life and that I should have never been born. I would call my mom at school, and she would side with his lies and that I was a "hysterical and dramatic child".
I started "acting out" in high school around 16. I experimented with alcohol in high school, which still feels like a really fucking normal thing for a kid to do. I had a boyfriend. I lost my virginity at 15. When my mom found out that I had had sex 3 weeks later, a huge fight ensued. Screaming, calling me a 'ho", etc. . My 15 year old brain screamed that I was leaving and my hormonal teenage brain said "I am leaving this house on my own, or you will carry me out." My mom packed me up in the car, drove me to a hospital an hour away, took me to the ER and told them that I was having unprotected sex, needed a pregnancy test, an STD test, and that I should be admitted to a psych facility as I was a "danger to myself". She dropped me off at a psych facility 2 hours from home, and I didn't see them or hear from them for a week. When I got home, my punishment was to never speak to my boyfriend again. I wasn't even allowed to tell the poor kid why, he just never heard from me again. The psych facility had me sign a "contract" that I would never contact him again.
This continued on and on for years. I turned 18 in November of my senior year and I moved out. The next 6 months were nuts. I was arrested twice. Once for minor in consumption, once for minor in possession, and my mom's sister sued me to teach me a lesson over $600 I borrowed to fix my car at 17. Each time I had an interaction with the law, the police told me my mom and dad had called me in to teach me a lesson. When I was grown, the police told me that they were always instructed to bust me first to make an example out of me. Their marriage was a mess, they were unfaithful to each other, hated each other, and the only thing they could agree on and bond over was controlling me.
It has been almost 20 years. I have put myself through college and therapy. I have been married, divorced, ignored for months on end by my family over the years. I have had my own struggles with alcohol and feeling loved. I got a DUI at age 22. I now have 3 college degrees and am a pediatric nurse practitioner. Everyday I want to be the person I needed as a teen for my patients.
I accepted a new job two weeks ago, and in applying for my state licensure, an MIP that I got at age 18 came up on my background check. An MIP that I got from my mom and dad calling me in. I was the sober driver that night, and when I was pulled over I blew 0.00 BAC. I wasn't holding any alcohol, but a person in my backseat had a case of beer. I got an MIP because it was my car and I was the driver, and my DA father set the rules.
17 years later, I have to explain to the board of nursing and my employer why I left high school with a criminal record.
So what did I do? I call my mom. My mom, who I believe has spent years "working on herself". The woman is a goddamned family therapist, and was learning techniques and skills through all of those years. My dad was lenient to everyone in town except me. I think the term was "throw the book at her" growing up.
My mom last night:
"I’m saying that you blame everything on us when you were the one out making decisions that affected your future as well. You were an adult at 18 as well."
"We had no control over your actions at that time. You need to take some responsibility for all you did that got you in trouble."
Me: "I am 35. Don't you think I have taken enough responsibility over the last 17 years?"
They deny it. All of it. I am still being gaslit.
I was a kid. A fucking kid. And now I am an adult, and I am still answering for normal kid things and my parents not being there for me.
What the fuck. What in the absolute fuck. My dad prosecuted me. They both abused their power in our town, and used it to try to control me. Who makes sure their teenager leaves high school with a criminal record to "teach them a lesson" about drinking at 18?!
There is so much else that goes with this story that includes being thrown out with my stuff in trash bags x3 growing up. Once in the rain, I was dropped off at my parent's by a friend, and my stuff was outside in trash bags and the doors were locked. I lived on a friend's couch for 6 months at 19. All the while, my upper middle class family was using ME as their scapegoat for why our family was so fucked. If I threatened to call child services, my dad would say "go ahead, call them. Who do you think prosecutes those cases? Me. Who do you think the police or going to believe? You or me? Me."
I respond like I am told to: "I appreciate that you have your truth, but please respect that I have mine too. I feel like I am owed an apology from you, Dad and my aunt, and I feel like it is time that I get that without being shamed at the same time. We are all adults. If we are going to talk about how I was an adult when I was drinking at age 18, then we should talk about how you all parented at age 45. It’s not okay to look at me at 18 under a microscope and escape any responsibility you had as my parents and aunt."
I am angry, embarrassed, sad, and so so so so so so tired of being gaslit. When I bring up my pain, they deny those things happened and/or tell me that it was all my fault as a teenager and I should hbe thought about my future at the time. My younger sisters learned from an early age that I was "a mess" and "had problems", and that is they way our relationships still play out, even though I am far more successful and driven than either one of them. I no longer have a relationship with alcohol, but by choice. I don't like how it makes me feel physically or emotionally.
Where were my parents? And why can't they see that they were the grown-ups? My heart hurts, and I am beyond embarrassed and exhausted that 17 years later, I still have to answer for an MIP at age 18 because my parents couldn't regulate their own emotions.
That's all. That is my story. I just want to feel loved and normal and have a support system in my family. I operate as an only child now and treat my sisters like cousins. But FFS, I just want someone to acknowledge they didn't make the right decisions as parents. I need the gaslighting to stop.
These things aren't okay. They weren't okay then, and they aren't okay now. I know they are different people 17 years later, but Jesus, can't they objectively look at their parenting choices by this point?
I was just a kid.
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2023.06.06 14:08 jeo3b Advice and/or pointer please!!

