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2023.06.06 15:06 JanSamarth A Unique One-Stop Digital Portal Linking Government Schemes.

JanSamarth Portal, an initiative by Government of India, is a unique digital portal linking twelve Credit Linked Government schemes on a single platform, for ease of access to all the beneficiaries and related stakeholders.
The core objective of JanSamarth Portal is to promote inclusive growth and development of various sectors by guiding and providing them to the right type of Government benefits through simple and easy digital processes. The portal ensures end-to-end coverage of all the processes and activities of all the linked schemes.
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2023.06.06 15:06 aheadrelieve Why SMM Panels are essential - in a nutshell.

I’d say this condensed piece makes a solid case for why SMM panels are worth being viewed as a must for virtually any start-up’s marketing campaign.
Social Media Marketing has long since become indispensable in a brand's marketing strategy in recent years. The reason is the ever-increasing popularity and usage of platforms such as FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms boast a huge user base, and businesses can leverage this to reach their target audience.
That said, managing a brand’s social media accounts of a brand can be a time-consuming task, which is why SMM panels have become an integral part of the marketing strategy. A number of brands are using these instruments to increase brand exposure and drive customer traffic.
SMM panels offer a wide range of affordable services (boosting likes, followers, views), making it easier for small-scale businesses to participate in the social media marketing game. This is especially useful when striking out with initially limited resources and budgets.
Additionally, SMM panels make it easier for brands to manage their social media accounts by offering a single platform where they can access all the services they need. This one-stop-shop concept saves time and streamlines the process, making it easier to keep track of your progress and make adjustments accordingly.
One of the more significant benefits of SMM panels is an immediate effect. Unlike traditional marketing methods that take time to yield results, SMM panels provide instant gratification, which naked them an obvious go-to choice. Brands can quickly see an increase in likes, followers, and views, which helps establish credibility and build trust with their target audience.
At the same time, the best effort/result ratio is only attainable when referring to proven SMM service providers, e.g., SMM World and Smm World Panel. Providers with a proven track record have a greater chance of providing their clients with the level of success they aim at.
Last but not least, SMM panels also allow for targeting an audience more effectively. Companies can outline specific groups of people based on their interests, age, location, and more. This allows businesses to reach their core audience more effectively, increasing their chances of converting them into customers.
Emphasis on “reliable” and “proven track record”, but otherwise, can’t say I disagree with the presented premise.
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2023.06.06 15:05 bfrigo1994 Can’t stop loving this one!

Can’t stop loving this one!
Recently got this Poléne Numéro Neuf and I am completely in love with it! The size is perfect, the quality is great, and the color is beautiful!
I totally recommend this bag! However, mine is the mini bag (as I don’t like big/chunky bag).
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2023.06.06 15:05 sjsplumbing1 Electric Hot Water Installations In Melbourne

Electric Hot Water Installations In Melbourne
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SJS Plumbing is one of the leading companies who specialise in electric hot water system installations and repairs. Our specialist hot water installers can assist you with all your hot water system installations and repairs.We are available 24/7 to assist you with all your hot water needs.

Melbourne Electric Hot Water Installations

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Dramatically Lower Energy Costs

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Space-Saving Form Factors With An Electric Tankless Water Heater

At the end of the day, you're also going to be able to save quite a bit of space in your basement or in your utility closet by installing new tankless hot water systems in your property. If you'd like to get the job done right, just contact us here at SJS Plumbing and we will look after your electric hot water system repairs!
For any plumbing issue call us at, 0422 586 776
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2023.06.06 15:05 YouKnow_Flambeau A book for my dad who is always stressed out

Hi! I’m looking for a book for my dad (in his sixties) to give him for father’s day. He enjoys fiction, but nothing too “weird” - aka that one time I tried to get him to read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods ten years ago that he still brings up. I did convince him to read The Kingkiller Chronicles and he loved them. This definitely doesn’t need to be fantasy, and honestly probably better if it isn’t. Just an idea of what I’ve gotten him to enjoy and what was too much.
Looking for something that will catch him quickly but not stress him out. My mom had to make him stop watching Peaky Blinders because he would be so anxious during it. I read that The Wager by David Grann is supposed to be really good, but I am wondering if it will do the same thing?
He is a big fan of Louis Lamour and other westerns, and he is passionate about “adventure” and sailing. I’d especially love a book that I could read with him so we could discuss it together. I’m not very into westerns but enjoy most fiction - currently reading The Poisonwood Bible and recently finished Cloud Cuckoo Land, both of which I like a lot.
Thank you!!!
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2023.06.06 15:04 subredditsummarybot /r/NFL's top [Highlights] for the week of May 30 - June 05

Tuesday, May 30 - Monday, June 05


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4,991 437 comments [Highlight] Chris Johnson turns three touches into 217 yards and 3 TDs, including a play where the Texans leave him completely uncovered (2009)
4,498 625 comments [Highlight] Today marks 98 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember when Sam Hubbard scored on this 98 yard fumble return for a TD in last season’s AFC Wild Card game against the Ravens. It is the longest fumble recovery for a TD in NFL playoffs history. Bengals win, 24-17.
4,267 449 comments [Highlight] Jakobi Meyers Laterals To Chandler Jones For A Game Winning Touchdown
3,045 267 comments [Highlight] After a Falcons TD, Eric Berry gets a Pick 2 off Matt Ryan to put the Chiefs back in the lead (2016)
2,075 285 comments [Highlight] Rookie QB Troy Aikman, in the process of being giga-fucked by Cardinals LB Anthony Bell, delivers an absolute peach to WR James Dixon for the 75 yard TD.
1,829 107 comments [Highlight] Deebo Samuel turns a loss into a 51 yard gain
1,589 153 comments [Highlight] Today marks 96 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember the 96 yard and 101 kickoff returns for a TD by Nyheim Hines against the Patriots last season. This was the first game back for the Bills since the injury of Damar Hamlin. Bills win, 35-23.
1,498 116 comments [Highlight] Dolphins Guard Robert Hunt's amazing effort for the touchdown . But the touchdown was called back for ineligible receiver downfield. Maybe the greatest ineligible receiver play ever ?
1,486 203 comments [Highlight] Week 6 of 1990, Jerry Rice goes off against the Falcons and CB Charles Dimry, catching 13 passes for 225 yards and an NFL record 5 touchdowns.
1,478 183 comments [Highlight] Marcus Jones outscores both the Jets and Patriots offenses in one play for a game winning punt return 2022
1,221 286 comments [Highlight] Calvin Johnson Vs Randy Moss - Top 50 Of Each
1,187 157 comments [Highlight] Today marks 99 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember this 99 yard pick 6 by the rookie Jaylen Watson against the Chargers last year. Chiefs win, 27-24.
973 264 comments [Highlight] Chiefs Intercept Brady to Seal the 2018 AFC Championship- BUT Dee Ford was Offside. Patriots win 37-31 en route to 6th Super Bowl Championship.
924 77 comments [Highlight] Today marks 95 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember this 95 yard kickoff return for a TD by Cordarrelle Patterson against the Bears back in 2018. Patriots win, 38-31.
858 125 comments [Highlight] Today marks 94 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember when Martavis Bryant burnt the Bengals defense on this 94 yard touchdown back in 2014. Steelers win, 42-21.
813 84 comments [Highlight] Today marks 97 days until the 2023 NFL Season Starts! Let’s remember this 97 yard kickoff return for a TD by Kene Nwangwu against the Patriots on Thanksgiving last year. Vikings win, 33-26.
643 235 comments [Highlight] A very injured Justin Herbert throws an absolute dime on 4th down.
594 122 comments [Highlight] Where’s Ricky Sanders?
548 143 comments [Highlight] Carl Nassib's strip sack in OT sets up the game winning TD.
548 75 comments [Highlight] Diontae Johnson makes an insane one-handed grab down the sideline in OT against the Bengals.
516 49 comments [Highlight] Frustrated Dallas secondary attempts to stop the “Fun Bunch” from celebrating in the end zone
505 56 comments (Highlight) Jared Allen makes the incredible one-handed sack while being smothered by an Offensive Lineman

