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What to see and do Outdoors in Scotland.

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Links and discussion on the great Scottish Outdoors. Maps, logistics, weather and planning ideas in the sidebar. Wild camp spot requests will be removed. Gear and Kit advice available at /CampingGear. Bothies are not a destination. Picture posts only to be used to illustrate an informative text-based post.

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A support and community oriented space for binary FTM men.

2023.06.06 14:52 mani_dhaliwal G2A Coupon Codes Reddit 2023

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When using G2A coupon codes, it’s important to read the terms and conditions associated with the code. Some codes are only valid for a certain period of time, while others are applicable to certain products. Additionally, some codes may require a minimum purchase amount or may only be used once. Be sure to read the terms of the code in order to ensure that it applies to your desired purchase.
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2023.06.06 14:52 throwaway112320104 Pls give m help/guidance/advice

My girlfriend, 24F is bipolar disorder diagnosed. I am 24M I have ADHD of the hyper focus variety, but not to the level that it becomes enough for a major relationship issue and I do my best to submit to her ancient induced OCD.
I should start by saying she taken daily seroquel for years but there is a noticeable tolerance built that seems to coincide with these issues.
90% of the time in our relationship. My girlfriend is wonderful, she is thoughtful, kind, the type who wouldn’t squash a bug even if it was in her way but would rather save it and move it outside. She’s morally vegetarian and loves animals just like I do she’s also not a mean person generally, she’s very forgiving and loving.
However, there have been two major episode periods throughout our relationship where she has changed completely during these times. Since like i said she is diagnosed bipolar disorder and is prescribed Seroquel she raised her dose temporarily the first time this happened and that eventually helped (I Think that was it). She said some pretty horrible things to me, and kind of threatened to end the relationship, even though I was almost certainly positive that that’s not what she really wanted, because immediately before & following the clarity after the episode, she changed completely back to how she normally was. Most loving all over me wonderful girl ever.
We spoke about the fact that that was really hard time for me, but because of my commitment to her and our relationship I took it and worked out with her (by ignoring it and letting it go for the most part) because I loved her and I understood that that’s not who she really ie in my mind and the majority of the times (3 Year relationship)
But for the last two weeks she has been in what I would consider her worst episode similar but more severe than before. I wanna seriously note that it that has been significantly worse to a major degree than the previous one. I should note that we are living together now rather than seeing each other weekly like during the first episode, so there is a lot more opportunity for contact verbally, and etc..
Multiple different times upon low amounts of drinking, but also upon sobriety, she said, unspeakable things to me regarding deeply personal things. Things I’ve only spoken to her about things that you that if anyone else had said to me, I would immediately end any relationship or a friendship with this person, but I recognize that it was the beginnings of this sort of episode.
She initially denied that it was anything to do with her mental health, and that it was completely my fault, but after a week or so, and me repeating to her what she had said, in this moment, she admitted she needed to re-raise her meds (which helped last time) for the time being and focus more on Getting better when she wasn’t doing well at this time.
Hearing this, and a admission, the other night of her being scared of her self, and what she’s capable of verbally was extremely relieving and validating to me as it can feel like I’m being blamed and gaslit. However, often on, he goes back-and-forth between there are only few moments of clarity like that, and most other moments where she says that having me there is the thing that’s causing her mental health to be bad, and that if I was only gone (For however period of time she needs…not broken up). That she should and would feel better. She claims she needs space from me to “work on herself”. Okay, fair.
She has said these sort of things before and I never ever leave because she takes it back last minute and I always stay there and take it and forgive her no matter what she says, but with the things that have happened in this episode, the things she said this last two weeks l, I feel as if it’s crossed a line for me and I feel like there needs to be some sort of not only accountability but that i do have the ability and strength to leave for a little while. Even though I know she’s not well and doesn’t understand what she’s even doing to me, But she still human being in a relationship and need to take some sort of responsibility for it and I’m a human being that can only be pushed so far too. I want to be clear going forward that I do NOT want to break up with her and that I love her with all my heart.
But Tonight for the first time I actually left when she screamed at me to do so, and I spent the night at a male friends house in order to give her the “space & peace she needed” to get better
But, When she realized I would follow through with what she was threatening me with and her demanding i do, she began to say I was abandoning her, and that I was being a horrible boyfriend by leaving her and by not staying in experiencing it with her. I have done this many times already stayed with her while she’s done this to me but after it’s over, I’m so relieved that it’s done that I never ever really hold her accountable for the things she says, and does during the these periods (Specifically two major ones)
I am currently staying at a friends house, and I plan on staying here for at least two or three days, but I am concerned that this will only make it worse. This will make her feel abandoned, and this will make her worse and hate me more than she already feels like she does because of her current state , but as a human being myself, I needed a break from the torment of the verbal abuse and emotional abuse that she throws at me whenever she gets angry or anxious and lashes out.
Am I in the wrong here? What should I do? What should I do to help her through this episode that I know only time will resolve when she simultaneously blames me for causing it when I’m there and blames me for not being a good boyfriend when I’m not there Again, this is the first time I’ve ever not actually been there for more than a 20 min walk and it’s been less than 24 hours in.
Any advice or help from someone who has been in a similar situation or experienced this before please comment or DM. I only want to do what’s best for her while maintaining my own mental sanity
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2023.06.06 14:48 AverageAboriginal made me an AI-generated countryball story! (Delete if not allowed) (Edited a bit)

Once upon a time, in a faraway land of countryballs, there was a ball who loved everything about food, culture, and fashion. His name was Italy, and he had a proud heart and a competitive spirit. Every day, He would walk around his country with his friends, and they would talk about everything Italian, from the delicious Pizza Margherita to the unique font used in the Italian language.
One day, Italy decided to go on an adventure and see the world. He gathered his belongings, including his famous Italian fashion and unique recipes, and hit the road. He traveled through many countries and finally reached France. There, he met his cousin France, who was just as passionate about their culture as he was.
Together they explored the streets of Paris, tasted the finest wines, and talked with the other countryballs about their countries. Amidst their journey, they came across a countryball named England. England was a proud countryball and wasn't too keen on the other countryballs, especially Italy and France.
One day, England challenged Italy and France to a competition to prove who was the best countryball. Italy and France accepted the challenge, and soon, the competition was held in England's city. The competition was all about showcasing culture, fashion, and food.
England showcased their tea, scones, and elegance while Italy showcased Pizza, pasta, and fashion. France showcased his wine, cheese, and language. In the end, the judges declared Italy and France to be the winners, and Italy was overjoyed with the victory.
The three countryballs became good friends, and Italy realized that despite having different cultures, they could all come together and appreciate one another. Afterward, Italy returned to his country, and his friends England and France returned to their country. From that day on, Italy was more confident and proud of his culture. He always cherished the memories of his travel and the new friends he made.
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2023.06.06 14:46 sweetpuss Shopping in Winnipeg

Hello! We will be in Winnipeg over the weekend and want to do some shopping. Not looking for suggestions on which mall is best, but rather for an area that’s walkable that would have small local women’s clothing and home decor shops etc. TIA!
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2023.06.06 14:40 frosty-22222 My 26 year old girlfriend has dementia?