Good morning!! My son (8) is starting his pump journey today! We have a 3 hour education/supervision appointment in about an hour. He is starting the omnipod 5. The did have us do a 3 day run with saline to get used to the system. We just connected his Dexcom to the dexcom apps last night, he was using the receiver but it's not compatible for automated mode on the omnipod. I have ZERO technology skills so this is going to be a big change and challenge for us! Any omnipod users/parents/loved ones have any advice to help make this transition seamless (well as seamless as possible lol) He is so excited! I am so excited for him but I am scared at the same time. I'm keeping him home from school after his appointment today so I can kinda get a handle on all of this.
So if anyone has any tip, tricks or advice we would greatly appreciate it!
Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!
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2023.06.06 14:08 Myrtle187 I’m only wearing Invisalign at night

Hi all, I’m on tray 4 of 16 and I only wear it at night, 8-10 hours a day. My teeth are definitely moving around, I know because I can no longer bite down completely, teeth knock into each other that used to fit together.
Of course my dentist is appalled, she provided the Invisalign and the instructions say 22 hours a day.
Have you any experience or insight with only wearing trays at night?
Thank you
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2023.06.06 14:06 Nikittymeow416 18 Years Ago this month My friend fell 40 feet off a cliff to his death....

He actually died on June 2nd, 2006 and I was only 16 at the time. We had been drinking together at a place called the Rims and to this day we don't know if it was suicide or an accident.
At the time, a lot of people thought I pushed him, and it REALLY fucked with me because he was one of the most unique, and beautiful souls I had ever met... I loved him and looked up to him so much.
He had a lot of problems (alcohol and opiates), but was just incredible and lovely and soooo soooo one of a kind of irreplaceable... His family were just the greatest people you would ever meet too...
I still feel tremendous guilt to this day, and blame myself. (I remember screaming to get the attention of the people who lived under the cliffs. I almost might have died myself because I tried to climb down the cliff.)
Going to the police station afterwards, and eventually being told he died was just... Ugh.... (My mom was actually a night ICU nurse and knew right away because there were no trauma calls that came in)
I never got any therapy after it happened, and NGL I took a very similar path. Got hooked on opiates and drank all the time... I got sober in 2016 (my mom actually died suddenly in 2017 but that's a whole other can of worms) but yeah...
He would have been 41 today (his birthday is 06/06/1983.... His 23rd birthday in 2006 was on 06/06/06 and he had been making prophetic posts on his myspace at the time)
Anyways... I'm in a much better spot now, but for the longest time I wasn't. If you have severe trauma in your life... Get some help ASAP or you can process that grief in VERY destructive ways and ruin your life.
Jeff, I don't know where you are, but I am so sorry this happened to you and I think about you ALL the time. You were a treasure, and so many people love and miss you to this day.
Thanks for reading... I have tears streaming down my face but this was very cathartic for me and I feel better.
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2023.06.06 14:06 Shadowkiva I liked him. He reminded me of Thunderbolt Ross (those few times in comics when he's written as compelling) ... then he up and tries to shoot some kids.

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2023.06.06 14:06 Monty55544 One Year CT from Kratom - 4 1/2 Months clean from everything

Today marks one year of being clean from Kratom :). Pretty nuts to think about, considering that I was a slave to this substance for years. Well my journey to this point wasn't really flawless I have to say. I didn't relapse on Kratom during that time, but I made some other mistakes which didn't really help me get back to feeling "normal" again until I made an actual change a few months ago. This is a pretty long post, but I try to keep this as short as possible, maybe it can help anyone not to do the same mistake that I did.
So I quit on June 6th 2022 after a 2.5 year, mostly 18gpd habit. Never used Kratom for any pain management or something, just used it recreationally for fun, to get some sort of legal high. Decided to quit because I basically just took it to feel normal and to prevent falling into withdrawal symptoms. It wasn't doing any good for me, just made me feel sick, and I was tired of it. Just wanted to change my life and always had the intention to quit this stuff for good after my graduation, since I had a lot of time for myself after it, and so I did.