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639 34 comments [OC] Play by play analysts can never actually take the time to explain what outside zone is while calling a game, so I made this to help folks understand why every single team in the NFL runs it constantly


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1,870 444 comments [OC] Analysis of NFL Mascots (2023 Update)

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5,500 seafoamstratocaster said Russ didn't want to hear the cuss words from the crowd.
4,890 ineedahaircutbadly said But Matt Damon told me fortune favors the brave
4,557 Twittenhouse said "Aaron Rodgers is the pretty girl that you gotta tell her she’s pretty every day" - Charles Barkley
4,548 grodges1 said > The legislation will retire $377 million in outstanding stadium bonds for Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium by the end of June — wiping out debt scheduled to be paid off in 2046 and saving Minnesota ta...
3,596 HedJoyer said There was a timeline where I didn't have to watch like 6 Broncos primetime games? Take me there
3,384 HelpfulPhotograph185 said Mahomes is clearly a man who lives with a toddler. Those were the moves of a seasoned parent, always ready to stop chaos at a moment’s notice in public.
3,341 ZachTrillson said wake up babe new packers rodgers beef just dropped
3,285 MrSuperfreak said "And he's also a pretty good passer."
3,263 MatchewRolex said Seattle vs. Pats in 2015 That final play was the first domino in allowing Matt Patricia to become head coach of the Lions
2,699 Roger--Smith said Next time, they might consider investing in something a little less volatile, like stadium nacho cheese futures.

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7,612 - 515 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote [Misleading] [Front Office Sports] "The Minnesota Vikings have paid off their debt on U.S. Bank Stadium 23 years early — a move that will save Minnesota taxpayers $226 million in interest."
5,518 - 504 comments 1 Evil Cackle [Leslie] As of today, June 2, 2023, it has been 10,000 days since the Dallas Cowboys last played in an NFC Championship Game.

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1 Gold, 1 Take My Energy, 1 Eureka! 476 ThatGuyWithaReason said Gute will forever be the clown who drafted Rodgers replacement just for him to win back to back MVPs i’d want him fired as well. Packers fans siding with Gute to this day is crazy lmao
1 Gold, 1 Kiss 198 PerseusACluster said Hard not to root for Trask after witnessing his sacrifice aboard the Endar Spire
1 Take My Energy, 1 Starry 142 ThadtheYankee159 said One with the Vikings or Bills XIX cause of Marino Finally, XXXVI, to potentially butterfly away the Patriots dynasty.
1 Silver 949 whereegosdare84 said "It's an absolute pleasure to see, he's even taken it upon himself to introduce himself to everyone in the neighborhood and tell them a little about himself so they know where he is at all times."
1 Ally 181 notmoleliza said Come to Beşiktaş
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2023.06.06 15:04 koola_00 Five Nights at Freddy's Danger at Home Chapter 6: Aftermath