Throwaway account.
I (33m) live in a foreign country without local language skills. My girlfriend (26f) is a local. She started to mention having memory lapses about 6 months into her job as a content moderator for a well known social media platform, which she started 10 months ago. It's the type of job where you have to watch random garbage content all day.
She told me about heading home from work via public transport despite having her vehicle parked at the office, or forgetting to lock her apartment door. Things like that. In my presence she has never shown any of this behavior (or maybe I didn't pick up on them?). So I was not sure what to think about it (although I occasionally suggested looking for a different job). But this has changed recently.
Last month we decided to go on a week long vacation. We met at my place to share a ride to the airport. She wanted to order a ride on her phone, but instead of selecting the airport as the destination she proceeded to stare at the ride hailing app for what felt like a minute. In tears she told me she forgot where we were going.
I asked her about her sleep and she admitted to only sleeping for two hours because she worked late. Okay so that's why, right? During our trip I did not notice any other memory lapse, everything seemed normal. We've had great sleep every night, so I started to assume her memory issues are purely stress related.
At this time I have been trying to convince her for weeks to quit her current job as the salary (which from a purely financial perspective is way above average in this region) is not worth the toll the job is taking on her, and to see a doctor about the issues she has been telling me about. I have also offered to cover her rent until she finds something new. Unfortunately without success, she is refusing all of it.
She's been back to work for a week now. Yesterday we both enjoyed another day off. I showed her a scratch on my laptop screen and we decided to go out, have it fixed, and then go for lunch and coffee. Everything felt normal, we had a good day. Until this point, the only instance of her 'memory problems' I've witnessed was her forgetting what to put as destination into the ride hailing app.
In the evening we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad. During a sex scene she turned to me asking why we haven't had sex today yet. But wait a second.. we did. I explained to her we had sex before going out today, in the morning. She had no recollection of it, at all. I thought this was a bad joke at first but I decided to dig deeper, and it turns out she forgot most of what happened during the day.
She did not know I didn't get my laptop fixed (price of screen replacement was not worth it), despite her being there when I walked out of the shop after 2 minutes and telling her exactly what happened. She told me I did get my laptop fixed, without being able to tell me what was wrong with it. She did not remember the scratch that I showed her before, even after showing her the screen damage once again.
She misremembered what we had for lunch, and where, citing a location and a dish that doesn't match reality. She completely forgot about the dinner we just had, of which the leftovers were still on the table in front of us. She didn't remember how many days we spent on vacation, nor the name of the hotel.
That's when she opened up and told me about more instances of memory loss. For example crashing her bike because for a moment she forgot she was riding a motorbike in traffic and thus released the handlebars mid-drive. She previously told me this accident happened for turning too fast.
She also failed to find her way home from work once, driving around aimlessly for half an hour.
At this point I wasn't able to hold back my tears and I was too afraid to ask more questions. This morning she forgot she told me the truth about her recent traffic accident. I feel like she doesn't want me to know about the full scale of the problems she is experiencing, and who knows what else is happening that I don't know about.
I'm begging her to forget about work for a second and go get a proper screening at the hospital. She's refusing to listen, not wanting "additional stress". I have no idea what to do, I can't force her. I'm thinking about sending a text to her mother, and/or friends, to convince her to get help.
How can a 26 year old woman be having these issues? There is no substance abuse, she doesn't drink any alcohol. I can only link this to her work, but those are just assumptions. How do I make her seek serious help for this serious issue?
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2023.06.06 14:40 girl_from_the_crypt Stuck on earth and looking for a job: We're burning down a dollhouse