Early recovery:
First night was horrible, did not sleep because my thoughts were going crazy. I tried to detox all by myself without anyone noticing, but a few hours in I had to tell my mother and close friends because I was feeling the worst I have ever felt in my life. Telling people what you're going through really helped me, because I had some support and a positive "pressure" on me to not relapse and disappoint them.
Physical symptoms during the first couple of days were surprisingly bearable in my case. Sleep wasn't long, but at least I had a couple of hours of sleep. Had RLS, but it wasn't too bad, hot and cold flashes, dehydration, and felt very weak and exhausted. Those symptoms lasted about 1–2 weeks. However, the one thing that was pretty severe in my case and lasted pretty long was the diarrhea. No matter what I ate, all that was coming out when I was sitting on the toilet was 80% water. This lasted about 3 weeks before it slowly improved.
Mental symptoms were pretty bad for me though, especially in the first week of CT. I've had extreme mood changes that lead into very depressive thoughts. I was constantly asking myself, "how will life be even possible without that substance in my current lifestyle?" or "what's the actual reason for me to quit, since I don't think I will change my way of living from one day to another?". These thoughts got very extreme in the evening, since that was the usual time I was taking my dosage. I couldn't imagine a life with me being sober, doing all the things that every other person normally does. At the worst moments it felt like a bad trip on acid without visuals, just sadness and anxiety which I've never experienced before.
Things that helped me during early recovery were scrolling through this subreddit a lot, watching videos of people that talk about recovery, keeping track of your sober days and the money you saved and going for a lot of walks outside. Also, just trying to distract myself with things like video games, TV or music, even though it was pretty hard sometimes.

Now to the following months, dealing with PAWS and the mistakes I made:
First of all, back then I had the mindset that just quitting Kratom was the key to make me feel normal again, well it surely helped a lot, but my problem was deeper than just Kratom itself. I've not become an anti-drug kind of person, but just want to add some of my personal experience for people that might struggle with similar problems, like replacing one addiction with another. I hope this doesn't break any rules, since this includes talking about other substances that prevented me and my body from actually recovering.
So during the first month of quitting Kratom I also stopped drinking alcohol, since i wanted my body to go through this as healthy as possible. Being completely clean after years of alcohol and Kratom felt really good.
However, 2–3 weeks into recovery, a friend offered me to join him smoking weed to help with the depression and falling asleep. I have to say that at that point it was nice to have some sort of distraction from the PAWS, since the depression and mood swings were still there weeks after. Because it was also summer and nice weather, I thought why not just smoke more often, since it is so socially accepted, apparently not addictive like Kratom and sort of helpful for my situation. I thought I was already "healed" anyway because I quit Kratom, and at least it's not alcohol right?.. Well, weeks after quitting Kratom I smoked multiple times a week and the only thing that I was looking forward during that time was smoking weed with that friend, to the point where I was asking him to meet up like daily. On the days that we didn't smoke, I felt really down and the depression from the PAWS became more intense again.
So after being clean from Kratom and alcohol for a month I thought of having a drink again, especially on the days I wasn't smoking weed, since I was never really planning on quitting alcohol completely. I told myself, now that I was a month clean from alcohol I can easily just drink occasionally when I'm out, right? It only took me 1–2 weeks before I was drinking almost every day, even harder than when I was still using Kratom, cause now the only thing I had when I was alone was alcohol. And yea well I didn't use Kratom anymore, but I filled the void with other substances now. From then until October, I was barely sober for a whole day. I was either smoking or drinking, and it was a miracle when I got a day sober during that time.