It was only a matter of time before police officers and ambulances arrived.
Freddy had been deactivated prior and was thus taken away by local authorities for examination. However, the entitled woman was taken to the ambulance, her jaw nearly torn off, only barely hanging on.
While Freddy and the women were taken away, Carlton, Jessica, and Marla were checked on by the Chief of Hurricane's Police Department and Carlton's dad, Clay Burke.
"Hm. You really should be careful with what you say to others, Carlton. The worst you'll probably get is a small bruise," he muttered as he gave a small ice pack to Carlton. Carlton nodded.
"Yeah. Though after seeing what Freddy did to that poor Karen (something I'd never thought I'd say), I'd rather have a bruised cheek. I mean, damn; he tore that thing off like a machine ripping apart a watermelon," shivered Carlton. Jessica and Marla, who were nearby, groaned and shivered.
"Well that just was just unnecessary, Carlton," groaned Jessica.
"Yeah, really, man. Jason doesn't need to be reminded of that scene," added Marla as she held Jason close to her while Jason looked quite traumatized by what he had seen. Clay shook his head.
"I never thought I'd be apart of anything related to that damn company again after what happen ten years ago. Speaking of which, where did Freddy come from? Do you know who owns him?" he asked, a look of concern on his face.
The three teens searched for someone before Carlton saw Charlie walking back to them, holding Edward close to her.
"Oh, there's Charlie!" pointed out Carlton. The girls and Clay looked back and smiled in relief before they got up and got to her.
"Charlie! There you are!" Marla greeted. Charlie looked up and replied,
"Oh, hey. Sorry for running off like that. I-I don't know what came over me, I-I was-"
But Jessica placed a hand on her shoulder. Charlie looked at her, seeing a smile on her face.
"It's okay, Charlie. You were just looking out for Edward here. Speaking of which, are you okay, buddy?" she explained before looking at Edward. Edward looked at her and curled himself back, away from her. The three frowned, and Jessica backed away.
"Oh, that's right. You're still scared of me," sighed Jessica.
"Wait, Jessica. Don't-" Charlie began, but Jessica shook her head.
"It's okay, Charlie. I don't want to give him more stress than he already has. It's fine," she assured. Charlie and Marla frowned at this as Clay approached them.
"Ah, Charlie. It's been a while since I last saw you. How are you?" he asked with a small smile. Charlie shrugged.
"I-I could be better. I just…" she said, looking at Edward, who looked up at her. Clay hummed.
"I know. Is he with you?" he asked. Charlie nodded.
"I'm babysitting him while his parents are away in Dubai. Why?" she asked.
"Oh, I see. Well, I just wanted to know who's responsible for bringing that Freddy robot," answered Clay. Charlie frowned as she felt Edward shivering a bit. She gently rubbed his back as she answered,
"It was his parents. They volunteered for the Fazbear Funtime Service. They left by the time Freddy was delivered here."
"Hm. I see. Hey, Charlie, I hate to do this, but do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions regarding how you and Freddy?" he asked. Charlie nodded.
"O-Of course," she said. Clay nodded before looking at Edward.
"Um…without the kid, preferably?" he reminded. Charlie frowned but nodded. She then looked at Marla.
"Hey, can you-" she began, but Marla nodded.
"Of course. Come on, Edward," she cooed as Charlie began to hand him over. Edward whimpered, but Charlie looked at him.
"It's okay, Eddie. I've got to answer some questions, but I promise I won't be far. I'll be back before you know it, okay?" she assured. While unsure, Edward nodded.
"O-Okay," he muttered. Charlie smiled as she ruffled his hair before handing him over to Marla. Edward looked at Charlie, who smiled at him before Clay took her away.
"It's okay, sweet pea. Mr. Burke's a good man; he won't hurt Charlie or any of us," she assured as she sat back down, holding Edward close.
"Yeah, man! Plus, he's my dad, too. So, he couldn't, otherwise, my mom would, uh, kill him," added Carlton with a shrug, chuckling in his attempt to joke around. However, Edward was not in the mood to joke around. He was looking down at the ground. Marla, Jessica, and Carlton frowned while Jason scooted closer, gently taking Edward's left hand and squeezing it tightly. Edward responded by meekly tightening his hold.
"Edward! Edward!"
Edward blinked at a familiar little girl's voice. He looked to his left to see Cassie rushing to them. He watched as Cassie soon got to them.
"Are you okay?" she asked. Edward frowned and looked down.
"I-I don't know, Cassie. I…" he began, but he found himself unable to speak. Marla gently squeezed him in assurance.
"Cassie, sweetie. I-I don't think he's in the mood to talk right now," she insisted. Cassie frowned as she looked down.
"I-I'm sorry. I just wanted to see if he and Jason are okay," she explained. Jason and Edward looked at her, the former giving a smile.
"Well, physically, we're fine. But everything else…I dunno," Jason retorted. Cassie nodded in understanding before Edward lifted his head slightly.
"A-Are you okay?" he asked. Cassie looked at him and nodded.
"Yeah. I'm fine. Just…that was scary," Cassie replied, looking away. Edward nodded in agreement, and the kids remained quiet before Cassie looked at Edward and Jason again.
"I…I've gotta go. But I hope we can see each other again. Especially you, Edward. I like you," she said, smiling softly. Jason and Edward smiled back, and the latter responded by raising his left fist. Cassie giggled and bumped Edward's fist with his own.
"Bye, Cassie," said Edward.
"Yeah. Hope we see you again soon," added Jason.
"I hope so, too. Bye!" Cassie giggled softly before she turned around and sped off. Edward and Jason smiled slightly as they watched her before the former looked down, regressing to his thoughts.
Jessica, Carlton, and Marla watched the whole thing, and they had smiles on their faces.
"Well, I guess this day hasn't been all 'doom-and-gloom'," chuckled Carlton. Jessica nodded as Marla gently rubbed Edward's back.
"Yeah. Lord knows he needs it after what happened," confided Jessica, making Carlton nod in agreement.
Soon, Charlie returned with Chief Burke.
"*sigh* Alright. Now, you guys are good to go. But if you all notice anything, let me know immediately. Understood?" he instructed. The teens nodded in understanding as Marla got up. Edward looked at Charlie and immediately reached for her. Marla noticed and stood up.
"How's everything, Charles?" asked Marla as she handed Edward over to her.
"It's fine. He just asked questions about how Freddy worked, whether he had been acting strange beforehand, and stuff like that," replied Charlie as she took the boy before sighing. She looked at the crowd, who were starting to disperse.
"I should probably head back. This day got really sour and I still need to process everything that happened," she said. The others understood this.
"Yeah. I'm taking Jason back to our hotel for the same reasons," Marla explained as she took Jason's hand.
"I need to distract myself to cope better. Plus, I think mom needs help with housework," reasoned Carlton.
"Me…I'm just gonna walk around. I wish you guys well," finished Jessica as she looked at them with a caring smile. Charlie nodded as Edward looked at her, still unsure about her.
Later, Charlie returned to Edward's house, setting the boy down on the floor. She closed the door and sighed as Edward stepped forward. Then she looked at him.
"Hey, Eddie. How are you feeling, buddy?" she asked. Edward did not turn to look at her. He just looked down at the floor.
"I…I wanna be alone right now. C-Can I stay in your room, please?" Edward asked. Charlie raised a brow momentarily before remembering his room was filled with Freddy-themed merchandise. She nodded and placed a hand on his back.
"Sure. If you need anything, let me know. Okay, honey?" asked Charlie.
"...Mmhmm," went Edward before walking up the stairs, leaving Charlie alone.
"I-I'll be in the living room," she called out.
"Okay…" Edward replied as Charlie sat down. She looked at the spot where Freddy once was and sighed.
Vmm. Vmm. Vmm.
Charlie raised a brow and fished out her phone from her pocket. She then grew exacerbated as she recognized the phone number. Charlie then pressed the number and began talking.
"Good timing for you to call, Vanessa," she began sarcastically.
"I am SO sorry for not answering. I-I've been so busy with work that I never got the time to answer," Vanessa's voice emitted from the phone, sounding rather desperate and apologetic.
"Hm. What could possibly have been going on at work to make it more important than what's happening with the damn robots?!" asked Charlie.
"Ugh, look, it doesn't matter; I'm here now and can help with whatever you have. I've got your voicemail, and it mentions Freddy being able to move when it's not supposed to. Right?" asked Vanessa. While she was talking, Charlie was taking deep breaths to calm herself. When she was finished, Charlie nodded and gulped.
"Yes, that's correct. What's with that?" she asked. After a brief pause, Vanessa replied,
"Oh no," she began before Charlie heard incoherent mumbling as Vanessa seemed to have moved away from the phone. She had an eyebrow raised, wondering what Vanessa meant by that.
When Vanessa returned, she asked,
"Have you turned on the Controlled Shock feature while Freddy was deactivated?"
"E-E…Emergency mode?" asked Charlie.
"Yes. I told you that there's a button for the feature in Freddy's endoskeleton and that by turning on, you can use the Fazbear Funtime Service app to shock the robot into temporarily shutting down and forcing a reboot," explained Vanessa. Charlie blinked in confusion.
"Y-You never told me this," she reasoned.
"Yes. I did! Back when I first brought him here. Were you not paying attention?!" berated Vanessa.