When somebody suggests you commit arson together, your reaction is most likely to differ based on the identity of that person. If anyone else had asked me to come along to burn down a building, I would have assumed it was a joke. However, being aware of Frankie Preston’s barely suppressed murderous tendencies made me take his request quite seriously. Of course, three main questions presented themselves upon first consideration.
“What building?”
“A small developmental factory owned by FunFlair.”
“Do you plan on burning it while there are still people inside?”
“Only one, and that one deserves to burn alive.”
Shelving my thoughts on that answer for the moment, I inquired as to when he was hoping to go about this endeavor.
“The sooner the better. My sister—you haven’t met her—found out that they’re going to move sites in the near future, so if I want to take revenge on my old boss easily, I need to do it now. It won’t be too difficult. I know the layout of the place really well, they can’t have changed much these last three years. It’s small, hidden but unprotected. A bunch of containers in some woods a couple hours from here. The human I hate most in the entire world is there, every night, working all alone.” His shoulders twitched. “I drove by the place a couple times, and I kept thinking about doing it, but I was too scared. Having you there would make all the difference.”
“It would?” I echoed.
“Yes! Sunshine, you’re strong. Amazingly so. I don’t want you to feel like I’m using you, but the thing is, I can’t do this on my own. If you tell me to go away and never mention this again, I will. That I swear to God. Or whatever sadistic omnipotent being has put me on this world to suffer.” He briefly glanced heavenward, or rather at the ceiling, then back at me. “I can’t hurt anybody, remember?”
I nodded along slowly. “This person, your old boss… what did they do to you?”
“Simply put, she’s why I hate everything.” He spoke with an uncanny intensity, staring past me like he was miles away.
“Who is she?”
“Her name is Philomena Wallis. She’s the one who keeps sending people after me. She wants me back to do fuck knows what to me because she's still pissed I screwed her over." He paused. "She did—does horrible things. You'd want her dead, too."
"Why isn't she in prison?"
"Nobody gets taken to prison if they're rich enough. Either way, what she does isn't technically illegal… and no one knows about it either. It's a tricky situation."
I took a deep breath. “Do you have a plan?”
“I do. We’ll go there at night, I’ll slip in and make sure the door to Phil’s workspace is locked, and then we’ll douse the whole thing in gasoline.”
“Are you sure you’ll need me for that? It doesn’t sound like you’d be inflicting hurt directly. I mean, you wouldn’t have to actually raise a hand to your boss, not physically. Or can you not do that either?”
“The risk lies rather within what could happen if she finds me.” He rubbed his arm, a look of uncertainty crossing his features. “I’m different when I’m around her. I can’t help it, she… she can just walk all over me. She made me be this way. There’s nothing to be done about it, except to get rid of her once and for all.”
“I’m not following. She made you be this way? What do you mean?”
“Exactly what I said!” he snapped, only to shrink back and raise his hands. “Sorry! I’m so sorry!”
I stared at him in silence for a beat. “You’re terrified,” I said.
He glanced at his chucks, then back at me, looking like he wanted to say something but didn’t know what.
“Sad, too,” I added. “Sometimes, I can’t tell what you think, so I apologize if I’m reading this wrong…”
“You shouldn’t have to guess what’s going on inside my head anyways,” he muttered. “I can’t believe what I’m trying to rope you into again. It’s like I didn’t hear myself talk for a minute there.”
“I’ll help you.”
He raised a skeptical brow. “I don’t want to force you. I swear I don’t. I will do this, and I’d feel so much better if you came with, but if this is something you’re gonna resent me for in the long run…”
“The long run?”
“I mean—” He started playing with his gum again. “Are we not doing this? You really like me, I think?”
I think we shouldn’t be talking about this in the same breath as committing lethal arson.” I rubbed my nose before letting go of a long breath. “If I can’t stop you from doing this, I’ll at least make sure you come back out in one piece.” I wonder if this is how Nettie Peterson usually feels.
Frankie beamed. “You will? You’re absolutely sure?”
“Yes. Here’s the plan, I drop off what I bought for my savior human and then we can prepare; do what’s needed. I don’t want to put this off. The sooner it’s over, the better.”
“Definitely,” he agreed with an eager nod. “I’ll drive you right over.”
“Good. And Frankie… you know precisely how I feel about you.”
We got on our way the following morning. The car ride lasted several hours, most of which I spent fast asleep stretched out on the backseat. It was a wonderful nap; I hardly felt any of the vehicle’s movements, admittedly a credit to the server’s abilities as a driver. Eventually, the road was getting too bumpy to ignore, and I drowsily lifted my head to find us pulling onto heavily wooded terrain. Upon noticing I was awake, Fran gave me a fleeting, quite obviously forced smile. After a few more minutes, we came to a halt on a clearing. I got out and produced a canister of gasoline from the trunk, handing it to Fran after opening the door for him. He looked strangely absent, gazing off into the distance with a vacant look in his eyes. He grabbed the offered canister and clutched it to his chest, almost like he was hugging it.
“We’ll be going the rest of the way on foot, then?” I inquired.
He nodded wordlessly.
I couldn’t hide my frown. The air around us was warm and fragrant, the moonlight shining through between the branches that seemed to reach out for us as we began walking. There was not even a hint of a breeze, and yet, a chill ran down my spine. My companion’s demeanor was nothing short of uncomfortable; he seemed to suck the warmth out of the atmosphere around us, together with my initial confidence and the sweet scent of pine needles. His silence instilled in me a clammy sense of dread, and I couldn’t shake it no matter how hard I tried. Normally, I would have probably appreciated the perfect calm and serenity of the lush forest around us, but seeing him in such obvious, unspoken distress drove away all my idyllic thoughts.
“This seems like an odd place to hide a factory,” I remarked, trying to open a conversation once more.
“That’s the point. You wouldn’t go looking for a doll manufacturer in bum-fuck nowhere,” he replied.
“It’s strange to think about. What kind of shady stuff can a toy manufacturer even get up to? Don’t get me wrong, I trust you when you say they’re bad people, I just wish you’d give me a little more information. I feel like I’m not getting something here.”
He let out a low hum. “You… are really innocent.”
“No, I’m not,” I argued, affronted.
“Not in a bad way. I said innocent, not naive. I’ve been cagey again, I know that, but the thing is, you’ll see exactly what I was talking about when we get there. You’ll understand everything, and to be honest, I’m very afraid of what you’ll think once you do.”
We finally reached the building Fran had told me about. If it could indeed be called a building. It looked more like something that had been thrown together by a larva using Lego bricks. It was, as predicted, a bunch of containers lined up and stacked atop one another, small corridors and open metal staircases connecting them. It seemed to be almost entirely empty—all the lights were out, except for a single one. From behind a window on the upper floor, filtered through gray blinds, a cool, bright glow shone down upon us. It bathed Frankie in its surreal luminescence that seemed completely out of place given our raw, natural surroundings.
“You were right,” I stated, tearing him from his rigor. “Seems like there’s only one person in there.”
“That’s Phil,” he mumbled. “I’m certain.”
“Then let’s do this.”
Frankie detached himself from the canister, peeling it off his body like a piece of clothing. I took it from his hands while he walked over to the nearest door, reaching into his pocket to produce a set of shiny, slim tools. Despite the darkness, he set his fingers to work on the lock. It didn’t take long at all for him to let out a satisfied sound, straightening up as he held the now open door for me. “I’m very skilled at lockpicking,” he said lightly, by way of conversation.
I couldn’t hide the admiration in my gaze, and I gave him a proud smile that briefly caused his features to soften. I had not yet crossed the threshold when he grabbed me by the wrist, holding me back. “One more thing,” he whispered, his voice suddenly ringing desperate again, “you won’t like what we might see in there.”
“I know,” I answered. “It was implied.”
Stepping forth into the dark room, the smell of plastic and coffee instantly hit my nose. Fran fumbled for a lightswitch before thinking better of it and turning on the flashlight he’d brought. We were clearly in a breakroom; there was a table in the middle surrounded by chairs, an espresso machine in the corner and several calendars and posters taped to the walls. Unsuspecting. Frankie didn’t comment, immediately moving across the cube and towards the door on the other side. It led out into a small corridor, improvised using more corrugated iron elements, and into another larger container. There was a desk with a computer in one corner and an empty operating table in the center.
A large shelving unit occupied the entire left side of the room. A closer inspection revealed that it held all sorts of small parts, though what they were parts of was beyond me. Opening the plastic drawers at random, I glimpsed all sorts of metallic and silicone pieces, forming strange little… thingies.
“What is all this?” I asked Frankie.
He had been standing by the operating table, staring at it with unblinking eyes. His expression was once more perfectly vacant. Not even his jaw was moving around his bubble gum. He didn’t look up, and for a minute, I wondered if he’d heard me at all. “Doll parts,” he suddenly answered, his voice lacking any inflection.
I frowned, picking up one of the tiny metallic objects and inspecting it closely. I could see what he meant now—it appeared to be a very small joint, perhaps for a finger. “When you said FunFlair made dolls, I thought you meant these stiff little baby dolls. I didn’t know they made them this detailed.”
“Oh, they can be detailed alright.”
“Is this, like, a robotics thing? Can they move on their own, too?”
Frankie let out a sharp, mirthless laugh that was much too short. He fell completely silent again, and it felt as though the room had gotten colder. I bit my lip, placing the finger joint back in its box. I tentatively reached out to Fran and rested a hand on his upper arm, only for him to flinch, drawing away as if burned. “D-don’t touch me right now,” he pleaded.
“I’m sorry,” I breathed.
“No, I am. Don’t mind me, okay? Let’s—let’s just go on.”
So we did. Another makeshift corridor led us over into the next container. The beam of our flashlight cut through the darkness, revealing a sight that made me stop in my tracks. There were several bodies propped up in the corners of the room, bodies that I only realized on second glance were artificial. They were of roughly the same size as the average person, with fully formed arms, legs and everything. Their faces however were different. Most of them weren’t even fully complete, the skin-like material not fully covering their heads and leaving the mechanical structures underneath uncovered. Their eyeballs—sitting in hard plastic sockets and unframed by lids—stared out at us blankly, utterly void and expressionless.
Cold dread began to seep into my bones, paralyzing me for a second before I managed to break from my stillness. Taking a step towards one of the lifeless figures, I bent down to get a closer look. Keeping my distance, I reached out a single finger to trace along one of the countless delicate wires peeking out from the soft patches of facial material. It was cool to the touch, making my skin crawl. I pulled back, turning to Frankie in bewilderment. “Wh-what is all this?” I asked hesitantly.
“That’s them. That’s the dolls.”
“Well, yes, I can see that but this… this is really, really unnerving.”
He let out a strangled, mournful sound. “I guess it is,” he said eventually, his voice low and flat. He knelt down beside me, a little closer to the doll, and started fumbling around with the back of its neck, clearly looking for something. Finally, I heard a little click, followed by a whirring noise as the doll jerked up its arm. I squeaked, scrambling back on my hands and rear, only to find my back suddenly pressed up against the chest of another mannequin. I hadn’t done a thing, but it instantly sprang to life; robotic fingers clamping down around both sides of my nape. The painfully fierce touch wiped away every last bit of my composure, and I let out a shriek that seemed to tear apart the relative silence. Frankie spun around to fix me with the beam of his flashlight, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut. My heart was hammering against my ribcage, seemingly exploding when the hands started pulling me closer against the lifeless, yet animate body.
The next thing I knew was that Fran had leapt forward and removed me from the doll’s clutches with one swift, powerful yank. My chest was heaving and I couldn’t suppress a low whimper when I pressed myself to his side, frantically glancing about my surroundings. My fangs were bared, but my racing pulse was admittedly overtaxing me. I couldn’t seem to form any coherent thoughts. My flight-instinct was kicking in, further setting off my panicked response when I realized I might end up involuntarily jumping dimensions again.
Suddenly, I felt Frankie’s hand on my cheek, the gentle pressure tilting my head up to make me meet his gaze. “It’s alright,” he said, his voice equal parts firm and understanding. The fog in my head lifted just a little.
“They’re not going to hurt you,” he went on, his thumb stroking the curve of my outer ear. However he managed to convey such certainty when he himself had been so uneasy mere moments ago was beyond me, and yet, I found myself believing him. My breathing slowed and I hazarded a second glance at the doll I had bumped into.
It had stopped moving, its body having locked into an unnatural, almost feral-looking position. It was cowering on all fours, its torso lowered and its head up. Its neck was bent at such an extreme angle that it was approaching the comical.
“What the fuck was that?” I whispered, the curse word escaping me before I could stop myself.
“Some of them have to be activated manually, others can be turned on just by touch. I remember that,” Frankie replied. “There’s no need to be afraid of them, though. Even if it’s hard to believe considering… well.” He gestured at the oddly crouching doll at our feet.
“Something’s very wrong here,” I muttered, unable to tear my eyes off the lifeless, incomplete face. “I didn’t even know they made toys like that.”
“They’re not for children,” Frankie said, his eyes glazing over once more.
“Are they, like, robots? Do they know what they’re doing?”
“Not if they’re lucky, they don’t.” He paused. “They’re not made to think. Any awareness they might have would be unplanned for.”
“And you really used to work here? Did you help build them?”
“We can talk about that once we’re out of here.”
I swallowed. “Look, I’m freaking out. This can’t be a normal production site.”
“It’s not. I wish you didn’t have to see this. It… it only gets worse. And your instincts aren’t failing you, none of this is right. If you want to back out, I don’t blame you. This place shouldn’t exist.”
I took a deep breath. I wished I had insisted on knowing the full truth before coming here, but it couldn’t be helped now. Instead of prying further, I pointed at the canister of gasoline. “Then let’s remedy that.”
Despite himself, Frankie smiled.
Instead of mirroring the expression, I felt my own features suddenly derail. “Oh crap.”
“What is it?”
“Do you think she heard me scream?”
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17: government work
18: something in the caves
19: shopping cart
20: olms and Jewels
21: long hair
22: recruitment
23: waitresses
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2023.06.06 14:39 rohitsinghyng Cocktail Glasses Online: Enhancing Your Drinking Experience