In October, I was facing new life challenges, which were pretty overwhelming for me, and since the weather also got worse, I was feeling really down. During that time, the one friend I was always smoking weed with didn't really have time either, so I was looking for alternatives to cope with the depression. I'm pretty sure at that time I wasn't feeling down from the Kratom PAWS anymore, I was going through mental withdrawals from other sources of fake dopamine like smoking, but I didn't want to accept the fact that I just replaced addictions.
So in October my mental state got really bad, and I bought somewhat "legal" weed carts from the internet. I thought, well it's just weed, I'm just going to smoke sometimes, not daily, like I did with my other friend, but that was not the case and I quickly became addicted again. I abused it just like Kratom, smoking every day. I would have done it with normal weed too, did it with Kratom, alcohol and if I had any other substance just for myself I would abuse it too…
Took me 3 more months of weed cart abuse to realize that I'm just an addict and that I can't get enough from anything I touch. I accepted the fact that I will always be an addict, so in January this year I made the step to go sober completely. No Kratom, alcohol, weed, nicotine or any other fake dopamine sources anymore, because it's just not working for me. Had to go through some nasty withdrawals again, but I knew that this is the only way for me to live peacefully.

I am just writing all this because after going completely sober, I actually started to feel a change. Back when I used weed and alcohol after quitting Kratom I didn't really see any improvements, I lost hope because I did what everyone said. Like working out, going for runs, finding a new hobby and stuff but nothing seemed to work back then cause the only things that I was looking forwards during these times were substances that gave me easily obtainable dopamine.
Quit everything on 18th of January. Fighting through the mental withdrawals during winter time was rough, because I couldn't really do much outside. Still forced myself to go for a run almost every day in the cold weather. Started to take my workouts more seriously and was seeing decent improvements quickly. Started to eat healthier, lost some weight. Began to really feel mental changes after 2–3 months in. My confidence increased a lot, more creativity, enjoying simple things like just going out in nature, sleep is better, gained more "self-respect" and my overall happiness increased. Physically, I really feel more energetic and look healthier. Nowadays, I don't even think about taking drugs anymore and have 0 urge for it. Life has just gotten so much better without it, so I won't risk going back now. I still have to work on many things that I have neglected during my years of drug use, but being sober has given me much more confidence to approach these problems now.
Thanks for reading lol, I hope that this demonstration of my recovery path can help anyone out there and maybe going sober completely is also the way for someone. Wishing you all best of luck on your recovery! If you have any questions, just ask in the comments, because I didn't go that much into detail on certain stuff.
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2023.06.06 14:06 Yomom0947 AITAH for wanting an emancipation on my parents?

I 16(f) have emotionally abusive, homophonic, transphobic, fatphobic and racist parents, my mom is the worst one, she is manipulative, narcissistic, and a gas lighter, when shopping she always tells me to get shirts 1-2x bigger then I wear so the clothes are baggy, i started therapy 2 months ago(thank god) but even getting therapy was hard, my parents don’t believe in therapy, they don’t believe in depression and anxiety. But anyway not the main point, one morning when I woke up I get the whole sit down thing we need to talk she started it with “I got an email from the hospital with you results, from your screening, and it say that you have depression and anxiety.” When she said that I ask my therapist and she hasn’t sent out anything about my screening. A day after I was working my ass of with doing school work and doing my stuff I was laying in my bed reading and watching tik tok and she comes in my room saying “why are you so sleepy, what’s going on?” skip a few weeks ahead, I stayed up almost all night trying to get school work done again and slept pretty late, when I woke up and went out to the living room I get “you might have diabetes(the relative to weight).” Giving me only one reason on why I might have it because I am sleeping a lot. And wanted to get a thing for my blood sugar to “make sure”. I would think that I would have a doctors appointment if it was so important. But she has mentioned it once and since then got the stuff to check and whatever but I have never used it. But to think your mom thinks you have diabetes because your sleeping because you didn’t sleep fucks you up. Growing up my mom would tell me and my sister lies about my older sister and how she would steal from my grandma, and that if we told her anything she would tell my dad. I came out as bi to my mom and she told my dad and lied to me that it was my older sister. If I got into trouble when I was 6 she would grounded me or whatever but I remember that I was going to help my friend wash their moms car and I did something stupid and got in trouble my mom got mad and sent me to to my room, she came to my room and talked to me and then told me I could go help my friend wash their car. So I left the house (we lived in an apartment complex) and I was going down the stairs and she started yelling at me saying she didn’t tell me I could leave the house, and gaslighting me when I said she did. I was being bullied this year and when I mentioned it she said oh he just likes you. My parents said they didn’t care about what grades we get as long as we try. I tryed a lot but I didn’t have passing grade but they would raise their voice almost yelling saying that I am not trying hard enough. Like I mentioned earlier my parents are homophonic and transphobic. My friend is Trans and is a man but my parents misgender him and calm him by she/her pronouns and I called them out for it and corrected them and they got pissed off and said that since he didn’t have the surgery and is underage he is “female” until he has the surgery and that all of the transgender and LGBTQIA stuff is a bunch bs and is supposed to fill your head. It also doesn’t help that both of them are conspiracy theorist and come up with these crazy things.
I also know that I mentioned both my parents but my mom has done way worst but am I the asshole ?(I have not mentioned to my parents that I want an emancipation)
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2023.06.06 14:05 autotldr First sections of barrier at Polish-Russian border to be completed in July