Charlie's eyes widened as she realized; back when Vanessa first brought Freddy here yesterday, she explained how the animatronic worked. But she was so focused on Freddy being at the house…
"Shit," went Charlie as she ran her hand through her hair.
"Charlie. Did something else happen today with Freddy?" asked Vanessa. Charlie gulped and explained. When she was done, Charlie could hear a thumping sound, making her flinch her head back.
"Um, hello?" she asked. There was a shuffling sound before Vanessa replied,
"I know. I know. I'm sorry. I just," Charlie went as she began to panic, wishing her friends were here.
"That woman may be an entitled bitch, but…ugh!" went Vanessa before the line went quiet for what felt like forever. Charlie winced as she looked at the ground, contemplating the stupidity of her not paying attention and how it cost her.
"Vanessa. I'm very sorry. I-" she began before,
"I know. It's not ENTIRELY your fault. The programmers at the company had spent half a year ensuring everything was alright. We had a problem with a virus a year or two ago, and we had it solved. But the animatronics do show signs of their 'quirkiness' for a lack of a better word, and we installed that feature in just to be safe," confided Vanessa. Charlie blinked in confusion.
"Yo-You've had this problem before?" asked Charlie.
"I-I can't elaborate more. Classified info, and I'm already risking my job by telling you. But yeah," Vanessa elaborated.
"Oh," went Charlie as she placed a hand on her forehead. After another short pause, Vanessa asked,
"You said Freddy's in custody already?"
"Yeah. Why?" replied Charlie.
"*sigh* I'm sure the company's gonna do everything in their power to retrieve it. Listen, just…just stay away from Freddy. With what you've told me, anything can…" began Vanessa before there was another pause.
"Uh, h-hello? Vanessa, are you there?" asked Charlie, straightening herself up as she grew concerned. After a brief period, Vanessa finally replied,
"Sorry. I spilled something on the desk; I have to clean it up. I hope you and Edward take care of yourselves."
"Uh, what? But you said something about staying away-" began Charlie.
"Forget I said that. Freddy's locked up; that's all that matters now. Just…take care of yourself and the little guy. Okay?" interrupted Vanessa. Charlie paused and grew unsure. But she nodded.
"A-Alright. Take care, and I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention," Charlie said. But Vanessa did not respond. She hung up while she was talking. With a sigh, Charlie placed the phone on the sofa and covered her face. Her hands then quivered as she began to whimper.
Shit, shit, shit…what have I done? Charlie thought as she sat by herself, sniffling.
Later, Charlie walked over to her guest room, knocked on the door, and went inside.
"Hey, Edward? Edward?" asked Charlie as she looked into the room, realizing that Edward's nowhere to be found. Her brief moment of alarm was, thankfully, diffused when she heard from beneath the bed,
"I'm here."
Charlie sighed in relief and went down on all fours to look underneath the bed. Edward was back facing her as he curled up in a ball. Charlie winced at him doing this as a memory from ten years ago came back into her mind when she remembered Sammy being so upset that…
I've GOT to stop thinking about Sammy, she thought to herself as Charlie reached forward.
"Come out of there, buddy. It's not comfortable," she instructed.
"But I wanna stay here. I'm playing pretend," replied Edward.
"Pretend? What are you pretending to be, or do?" persisted Charlie as she tilted her head in confusion. Edward did not reply. Charlie remained confused before she remembered the playground. She hummed as she sat down, back pressed against the bed.
"You know, Eddie. There's another way you can pretend you're in a safe space. More comfortable," she said.
"W-What?" answered Edward. Charlie hummed as she thought of an idea. She then looked down.
"If you come out, I'll show you," she insisted. There was silence for a moment before Edward could be heard shuffling. Soon, he slugged out and looked up at Charlie. Charlie smiled as she soon stood up and undid the cover of her bed. She looked at her and gestured to the bed. Edward looked confused, but he complied and crawled into it. Charlie took off her boots as she followed him, enveloping themselves in the cover.
"See? Comfortable, isn't it?" she asked with an assuring smile. Edward looked around, inspecting the surroundings. Then, he looked at Charlie.
"It's like being in a tent in a forest or jungle," mused Edward, and Charlie could see a faint glimpse of something in Edward's eyes. Something positive, it seemed. Smiling, she scooted closer to Edward, and that was when Edward looked at her.
"Miss Charlie?" he asked.
"Hm?" she asked.
"I…I'm sorry,"
Charlie blinked in confusion.
"For what?" she asked.
"You…you were right about Freddy. You said he made you uncomfortable. I let him inside. It's…It's…" whimpered Edward. Charlie frowned as she scooted closer and placed a hand on his cheek.
"Edward, no. Don't blame yourself for this. I-I'm the one who's at fault," she said. Edward looked at her, and Charlie continued,
"When Miss Vanessa brought him inside, she mentioned a feature inside that would stop Freddy from acting violent, as they had problems with that before. B-But I wasn't paying attention, and that's how you almost died, and that woman might never talk again. So the blame's on me. Okay?"
She cupped their hands together as she explained, her voice quivering as she held in tears. Edward looked at her, stunned by what she said. Charlie stared at him, holding in her cries. Then, Edward responded by tightening his hold on her hands affectionately.
"You were scared of Freddy," he explained. Charlie shook her head.
"That's no excuse. I…I needed to be more responsible. And starting now, I'm gonna do my best to be better," she explained. Edward looked at her, seeing the determined look on her face, before scooting forward.
"Miss Charlie. Promise me you won't leave me. C-Cassidy's hardly around, and Freddy…" he paused, looking down sadly. Charlie gently picked him up and placed him on her legs.
"Honey, put your ears on my chest. I want you to listen to something," she instructed. Edward did so, and he heard a rhythmic beating inside. He blinked as he gave a soft smile.
"I heard this before when mommy hugged me. She says it's something called uh…hmm…I forgot," he mumbled.
"It's called a heartbeat, Eddie. And you wanna know something important about it?" went Charlie. Edward looked up as he listened to the heartbeat.
"I don't know anything about a 'Cassidy,' and Freddy…well, that Freddy's a machine. But when you listen to this heartbeat…as long as you hear this heartbeat, I won't leave you. You can trust me," she explained as she held him close, gently rocking him sideways. She then looked down to see Edward looking at her with a hopeful smile, which warmed her heart. Charlie held him close, and Edward leaned into her body.
After a moment of silence, Edward looked up at her and smiled.
"You're the best, Charlie. Oh, I mean Miss," he stuttered, but Charlie placed a thumb on his lip.
"It's okay. If it makes you more comfortable, then you can drop the 'Miss.' I don't mind," she assured. Edward smiled and nodded before looking away.
"You're nice. You and your friends…including Miss Jessica," he replied with a slight frown. Charlie nodded.
"Actually, I've been meaning to talk to you about Jessica. She told me about what you told her and the others. Is it true that you're scared of her because of what your father said?" she asked.
"Mmhm. But after seeing how she was earlier, I…I don't know now," Edward admitted.
"Uh-huh. Well, Edward, I want you to know; while Jessica may have been a brat when she was little, she's an amazing person now. I've followed her online, and she's one of the sweetest, smartest, and most selfless friends I've ever had. She's also forgiving (mainly to those whom she feels deserves it), so the next time you see her, please give her a chance. Can you do that?" explained Charlie with a pleading smile.
Edward looked down and rubbed his nose.
"Will she let me? Can I still be friends with her?" he asked, unsure.
"Of course, baby. I trust her and my other friends, so I'm sure you can, too," replied Charlie as she gently booped him in the nose, making Edward giggle. Charlie laughed as well as she then asked,
"Are you feeling better now? Do you wanna come out of the tent?"
Edward nodded. Charlie smiled as she removed the cover, exposing them to the sunlight and making Edward wince briefly.
"Can we watch cartoons?" he asked.
"Of course. I think I have something in my mind that you're gonna LOVE!" Charlie said as she picked him up and walked out of the room.
For Charlie and Edward, this was a period of calm that they deserved. But they do not know of the storm coming their way…
AN: Hey, everyone!
Another chapter of this story is out of the way. It's a bit of a slow burner, but I promise; the next one will definitely pick up! Also, I made a change in this and the last chapter regarding one of the characters to accommodate the release of the Ruin gameplay trailer.
Speaking of which, we ate GOOD last month with the trailers for the FNAF movie, the Ruin gameplay trailer, and Help Wanted 2. Not to mention Scott's birthday yesterday (at the time of my writing this (Happy Belated Birthday, Scott!)), so this year has been good for FNAF. Looking forward to all of these future games!
Also, the lore reveals with the recent TFPP books…good thing I'm not too deep into this and my SB fanfics, so I can still adjust to them! Hehehe…
Well, anyway…that's all I've got to say! Hope you enjoy it, leave any respectful and constructive criticisms if you have any, and stick around for more!
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2023.06.06 15:04 Tulipgarden_s Paranormal Romances with PoC— I will take anything!