Cocktail Glasses Online: Enhancing Your Drinking Experience
In recent years, cocktails have become extremely popular, and serving them in the appropriate glass can enhance the drinking experience. It doesn't matter if you're a professional mixologist or just like to make your own drinks at home; you need the right cocktail glasses. This article discusses the significance of cocktail glasses, the various types that are available, the best ways to select them, well-known online retailers, and things to keep in mind when making a purchase online.
The visual appeal of a cocktail has a significant impact on how it is perceived. This is why cocktail glasses are so important. Cocktail glasses online with unusual shapes and designs can make the drink look better and make it more appealing. The right glass can grandstand the varieties, enhancements, and layers of the mixed drink, making a paramount encounter for the consumer.
Taste The size and shape of a cocktail glass can have an effect on the flavor, despite popular belief. Glasses with more extensive openings take into account better fragrance dissemination, while others with smaller edges concentrate the flavors. The right glass can assist with safeguarding the beverage's fragrance, improve its taste, and give a balanced tangible encounter.
Adding a Touch of Elegance The use of specialized cocktail glasses online elevates any occasion. Serving cocktails in chic glasses elevates the atmosphere, no matter how big or small the gathering is. It gives the impression that you have given careful consideration to creating a memorable experience for your guests.
Cocktail glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the classic martini glass has a long stem and is shaped like a V. Because of their shape, they are ideal for classic martinis because they keep the drink chilled and prevent the ingredients from separating. These glasses are also great for margaritas and other cocktails like cosmopolitans.
Highball Glasses Highball glasses are tall and slim, and they are made for serving drinks with more mixer and ice. They are regularly utilized for highball mixed drinks like a gin and tonic, mojito, or a bourbon ginger. These glasses' height makes room for more ice and carbonation, keeping the drink cool.
Collins Glasses The Collins glasses are similar to highball glasses, but they are taller and slightly narrower. They are frequently used in Collins drinks like the Tom Collins and the John Collins. The drink's effervescence is shown off by its long shape, which makes it possible to add garnishes like lemon slices or mint sprigs.
Margarita Glasses The shape of a margarita glass is distinctive, with a stem and a wide, open rim. They can be rimmed with salt or sugar because they are made for margaritas. Additionally, the wide rim assists in capturing the beverage's aromas, enhancing the overall experience.
Champagne Flutes Champagne flutes are long, opulent glasses that have a stem and a narrow bowl. They are essentially utilized for serving shimmering wine and champagne. The flute's shape keeps the bubbles in place and directs the aroma toward the drinker's nose.
Rocks Glasses: Also known as old-fashioned glasses, rocks glasses are short and durable. They're great for old-fashioned cocktails and whiskey on the rocks served over ice. The drinker is able to appreciate the flavors and aroma thanks to the large opening, which also keeps the beverage chilled.
Choosing the Right Cocktail Glass When selecting a cocktail glass, think about the following:
Take into Account the Drink Various cocktails necessitate specific glasses to enhance their characteristics. Choose glasses that go well with the kinds of cocktails you like to drink or that you plan to serve. Choosing the right glass for the drink demonstrates your care and ensures the best drinking experience possible.
Take into Account the Appearance Select glasses that complement both your personal style and the overall theme of your home or business. Select plans that resound with your taste, whether it's a smooth and present day look or a one of a kind propelled stylish. The visual allure of the china can upgrade the general pleasure in the mixed drinks.
Take into Account the Durability Purchase cocktail glasses that are durable and made of high-quality materials. Glasses made of tempered glass or crystal are long-lasting and elegant at the same time. Glasses that are durable can withstand frequent use and cleaning, ensuring that they will last for many enjoyable cocktails.
Popular Online Stores for Cocktail Glasses Smokey cocktails A caters to both professional and home bartenders with an extensive selection of cocktail glasses online. They offer a wide range of designs and styles, so you can be sure to find the right glassware for your tastes.
smokey cocktail focuses on handcrafted cocktail glasses made by skilled craftsmen. Your cocktail experience will be enhanced by the exclusivity of their one-of-a-kind and limited-edition designs. They also offer options for personalization for those who want a more individualized touch.
Smokey cocktail focuses on selling high-quality cocktail glasses at a reasonable price. They have a wide range of options, so you can be sure to find glassware that fits your budget without sacrificing style or durability.
Things to Think About When Buying Online Reputation and Reviews from Customers Before making a purchase from an online retailer, investigate their reputation and read reviews from previous customers. Examine customer feedback regarding the shipping experience, the quality of the glassware, and customer service. To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, select retailers with good reviews and a solid reputation.
Valuing and Limits
Contrast costs across various internet based retailers with track down the best arrangements. You can save money by looking for discounts, promotions, and bundle deals. However, if you want to make an investment in cocktail glasses that are both long-lasting and appealing to the eye, quality should always come first.
Shipping and Returns Policies Before making a purchase, review the shipping and return policies of the retailer. Make sure they have dependable shipping options, reasonable delivery times, and safe packaging to keep things from getting damaged in the mail. Moreover, find out about their merchandise exchange in the event that the item shows up harmed or doesn't measure up to your assumptions.
Conclusion By enhancing presentation, influencing taste, and adding a touch of elegance, investing in the appropriate cocktail glasses improves the overall drinking experience. Take into consideration the various kinds of cocktail glasses that are available and select ones that go well with the drinks you like. Consider discounts and prices, as well as shipping and return policies, when making an online purchase. You can improve your mixology skills and create memorable occasions with friends and family by selecting the ideal cocktail glasses.
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2023.06.06 14:37 beautyisblush Shop Women's Clothing and Accessories: A Guide to Finding Your Style