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 17%. (I'm a bot)
The first sections of the electronic barrier on the border with Russia's Kaliningrad region will be completed in July and the whole fence is expected to be ready in autumn, Błażej Poboży, Poland's deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, told TVP1 on Tuesday.
Construction of the electronic barrier, equipped with cameras and motion sensors, has been underway since April.
It will consist of 2,000 camera poles, 3,000 day-night and thermal cameras, 500 km of power and transmission cables, as well as 200 km of detection cables.
Poboży pointed out that whenever any "Person approaches our [Polish] border, all detection devices and sensors will identify them."
Last week, the Polish Border Guard reported that an electronic fence on Poland's border with Belarus was completed and operational along 206 kilometers of the frontier.
In 2021, Poland experienced heightened migratory pressure on its border with Belarus with thousands of migrants trying to get into the country.
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2023.06.06 14:05 samacora Official Tuesday Free Chat Thread

Good Morning Patriots
Free place to chat and a good place to discuss whatever you like with other sub users

Key dates on the 2023 NFL / Patriots calendar.


Undrafted Free Agent Tracker.


New England Patriots News Link Catchup - Opportunity knocks for Mack Wilson, Sr.; Behind OTA penalty

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2023.06.06 14:04 Brontcrab24 Reversed Ghosting With Wavefront Guided Scleral Lenses

I was diagnosed with KC in December 2021. I have had cross-linking in my right eye, with no major progression in the left. I tried Scleral lenses about a year ago, but I did not end up ordering them. When the trial lens were fitted, they were entirely eliminating the ghosting that I would previously have on the bottom of light sources. I would describe my uncorrected ghosting as a 'downwards blur' that can obscure text and objects, especially at night when my pupils are dilated, (this makes sense to me, as more light coming in means more of the irregular cornea is affecting the way the light is entering my visual system). At the time, the trial lenses were reversing the direction of the ghosting, making it so I could see double of objects, and particulary text, across the top, instead of the bottom. The fitter told me that there was no way for him to correct this, but it did not make sense to me, as ghosting along the top is not present at all when I have no lenses in, it is only on the bottom of light sources. Today I got my first set of Wave Front Guided Scleral Lenses, as I did some research, and had read online that this would be my best option for reducing ghosting. When the lenses are inserted, things do look clearer. Objects have more clarity, and there is less of a bright haze obscuring things. The ghosting on the bottom of light sources is entirely eliminated, however, the ghosting along the top of objects, and particulary text, is back, exactly the same as the non-wavefront guided lenses I tried a year ago. This ghosting is much more like 'double vision' and is a much clearer ghost image than my uncorrected bottom ghosting, which is quite transparent and blurred. I have attached an image of what it looks like with the sclerals. Is this due to the fit of the lenses? The fitter told me that the fit is basically perfect, and could not be any better, but it does not make sense to me that this double image along the top is absent when I am not wearing lenses. I am looking for any advice, or if anybody else has experienced this, and how you went about fixing it.
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2023.06.06 14:04 WoodsmanStar Abstinence and Relationship

For background both my girlfriend and I grew up in a Christian household and grew up as Christians. I would say that I didn’t truly begin to find Christ until I was around 16 or 17 (we are both 21 for reference). We started dating about 3.5 years ago.
We have regularly had sexual relations since a few months into our relationship (besides when we are apart for college for a few weeks at a time). We were not that strong in faith when we started dating, but we have both grown more in faith since then. We regularly go to church together and talk about Christ. Recently, I have been reading the bible more and since then have done a lot of inner reflection. Last night we talked about how we truly want to make an effort to grow in our faith together, but neither of us really knows what that looks like.
I feel called to become abstinent until we are married. We both plan on getting married sometime after we graduate (2024) and I plan on proposing in the coming months. I want to bring up abstaining, but I am unsure about how she will react.
I am looking for guidance on what the right thing to do is and how to go about having this conversation with her.
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