Does anyone know of any paranormal romances with poc? I have been reading PNR since I was a preteen and sadly to say, I don’t think one book has ever featured a PoC FMC or MMC.
I used to work in a mall as a teen and I’d go into the bookstore on my lunch breaks and head right to the PNR section. But I actually stopped reading for a few years because every book I picked up was a ginger pale FMC and it got incredibly tiring after a while to only see characters like me relegated as the “mocha skinned” cashier or “feisty” Latina sidekick who strangely only speaks Spanish like a google translator.
It’s honestly something I’ve been thinking about for years 😓. Idk, as a young girl without much guidance from my parents, my books were my life and in them, poc (me) didn’t even really exist….
So please, drop the titles of your faves, it means a lot more to me than you probably know💕🥺
And if they’re older (before 2014) that’s perfect bc I love the writing of that time but I really will take anything you can think of 🥺
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2023.06.06 15:03 gyunite Visanne changes my menstrual cycle

I've been taking visanne since almost 2 years now but suddenly it affect my menstrual cycle, like if i keep taking it i wont get my period so i stop taking it for one or two days, then after i get my period and start taking it again, the period won't stop? Is someone experiencing this too? What do i need to do?
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2023.06.06 15:03 GoldenPSP Apps and showing extensions

Hey all,
I've become a fan of edge in the last couple of years. I especially enjoy using the apps feature for some of our web based tools that I use frequently.
One change that happened, actually a bit ago, that I miss is showing extensions. At one point I could show extensions at the top of the app like they show in the main browser. At some point that stopped working. This means every time I need to access an extension I have to click the 3 dots then go to extensions. Even then the extension only pops onto the bar for one interaction and then disappears again.
Does anyone know how to get the functionality back to show those?
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2023.06.06 15:03 Infinite-Hospital-98 Nose gel or foam pads

Does anyone have any experience with some of of these to stop the discomfort of the glasses weight on the bridge of your nose - Maybe with or without the lens inserts? Maybe send a link of ones bought so I can try the same.
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2023.06.06 15:02 Techno-Turtle Petrol Bunk Scams?

Hi peeps! So this happened to me at one of my recent visit to a petrol bunk.
I asked the guy to fill the petrol for 1200. He showed me the 0, and started filling. He stopped at 200 and said its done, to which i reiterated saying i requested 1200. He said he didn't hear me, and that he will fill the remaining 1000. (Mind you, this has happened to me a couple of times, and i knew what was going to happen next).
Exactly as he said he would fill for 1000, someone with the paying machine comes to swipe my card. The other guy continues to fill and stops at 1000. I told him he was supposed to fill 1200 to which he replies he filled 200 first, and 1000 later (he never reset the meter and actually continued from 200). This basically means I end up paying 1200 for 1000rs worth petrol.
So in case this happens with you, ask the guy to give a receipt out of the petrol dispenser, and you can clearly see the amounts for which the petrol was filled. I had just one record for1000, and not 2 (one for 200 and other for 1000) as the guy was claiming.
This has happened to me multiple multiple times around multiple different areas. Anyone else faced this issue?
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2023.06.06 15:02 SuspiciousParsnip5 Rant about my issues with 23.04