Shop Women's Clothing and Accessories: A Guide to Finding Your Style
Welcome to our comprehensive guide on shopping for women's clothing and accessories! Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or simply looking to update your wardrobe, this article will provide you with valuable insights and tips to help you navigate the world of women's fashion. From trendy clothing pieces to statement accessories, we've got you covered. Let's get started and explore into the interesting world of women's fashion together!
When it comes to women's clothing and accessories, the options are endless. From elegant dresses to casual jeans, stylish handbags to eye-catching jewelry, there's something for everyone. Let's explore some of the key categories and styles that you can find while shopping clothing and accessories for women.

Embrace Your Personality

Finding your unique style starts with embracing your personality. Your fashion choices should reflect your individuality and make you feel confident and comfortable. Are you a free-spirited bohemian at heart? Opt for off shoulder mini dresses, fringed accessories, and earthy tones. Prefer a more polished and sophisticated look? Classic pieces like crisscross butterfly bracelet, high-waist paperbag shorts, and statement pumps might be your go-to options.

Define Your Body Shape to Accentuate Your Best Features

Understanding your body shape is crucial when it comes to shopping for women's clothing. By identifying your body type and choosing styles that accentuate your best features, you can create a flattering and stylish look. Whether you have an hourglass figure, a pear shape, or an athletic build, there are clothing options available to enhance your natural beauty.

The Essential Women's Clothing Pieces

To build a versatile and fashionable wardrobe, there are a few essential clothing pieces that every woman should consider adding to her collection. Let's take a closer look at these must-have items.

1. Classic Balloon Sleeve Crop Top: The Perfect Wardrobe Staple

A classic Balloon Sleeve Crop Top is another essential item that can be styled in numerous ways. A crop top brings a touch of class to any outfit, whether you wear it out casually with jeans or tuck it into a skirt for a more professional look. For cozy and comfortable alternatives, look for quality fabrics like cotton or linen.

2. Well-Fitted Jeans: The Ultimate Casual Staple

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that offers both comfort and style. Investing in a well-fitted pair of jeans is essential as they can be dressed up with a blazer and heels for a semi-formal look or dressed down with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual day out. Choose a style that flatters your body shape and opt for classic colors like blue or black.

3. Elevate Your Outfit with Versatile Blazers

A versatile Women's Blazers is a game-changer when it comes to women's fashion. This wardrobe essential can instantly elevate any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and professionalism. Whether you're heading to a job interview or attending a social event, a well-tailored blazer can make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

4. Adjustable Waist Leggings: Style and Comfort Combined

Adjustable Waist Leggings are not only comfortable but also incredibly versatile. Whether you're hitting the gym, running errands, or lounging at home, a pair of leggings can be your go-to option. Look for quality materials and choose from various lengths and patterns to suit your personal style.

5. Statement Outerwear: Stay Fashionable in Any Season

Investing in statement outerwear is a great way to showcase your style while staying warm and protected. Whether it's a trendy leather jacket, a cozy wool coat, or a stylish trench coat, the right outerwear can instantly transform your look and make a lasting impression.

Accessorizing with Style

When it comes to accessorizing, women have an array of options to enhance their outfits and express their personal style. Accessories can take an ordinary outfit to extraordinary heights. Let's explore some key accessory categories and how they can elevate your fashion game.

1. Trendy Fashion Jewelry: Make a Statement

Trendy Fashion Jewelry is a powerful tool for self-expression and can instantly elevate your look. From delicate necklaces to bold statement earrings, choosing the right jewelry pieces can add a touch of glamour and individuality to your outfits. Don't be afraid to mix and match different metals and styles to create a unique look.

2. Chic Handbags: The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Function

A chic handbag is a woman's best friend. It not only carries all your essentials but also complements your outfit. From stylish tote bags to elegant clutches, there's a wide range of options to choose from. Consider the occasion and your personal style when selecting a handbag to ensure it enhances your overall look.

3. Statement Shoes: Step Out in Style

Shoes play a significant role in completing your look. Whether you prefer heels, flats, boots, or sneakers, choosing the right pair of shoes can make a statement. Invest in high-quality footwear that combines style with comfort, and don't shy away from unique designs or bold colors to add a pop of personality to your outfit.


Shopping for Women's clothing and accessories is an exciting journey of self-expression and style discovery. By embracing your personality, defining your body shape, and selecting versatile pieces, you can create a wardrobe that reflects your unique taste. Don't forget to accessorize with jewelry, handbags, hats, and shoes to add that extra touch of style to your outfits. Whether you're shopping online or in-store, keep these tips in mind to make your fashion journey a success.
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2023.06.06 14:36 Living_Passenger_379 Jewelers

Where is the best place to sell/appraise jewelry that isn’t a pawn shop in Roanoke?
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2023.06.06 14:35 LyinYT22 Weird leg pain starting to freak me out.