Before I begin I would like to note that I haven't checked if these bugs/issues have been reported to the Ubuntu bug tracker. This is just a general rant about the issues I currently have.
As they are a source of common problems I will mention the extension I have enabled are - Clipboard History(26) - Freon (52)
Issues that I think are specific to Ubuntu (Or Gnome)
- I cannot click on some window title bars that are not currently selected to make them the top selected window (Bring them to focus). An example of this would be I currently have Chrome open and on top in focus. If I click on the title bar of PHPStorm or MySQL Workbench it will not bring that window to the front or select it. If I click on the contents on MySQL Workbench (Somewhere inside the app) it will select it and bring it to the front. This will work if I click and slightly drag the title bar which gets frustrating - In the list view of the files I cannot ctrl-click to select multiple files, Shift-click works fine and it also seems to work ok in the icon(tiled) view - When in files If I select a couple of files and hit the delete key on the keyboard, I get the little notification at the bottom of the files window saying e.g "2 files deleted" but the files remain in view until I refresh the window (I use F5). This seems to happen in both list and grid view - KDENLive has been broken since I upgraded to 23.04, All drag-and-drop features in the app do not work. From what I've heard from the bug report I found on KDENLive this is to do with Ubuntus implementation of Mutter (Which is apparently already fixed but they haven't released it yet)
I have an annoying startup procedure on my laptop which I find annoying, I don't think this has anything to do with Ubuntu but it is still annoying (Dell XPS 9520)
  1. Open the laptop lid, Turn the laptop on, and Close the laptop lid (I use only external screens when at the desk)
  2. Log in
  3. Exit teams (I know I could stop the auto start on teams)
  4. Unplug my Blue microphone, and Plug blue microphone back in (Sound and mic do not work until this is done although the device shows up as working)
  5. Go into sounds and make sure that the microphone is being used
  6. One screen will go blank (This can happen at any time after startup) so I then have to open the laptop lid wait until it has figured itself out (As if I've just plugged another screen in), and Close the lid again (This will restore the screens)
  7. press alt+f2 and type r and enter (Scaling is all messed up after "Laptop screen was plugged in" as it is HiDPI
  8. Start working

Just needed to get all this off my chest, Been using 23.04 since its stable release and these are the frustrations I have with it

I'd like to finish off by saying thank you for all of the hard work developing Ubuntu.
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2023.06.06 15:02 influxinfotechagra How to Experience the Best of India’s Golden Triangle

How to Experience the Best of India’s Golden Triangle
India is a land of diversity, culture and history. One of the most popular ways to explore this fascinating country is by taking a Golden Triangle tour package that covers the three iconic cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These cities form a virtual triangle on the map of India and offer a glimpse into the rich heritage, architecture and lifestyle of India.
Delhi: The Capital City
Delhi is the starting point of most Golden Triangle tours. It is a city that blends the ancient and the modern, the chaotic and the serene. Delhi has something for everyone, whether you are interested in history, religion, art or cuisine.
Some of the must-see attractions in Delhi are:
· Qutub Minar: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the tallest brick minaret in the world. It was built in the 12th century by the first Muslim rulers of India and showcases the Islamic architecture and art.
· Lotus Temple: A stunning white marble structure shaped like a lotus flower. It is a Baháʼí House of Worship that welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds to meditate and pray in its tranquil halls.
· India Gate: A majestic archway that commemorates the Indian soldiers who died in World War I and other wars. It is surrounded by lush gardens and fountains and is a popular spot for picnics and leisure.
· Parliament House: The seat of the Indian democracy and one of the largest parliamentary buildings in the world. It is a circular building with a domed roof and a colonnaded facade that reflects the British colonial influence.
· Rashtrapati Bhavan: The official residence of the President of India and one of the most impressive buildings in Delhi. It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and has 340 rooms, 37 fountains, 227 columns and a vast Mughal garden.
Agra: The City of Love
Agra is the next stop on the Golden Triangle tour package. It is home to one of the most famous monuments in the world: the Taj Mahal. This white marble mausoleum was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal and is a symbol of eternal love.
The Taj Mahal is not the only attraction in Agra. You can also visit:
· Agra Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a massive red sandstone fort that was once the residence of the Mughal emperors. It has several palaces, mosques, gardens and halls that showcase the Mughal architecture and art.
· Itmad-ud-Daulah: A beautiful tomb that is also known as the Baby Taj because of its resemblance to the Taj Mahal. It was built by Nur Jahan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir, for her father Mirza Ghiyas Beg. It is one of the first examples of using pietra dura (inlay work) on white marble.
· Fatehpur Sikri: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a deserted city that was once the capital of Emperor Akbar. It is a masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture and has several monuments such as Buland Darwaza (the highest gateway in India), Jama Masjid (one of the largest mosques in India) and Panch Mahal (a five-storey palace).
Jaipur: The Pink City
Jaipur is the final destination on the Golden Triangle tour package. It is the capital of Rajasthan, a state known for its royal history, colorful culture and desert landscape. Jaipur is called the Pink City because of its pink-colored buildings that were painted to welcome Prince Albert in 1876.
Some of the highlights of Jaipur are:
· Amber Fort: A magnificent hilltop fort that overlooks the Maota Lake. It was built by Raja Man Singh I in 1592 and has several courtyards, palaces, temples and gardens that reflect the Rajput and Mughal styles.
· Hawa Mahal: A stunning palace that is also known as the Palace of Winds because of its 953 windows that allow air circulation. It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799 for his royal ladies to watch the street activities without being seen.
· City Palace: A sprawling complex that was the seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur. It has several buildings, courtyards, museums and gardens that display the royal artifacts, costumes, weapons and paintings.
· Jantar Mantar: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and an astronomical observatory that was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1734. It has 19 instruments that measure time, sun, moon and planets with remarkable accuracy.
How to Book a Golden Triangle Tour Package
A Golden Triangle tour package is a great way to experience the best of India in a short time. You can book a tour package online or through a travel agent. You can choose from different options such as:
· The duration of the tour (usually 3 to 6 days)
· The type of accommodation (from budget to luxury)
· The mode of transport (from car to train to flight)
· The inclusion of meals and guides
· The addition of other destinations (such as Varanasi, Ranthambore, Udaipur, etc.)
A Golden Triangle tour package is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the wonders of India. Don’t miss it!
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2023.06.06 15:02 porky754 I need serious help understading my situation

I'm was taking 2-fma almost every 2 days for studying purposes, one day i Mixed it with another strange substance called 4f-mph. this happened 1/2 months ago.
(about those substances, basically, they are respectively the fluorinated form of adderall and ritalin I use those because in my country even the regular prescription drugs are illegal and difficult to find.)
by The way, the day i Mixed 2fma with 4fmph was basically the end of my life. I started having compulsive behaviours, i became aggressive, i feel like I cant think straight anymore. I still take 2fma to help me study, but no more than twice a week, also with a much smaller dose and a 2 week stop.
I still feel like i lost control over my life.
am I experiencing problems caused by the drug or is something else? do you think I should stop completely or think the dosages I'm currently on won't affect me greatly? (im talking about, 20mg equivalent of adderall twice a week)
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2023.06.06 15:02 IaProc [First of Our Kind] - Chapter 31 - Part III