So Wednesday the 31st I began to feel a little discomfort in my front upper left thigh while at work. I work in a lumber yard so it's a physical job some days but nothing crazy. I do not recall any injuries however. It just slowly started out of nowhere. If I had to describe it, it feels like a dull aching pain. It does not hurt to touch. It doesn't look swollen or red at all. It feels a little tight to the touch compared to my right thigh but i cant really tell. And I'm able to walk and move on it just fine. Just hurts. Fast forward to the next day I went to my local urgent center where I told them my symptoms and they immediately sent me to a hospital to get an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. I came back clear but when they did the ultrasound they mainly did my leg and calf. A little bit of my thigh but not near the pain. So I'm not sure if they did it correctly. They send me home and I go about my weekend. Yesterday on Monday I'm still having the pain so I return back to urgent care to get another opinion. Still the same symptoms however I notice that when I bend over to pick something up I get what's best described as a bad cramping pain. It feels like a baseball poking out of my leg. She says there's nothing else they can do and that I need to see my doctor and get blood work done as she believes I might have some muscle tension and that I have an Electrolyte imbalance or that I may be low in potassium or magnesium. She said I can return to work if I'm willing because she doesn't believe it's an actual injury. And that work shouldn't make it worse, I just need to take it easy. I've been taking potassium and Tylenol for the pain and it seems to help a little bit. I'm keeping it elevated as well but it's still there. Like I said nothing specific irritates ot other than bending over and sometimes if I stand up and keep my leg straight I get the same cramping feeling. My thigh doesn't have any spasms other than once on Saturday. It will hurt walking on it one minute and the next it's fine. It usually never hurts sitting down. If so it's very slight. And the same with laying down. I'm just extremely nervous and I've been told so many things. My biggest worry is that the hospital did not check the right area of my thigh when looking for the blood clot via ultrasound. Thank you and any opinions are greatly appreciated. I'm 23 M. I'm 315 lbs. I don't smoke or drink. I have type 2 diabetes that I manage fairly.
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2023.06.06 14:35 jlhall1116 35 [M4F] NE Ohio/USA - Cling to me?

Hi, y'all. Have you seen the love of my life? She looks like this. holds up a hand mirror
Jokes aside, the best gift I could get is to find someone worth talking to, with the intent of being in a relationship with. Someone who understands that conversation, loyalty, and affection isn't supposed to be one sided.
I crave a human connection, but there are only fakes on dating sites, and honestly I'm not sure this is working out any better...but I'm trying to remain hopeful.
I'm not looking for perfection, looks or otherwise, because I'm very far from perfect. I still live at home and I have twins who are 8.
I'm tired of the same old options in this "choose your own adventure" book, so I'm taking my pen and scribbling in a new I've been ready for, for a long time now.
I want a clingy lady who actually wants to hear from me, and is actually interested to get to know me. Someone who is as happy going out to bowl and seeing which one of us is worse, as she would be staying in and cuddling together. Someone who would be as happy on a walk in the woods with me as she would be playing video games together.
I guess I'm looking for a companion through life, and I'll post this and tweak this as many times as necessary until us hopeless romantics find each other. ❤
If you actually read this post, say "banana" when PMing me, please. If you are going to stop talking, please DON'T reply - save my time and yours. Please do not waste my time if you only want friends; I have clearly stated what I'm looking for.
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2023.06.06 14:34 tsscarrierss The Ultimate Guide to Renting Hiab Trucks for Construction Projects

The Ultimate Guide to Renting Hiab Trucks for Construction Projects
If you're embarking on a construction project that involves heavy lifting and transportation of materials, renting a Hiab truck can be a game-changer. Hiab trucks, equipped with hydraulic cranes or booms, offer the versatility and power required to handle various construction tasks. However, renting the right Hiab truck for your project can be a complex process. In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about renting Hiab trucks for construction projects, ensuring you make an informed decision and maximize the benefits they offer.
1. Assess Your Project Requirements
Before starting the rental process, it's crucial to assess your project requirements. Consider the types and quantities of materials you need to lift and transport. Determine the maximum weight and dimensions of the loads. Assess the terrain and site conditions where the Hiab truck will be operated. Understanding your project requirements will help you choose the right Hiab truck with the necessary specifications to meet your needs.
2. Choose the Appropriate Hiab Truck Model
Hiab trucks come in various models, each with its own specifications and capabilities. Research different models to find the one that suits your project requirements. Consider factors such as load capacity, reach, and maneuverability. Ensure the Hiab truck model you choose can handle the weight and dimensions of your loads and can operate effectively in your project's environment.
3. Verify Insurance Coverage
When renting a Hiab truck, it's crucial to verify the insurance coverage provided by the rental company. Accidents and damages can occur during construction projects, and having comprehensive insurance coverage will protect you from potential liabilities. Confirm that the rental company's insurance policy covers both the Hiab truck and the crane or boom. Additionally, check if there are any additional insurance requirements specific to your project.
4. Evaluate Rental Terms and Conditions
Carefully review the rental terms and conditions before signing any agreements. Pay attention to the rental duration, delivery options, and any additional charges or fees. Understand the responsibilities and liabilities outlined in the contract. Clarify any questions or concerns you may have with the rental company. A clear understanding of the rental terms and conditions will ensure a smooth rental experience.
5. Consider Maintenance and Servicing
Reliable and well-maintained Hiab trucks are essential for a successful construction project. Inquire about the rental company's maintenance and servicing practices. Ensure that the Hiab trucks undergo regular inspections and maintenance to minimize the risk of breakdowns or delays. Ask about the rental company's response time for servicing requests and if they provide 24/7 support in case of emergencies.
6. Operator Training and Support
Operating a Hiab truck requires specialized skills and knowledge. Check if the rental company provides operator training and support. Qualified operators can ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Hiab truck during your project. If you have your own operators, inquire if the rental company offers familiarization training specific to their Hiab truck models.
7. Compare Rental Companies
To find the best Hiab truck rental for your construction project, it's essential to compare different rental companies. Research online and read customer reviews to gauge their reputation and reliability. Seek recommendations from industry professionals who have experience with Hiab truck rentals. Compare pricing, rental terms, available models, and the quality of their maintained fleet. Choosing a reputable and experienced rental company will contribute to a smooth rental experience.
8. Plan Ahead and Reserve in Advance
Hiab trucks are in high demand for construction projects, especially during peak seasons. To secure the availability of the Hiab truck model you need, it's advisable to plan ahead and reserve in advance. Waiting until the last minute may result in limited options or unavailability. Contact the rental company early on and provide them with the necessary details of your project to ensure a seamless rental process.
Renting a Hiab truck for your construction project can greatly enhance your lifting and transportation capabilities. By assessing your project requirements, choosing the appropriate Hiab truck model, verifying insurance coverage, evaluating rental terms, considering maintenance and operator support, comparing rental companies, and planning ahead, you can make an informed decision and rent the perfect Hiab truck for your needs. With the right Hiab truck at your disposal, your construction project will benefit from increased efficiency, improved safety, and successful completion.
1. Can I rent a Hiab truck for a short-term project?
Yes, Hiab truck rentals are available for short-term projects. Rental companies offer flexible rental durations to accommodate varying project needs. Discuss your project timeline with the rental company to determine the most suitable rental duration for your specific requirements.
2. Are there any licensing requirements for operating a Hiab truck?
Operating a Hiab truck may require a specific license or certification, depending on your jurisdiction. Check with the local authorities to understand the licensing requirements for operating a Hiab truck in your area. The rental company may also provide information or assistance in obtaining the necessary permits or licenses.
3. Can I rent a Hiab truck with an operator?
Yes, rental companies often provide the option to rent a Hiab truck with a qualified operator. This ensures that the Hiab truck is operated safely and efficiently. Discuss your operator requirements with the rental company during the rental process.
4. What should I do in case of damages or accidents during the rental period?
In the event of damages or accidents during the rental period, immediately inform the rental company and follow their instructions. Thoroughly review the rental agreement to understand your liabilities and responsibilities. Depending on the insurance coverage provided, the rental company may guide you through the necessary steps for filing an insurance claim.
5. Can I extend the rental period if my project takes longer than expected?
If your project takes longer than initially anticipated, you may be able to extend the rental period. Contact the rental company as soon as possible to discuss the extension. Keep in mind that availability may be subject to other rental commitments, so it's advisable to plan and communicate any potential extensions in advance.
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2023.06.06 14:34 jlhall1116 35 [M4F] NE Ohio/USA - Cling to me?

Hi, y'all. Have you seen the love of my life? She looks like this. holds up a hand mirror
Jokes aside, the best gift I could get is to find someone worth talking to, with the intent of being in a relationship with. Someone who understands that conversation, loyalty, and affection isn't supposed to be one sided.
I crave a human connection, but there are only fakes on dating sites, and honestly I'm not sure this is working out any better...but I'm trying to remain hopeful.
I'm not looking for perfection, looks or otherwise, because I'm very far from perfect. I still live at home and I have twins who are 8.
I'm tired of the same old options in this "choose your own adventure" book, so I'm taking my pen and scribbling in a new I've been ready for, for a long time now.
I want a clingy lady who actually wants to hear from me, and is actually interested to get to know me. Someone who is as happy going out to bowl and seeing which one of us is worse, as she would be staying in and cuddling together. Someone who would be as happy on a walk in the woods with me as she would be playing video games together.
I guess I'm looking for a companion through life, and I'll post this and tweak this as many times as necessary until us hopeless romantics find each other. ❤
If you actually read this post, say "banana" when PMing me, please. If you are going to stop talking, please DON'T reply - save my time and yours. Please do not waste my time if you only want friends; I have clearly stated what I'm looking for.
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2023.06.06 14:33 Sensitive1111 What I think Kei would say to Kiyotaka in the future to indicate she isn't a parasite any longer (prediction)

Note: This is a fanfic x theory x prediction.
Ayanokoji's POV
"Neh, Kiyotaka.. You actually don't love me, do you? You actually just made me your girlfriend so that you can help me grow from my parasitic self.. didn't you? That's what happened, right? I kinda have always suspected that but I subconsciously tried to repress it because I was happy with the illusion that you love me. But now, I'm strong enough to face the truth. It hurts of course. It's actually very painful. After all, I truly did love you, Kiyotaka. To be honest, I'm a little bit angry at you. But I know you only did that because you thought that was the best for me."
I kept a blank face but deep inside, I was a little bit shocked.
I have always wanted for her to grow, but I didn't expect that finally witnessing her growth would be a little bit overwhelming for me.
I thought this night would just be one of our sweet moments. Honestly, I wasn't expecting for such a big event to take place now. It was simply happening earlier than I have planned.
She continued to talk. "I'm strong now, just like what you wanted to happen. So with that, you don't have to be my boyfriend anymore. This would be the part where we say our goodbyes. But before that, let me thank you. Our relationship is honestly weird." She said, and let out a little giggle. "If a normal person were to hear how our relationship started, they would probably think I'm crazy for falling in love with you. After all, you let me go through those awful things. However, when you saw my scar, you did not show disgust. I kinda felt accepted as a person. You might think that isn't really a big deal, however, for someone like me, that is a very important thing. I don't know what happened to you in your past, but when you showed me darkness in those eyes of yours, I kinda felt like we're a bit similar. Being with a person you have something in common with kind of, feels great. Like you both have some kind of understanding that you don't have to point out with words. I was also happy when you said you trusted me more than Horikita-san. When you took advantage of my position as the leader of the girls in our class, I was really happy to be useful. I gained confidence, and it was really a lot fun. It felt like I was in a mystery-detective drama. Knowing that you would protect me, I was able to let my guard down a bit and enjoy things. But then you allowed me to be hurt again. I'm not really good at holding grudges though. And the fun I felt was somewhat heavier than what Ryuen did to me. After all, there were far more awful things that happened to me in junior high school. Before, I thought that friends were unnecessary, that they're only there so that I won't be isolated and I won't be targeted. But I was able to build true friendship with Sato-chan. And I think that was also thanks to you."
What she said reminded me of Horikita a bit. Horikita thought friends are a nuisance so she didn't want to have them before. And Kei also thought friendship is only a way to protect herself. Come to think of it, I'm also similar to them. I didn't truly desire to have friends. I only thought that I would stand out if I were to be a loner so I thought that I needed a number of friends so that I can maintain the image of an average student.
"That's why, Ayanokoji-kun, I'm thankful to you in a lot of ways."
Ayanokoji-kun, huh.
"You are my first love after all. From now on, I will start learn how to unlove you. I bet you find my feelings for you annoying. So for you to be sure that I won't depend on you any longer, I will start to kill my love for you."
When she said that, I felt something inside my chest that I've never felt before.
"So with that, good bye, Ayanokoji-kun."
She stood up, smiled, and started walking away. I was not able to say a single thing.
Just a moment ago, we were chitchatting over silly things.
This is also an important moment for me to learn about other aspects of love.
"Break up, huh." I sighed.
Kei thought I only made her my girlfriend so that I could help her grow. However, that wasn't the only reason why I made her my girlfriend though. I thought I wanted to learn about love through her, for her to be the textbook that I would use to learn about the opposite sex.
But a part of me yearned for a happy ending with her. The rest of me, however, thinks that a happy ending is impossible. After all, I'm a person from the White Room.
This was written with Year 2 Volume 10 in mind. However, considering Kiyotaka's canon monologue in Year 2 Volume 4.5, their real separation is probably set on the graduation day. That is if the author plans to make Kiyotaka's plan for Kei successful.
Here's Kiyotaka's monologue:
While tasting her lips repeatedly, my thoughts involuntarily drifted off towards the future.
Before long, when the season of farewells approached, this romance would enter it's final phase---
Because it's a given that it will face an arduous trial.
When Karuizawa Kei is separated from her host, she will have to stand up and look forward on her own.
That was the most important thing in this curriculum of love.
Though it's also possible, like someone said, that Kiyotaka was referring to winter as the season of farewells. Meaning, their separation now is already set.
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2023.06.06 14:33 jlhall1116 35 [M4F] NE Ohio/USA - Cling to me?