When Quin awoke the next morning to his alarm, he felt drained. He hated the mornings when he slept soundly through the night only to awaken feeling like he needed to go back to bed. Judging from Mae’s puffy eyes and the downcast look on her face, she felt the same way. They woke up the same way they had gone to sleep, Mae’s head resting on Quin’s chest. He surmised that this was a heavy night’s rest, no tossing and turning. Mae gave him a quick squeeze of a hug, and then swung herself upright, sitting on the edge of the bed. She then got up and trotted over to the sink, splashing water on her face and massaging her eyes. Her short hair and habit of wearing it wildly meant that her bed head gave her a natural mohawk, fitting for her style. Wiping her face down, she returned to the bed and sat down next to Quin, who had begun to make his effort to get up. They sat side by side silently, relishing the quiet offered by Quin’s chamber.
“C’mon, breakfast,” Mae said, pushing herself up off the bed using Quin’s shoulder. “Maybe we can beat the crowd?”
Quin sluggishly stood up and strode toward the door behind Mae, unsure how and if he wanted to greet the day. As they exited the room, several officers from different sections eyed them suspiciously with sly grins. Mae seemingly ignored everyone, though Quin couldn’t help noticing some passers-by with a nervous glance. They strode through the corridors, heading toward the cafeteria. As they were entering, Quin stole a glance around and immediately saw Pepper, surrounded by a few of her Military crew as well as Liza. He felt a tug on his sleeve and saw Mae’s head inclined in the opposite direction. He followed her away from that group and sat down with her at a bench on the perimeter of the room. He must have looked glum as he sat down, because Mae leaned over the table to whisper to him.
“Hey, don’t worry, I’m positive the rumors will die down soon,” she said reassuringly.
“It’s not just that,” he said as he tapped the tablet at the end of his table and a tray of food shot out across the table to land in front of him. “Pepper didn’t seem to be interested in talking to me.”
“Oh,” Mae said stiffly. “What did she do?”
“Well, nothing really, I don’t think she even saw me come in,” Quin admitted. “But I haven’t spoken to her since we got back, not even with a message. And I’m sure that the rumors aren’t helping.”
“Yeah, plus you came in with me,” Mae sighed.
“Well, uh, what do you mean?” Quin asked.
“Liza and me breaking up is going to do you no favors with Pepper, Quin,” Mae said, rolling her eyes.
Quin sighed and glanced over at Pepper’s table. Her head was down, exchanging with Liza and the rest of the people gathered in the group. She wasn’t even stealing a look over at Mae, let alone Quin. He grew a little more worried. He tried a few bites of his food but found that amount was about all that he could stomach. Mae was similarly not eating much. He pushed his tray away and leaned back, head tilted fully backward, staring at the ceiling. After sighing deeply, he swung out of the bench and stood up.
“Well, there’s no delaying it. I should get to the lab. You’ll be okay?” he said, looking at Mae. She gave him a weak smile and a wave.
“Meet me here for dinner?” she asked.
“Definitely, seven o’clock,” he nodded and turned, making toward the double doors. He purposefully avoided looking anywhere around the cafeteria, though he did feel eyes following him as he made his exit. I’d give anything to have an invisibility cloak, he thought. Just as he got to the door, the moment of relief at his fingertips as they whisked open, he heard a shout from behind him over the din.
“Quin! Hey QUIN!” came a higher voice. He looked around over his shoulder and saw Pepper coming straight at him at a brisk pace. She slid to a stop in front of him. “Hey, can we talk?” Her head was inclined toward the open doors, indicating that she meant privately.
He acquiesced and followed her as she walked out through the doors. They kept walking down the corridor, silent, not looking at each other but both seeming to be searching for a moment when a third party wouldn’t be around to interrupt them. Finally, after a few minutes of aimless walking, Pepper turned toward him and asked, “Where are you headed?”
“Um, research section, I’ve got lab the first shift,” he said, thumb over his shoulder pointing down one pathway.
“Oh okay, I’m this way,” she said pointing in a different direction.
“Okay,” he said, falling silent. He didn’t know what Pepper was going to say, and was hesitant to start lest he assume she was mad, or upset, or confused, and he would in turn put his foot in his mouth. You’ve got to say something though, he thought, the silence has been too long.
“So, um, I, uh,” she said suddenly. “I heard about what happened with Nova.” Her eyes were boring into his, the deep brown color making him feel like he was filled with ice. Her tone, however, seemed to show more warmth than he was expecting.
“Yeah, um—" he said, nervously clutching the back of his right arm with his left hand. “Yeah, I imagine that’s gotten around already, the way this ship is.”
“I can’t imagine how stressful that must be. Was Fuentes pissed?” she asked. Again, her eyes said coldness but her tone was almost gentle.
“Like you wouldn’t believe. Nova’s on full lock down. I’m surprised I’m not as well, though there aren’t a lot of places around the ship I’d like to go right now. I think everyone is mad at me. Not just Fuentes. Save for maybe Mae.”
“Yeah…” Pepper said, stopping short of continuing. There was another steady pause between them as they both looked around anywhere but at each other.
“Shame about what happened between her and Liza, right?” Quin offered nervously, hoping that they could just break the tension and put it to rest.
“Yeah, they’re being stupid,” Pepper nodded.
“Well, I don’t know about stupid,” Quin said without thinking.
“What do you mean?” Pepper challenged sharply.
Quin gulped and continued tenuously, “Well, I mean, uh…well, Liza fooled around with someone else, right? They broke up ‘cuz Liza betrayed her.”
“Mae’s not a total saint, Quin, despite what you may think. I know you are friends, but Liza said Mae was overbearing sometimes.” Whatever warmth that was in Pepper’s voice evaporated. Her voice matched the coldness of her eyes. To add to the effect, she crossed her arms, an act that somehow made her seem much taller. Quin shrunk away a little bit.
“That doesn’t justify cheating on someone. If that’s how Liza felt, she should have said something,” Quin shot back, though he found his voice was much less sure of itself than his words were.
“You have no idea what you are talking about. You haven’t been around for any of their dinners. You’re always in that lab, or wandering around clueless, with that distant look in your eyes. If you tuned in from time to time, you would know that theirs wasn’t a healthy relationship.”
“I’m not that distant, and I know only what Mae told me. So yeah, I’ve got her side on this, but she’s my friend,” he said, his tone growing more and more sharp.
“So that’s it, you’re just gonna take her side on this, regardless of what I say,” Pepper shot back.
“Well, you haven’t been too fair either, given what each of them has done,” Quin said, his hands now on his hips.
“I said they were both being stupid. BOTH,” she retorted. “And so are you.”
“That’s great,” Quin said acerbically, though his voice was breaking and he felt his eyes watering a bit. What the hell is wrong with me, he thought as he reached up to wipe his eye. “You can fit in fine with everyone else. That’s great for you. Tell me how I’m being stupid.”
Pepper let his hurt go unnoticed, as she pounced, “You’re being stupid because not everything is about you, Quin. You don’t always have to be the victim, and you don’t have to cry about every injustice in the world.”