Hi, y'all. Have you seen the love of my life? She looks like this. holds up a hand mirror
Jokes aside, the best gift I could get is to find someone worth talking to, with the intent of being in a relationship with. Someone who understands that conversation, loyalty, and affection isn't supposed to be one sided.
I crave a human connection, but there are only fakes on dating sites, and honestly I'm not sure this is working out any better...but I'm trying to remain hopeful.
I'm not looking for perfection, looks or otherwise, because I'm very far from perfect. I still live at home and I have twins who are 8.
I'm tired of the same old options in this "choose your own adventure" book, so I'm taking my pen and scribbling in a new I've been ready for, for a long time now.
I want a clingy lady who actually wants to hear from me, and is actually interested to get to know me. Someone who is as happy going out to bowl and seeing which one of us is worse, as she would be staying in and cuddling together. Someone who would be as happy on a walk in the woods with me as she would be playing video games together.
I guess I'm looking for a companion through life, and I'll post this and tweak this as many times as necessary until us hopeless romantics find each other. ❤
If you actually read this post, say "banana" when PMing me, please. If you are going to stop talking, please DON'T reply - save my time and yours. Please do not waste my time if you only want friends; I have clearly stated what I'm looking for.
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2023.06.06 14:31 LoveMangaBuddy Read Get the Heroine's Script - Chapter 34 - MangaPuma

Chao Yihun, who could only move in a wheelchair because of an accident, walked into another world and was told that he had a system. As long as the male protagonist went to attack here, he could stay in this world and enjoy the prosperity and wealth with sound limbs. In order to avoid dispersal, Chaoyi followed Qin Que's method of "taking the loopholes" and tried his best to improve the favorabili ... Read Get the Heroine's Script - Chapter 34 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.06 14:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University (

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2023.06.06 14:28 Anonymous_SA I think my partner has an ED

My gf is wonderful, the most authentic, lovely, caring and beautiful person you could ever meet. Her heart is made of pure gold, but she struggles to see the value in herself. She (27) and I (26m) met on social media, about 4 months ago and everything went well: we became friends and eventually fell in love. She used to send me cute pictures of herself regularly, and we used to get on quite well. Initially, I thought she was single, but when we met, I found out that she's been in an unhappy relationship. She has been dating this 31 year old manchild, who uses her car to drive around, and still does ever since they broke up. They dated since she was 15 and she was unhappy with the relationship two years before she and I met. Being together 12 years, he was her first in everything, but she wasn't happy. Let it be known; she didn't cheat on her former bf with me, she eventually broke up with him. And a month later, she and I got together.
The ex still stays in her parents' house, in a separate flat. He drives around with her car wherever he wants; yet she doesn't have access to it. Her dad works constantly until very late in the evening, and when he's not, he goes mountainbiking. He promised that he will help her ex look for another car, but nothing has yet come from the endeavour. When he is at home, he seems to only be present when they have a BBQ every Saturday. Moreover, her brother gets a shit ton of attention from her mother, who constantly breaks down and cries because of him. He had a psychotic episode (not more than a month ago) that rendered him absolutely manic! He had to go to a psych hospital and is now on medication: he also had to leave his weed, because now he is on anti-psychotic meds and constantly depressed after all his friends graduated with their degrees, but he didn't (because of said circumstances). She is always there for him, but nobody ever supports her, I try my best to.
She also still stays with her parents, she has no degree, no stable job, even though she has her own business that seems to sometimes get clients (sometimes not). It doesn't seem like she's actively cultivating clients towards attaining her independence. Her parents are also still financially supporting her ex-boyfriend, and are helping him look for a vehicle after he (initally) sold his a few years back, in order to get another one - yet he didn't. Now, she's stuck without her car, her parents aren't doing much about it. And she bears the brunt of her absent parents who pretend like everything is fine. And so do I...
Now the issue of a (possible) ED comes along: for context, my gf has been diagnosed with anxiety. She drinks sleeping medication, because she also has insomnia, and takes other meds for her hereditary low blood pressure. She's a "walking pharmacy", as she sometimes jokes about it. She slept over at my place twice before, and we have been seeing one another, once every week consecutively, since we met - yes, we are intimate. When we didn't, we would video call in the evenings and watch our favourite TV-shows together, or we'd just have deep conversations.
About two weeks back, she came to sleep over at my place and everything was normal, until I suggested we watch a funny (yet, educational) TV-show about sexuality. She wasn't really receptive to the idea, but later conceded when I suggested politely that we could watch something else, if she'd like. We watched the trailer of the first episode, and I immediately paused because she felt uncomfortable: I tried to inquire why, and she told me that her ex used to watch porn and hide it from her, when they dated. She felt that it violated her, and that he was receiving pleasure from other women's bodies, and subconsciously felt he was comparing her with them. She became extremely self-conscious, back then, and started working on herself, because she picked up weight (weighing at most 70kg) and brought it down to 50kg. She was healthy and at peace with herself after being very hard on herself and her exercise routines.
To what extent she was hard on herself, I don't know. All I know is she has a fear of being "fat" again and simultaneously doesn't want to pick uo weight for that reason whilst still building muscle. Since our weekend together, and the TV-show episode (pardon the pun). She withdrew from me, and has since been lost in a vicious cycle of dieting and exercising. She drinks coffee in excess, she drinks fatburners. She always mirror-checked herself, when she was at my place (even before what happened - happened). Eventually she told me that what happened triggered her, and that she needed a little time. And that I need to be patient, she will eventually get over it...
I honestly try my best, but I notice that she's not eating properly (even though she tells me she does), she obsessively works out every day. She weighs herself every day, after her workouts. And she counts calories, while eating half or very little of certain foods. Now she's scheduled for a minor invasive eye surgery, and this brings along a new set of issues in and of itself. She's doubly exercising, drinking excess caffeine (more than she does normally) and all our conversations are either about food, or exercise: there's no depth to our relationship anymore, giving me the idea that she has an ED (a form of Anorexia). She doesn't communicate anything to me, beyond superficialities. And even when we do chat, she's exhausted from her exercise routine! Even when we video call, she keeps her camera off because she feels that she doesn't look her best. And I feel as if I've lost her...
It was her birthday that same weekend we spent together and the trigger episode happened. I gave her a promise ring, last week, when we talked through everything that happened and things felt like it became normal. No matter what I say or do, nothing seems to work. I can't seem to reach her, because she's sucked so far in a void of her own body dysmorphia, and I feel like I can't reach her. Aside from the fact that she has severe trust issues and no friends, this makes things even more difficult. I don't want to give up on her, because I really care for her, and I just need help. Her medical aid is exhausted and her parents can't afford expensive treatments now.
What do I do? Do I do nothing? Do I leave it in her hands? She's on a path of destruction that will ultimately destroy her. Sorry for the long writ, I just have nowhere else to go.
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