“And you don’t have to kneejerk your way into being so mean anytime someone challenges you on something,” Quin sniped back. Bostwick was right that the stress was starting to pile up so high that it was becoming unbearable. Quin couldn’t believe that he was lashing out for no apparent reason, other than that yet another person was mad at him. But she’s not another person, Quin thought. This time, it’s Pepper.
The look on Pepper’s face told him that she had had enough of their conversation. “You can be Mae’s friend without thinking her shit smells like roses. There’s a difference between friendship and blind loyalty. Stand for something.” She turned to walk away.
“At least I have someone worth being blindly loyal to,” Quin half-shouted after her, though he felt like his reasoning was getting away from him. Here he was, at war with his own emotions for what felt like the dozenth time in the past twenty-four hours.
“OH, GROW A SPINE AND DEFLATE YOUR HEAD!” she ended the argument by shouting over her shoulder.
He spun on his heels and stormed off to the research section, arriving while there were still only a few people scattered around the lab. By the time he had reached the bay doors, his temper had given way to the dejected feeling driving him through the day. No one greeted him as he trudged over to his workstation, though he noticed at least one of the techs stealing a glance at him. Pulling up his workscreen, he logged into his email. At the top of his docket, he found a blinking email from Captain Fuentes marked urgent. Opening it, he found a reiteration of the rules she had laid down verbally in the Logistics bay. He could hear the measured anger in her voice as he read the email in his head.
He sighed heavily as he began the day’s work, clearing through all the ship’s systems and making sure that no other damage was done during Nova’s occupation. A few times throughout the day, he thought of pulling up a dialogue box and trying to speak to her, to reach out to Nova and try to get through. But he found that he was unable to think of any good words to start, and his head was already full and fuzzy with the voices of Fuentes and Pepper shouting, Mae’s deep sadness, and Bostwick trying to gently reassure him.
Quin skipped lunch, though he couldn’t tell if the nauseous feeling in his stomach was from hunger or from a repulsion at the thought of food. Throughout the day, techs and officers came and went in the lab, though Quin kept his head down and his eyes fixed on lines of code, acting as if anything he was reading was being processed by his brain. He found that most systems were in working order, though he decided to do a double-check on the Logistics bay. In the files, he found a folder created by Nova with several different video clips, some of which she showed while they were trying to negotiate with her. He scrolled through them and flicked one open. Then another. He couldn’t tell if he was mad at her for what she did, or himself for being the inadvertent cause, or her again for not simply thinking it through.
When Quin finally pulled up from his workstation, the room seemed a bit dim. Though they were in full flight and had no external point of reference, Quin felt it was late. A glance at his workstation clock confirmed it was just about dinner time. He transferred a certain amount of work to his tablet so that he could return to work after dinner in the privacy of his own room. Nova didn’t appear all day, though he couldn’t blame her, given how he was feeling. He stood, turning around toward the doors and saw no one in the lab. What he really wanted was to have another conversation with Tess, but all he could do was write her a message that would eventually be transferred once the relay was up. It would pale in comparison to the face to face time he had back on Rhea. Then again, he found himself promising to write the message once he got back to his chamber. He trudged out of the bay in the same manner that he entered, at once nervous about encountering other people, dejected at the thought of the many people who held him with the ignoble title of “Creator of Nova,” and frustrated that he had handled the conversation with Pepper so poorly. I wish I was famous for creating something that wound back time, he thought, because I would certainly use it right now to redo the last forty-eight hours. That would make his life a lot simpler. There’s a sci-fi movie for you, he remarked to no one, though he shook his head, disagreeing with the other voice. Nah, time travel flicks always end up with the writer’s head up his own ass. He glumly strode through the corridors, not meeting the gaze of anyone passing by, half-tempted to return to his chamber and skip dinner. No, you agreed to meet Mae for dinner and you can’t back out of that. A promise is a promise.
Dinner passed relatively painlessly. Mae had found the same seats at the edge of the crowd, so they had relative privacy. She had also taken the liberty of punching up his dinner in the tablet, and he found that she had apparently been observing him. Though the Standard Issue meals were all uniform and technically synthetic foods, the designers thankfully allowed enough variation to pick the flavor of what they would be eating. Quin always preferred the Latin American meals for the spicy and savory flavors over the richness of Eastern European or the saltiness of Southeast Asian, especially when he would have to force himself to eat. He realized he had barely taken in anything all day and his body was screaming at him. He began to scarf some food while Mae gazed absently at his tray. The conversation had quickly devolved just before.
“I saw you leave with Pepper,” Mae had asked.
“Yeah, it was…a complete disaster,” Quin said.
“Don’t tell me you guys broke up too,” Mae said, shocked.
“We would have had to have been ‘together’ to break up, but yeah, I would say she isn’t happy with me,” Quin said, his face in his hands. He quickly recounted their conversation to Mae. As he gave her the line by line, a smirk showed through the tired and saddened expression that Mae had seemingly worn all day.
“What?” Quin asked, taken aback.
“Well, Quin, you are remarkably sweet, but I have to agree with Pepper, as much as I wouldn’t like to,” Mae said. “You were pretty stupid.”
“What do you mean? Not you too…” he said, completely astounded.
“I mean, you can’t tell someone you like that you trust someone else more than them,” Mae said, shaking her head and smiling.
“So, I’m just supposed to throw you under the bus, in order to make Pepper happy and avoid an argument?” Quin scoffed at the thought.
“Well you could have approached it with more tact,” Mae said. She dropped her voice a little to mimic how she thought Quin sounded and continued, “’Of course Mae was a bit stupid, Pepper, you are right. But maybe she was feeling hurt and look I’m all sensitive and in touch with people. Now could you please devour my face, blah blah blah,’—whatever you two say to each other when making out would follow.”
Quin scoffed again, angry at the thought of Mae suggesting that he would betray her like that. He didn’t appreciate that Mae was getting a kick out of the struggle he was having. Apparently, she caught on, so she stopped laughing and reached across the table to take his hand.
“Oh, stop pouting Quin,” she said. “Look, I am really happy at what you said to her. Really, I am. That was very noble of you. But you could have been a little more graceful in walking the line. I wouldn’t have been too put out if I had learned that you said something to her in order to keep your relationship going. But as it is, I don’t see that there has been too much damage that can’t be undone.”
“Really?” Quin asked, a little sign of hope giving him something to seize on for the day.
“Sure, I mean, give it time, and yeah she’s pissed, but in a few weeks, you can apologize and she’ll think about dating that inflated head of yours again.” She chuckled again and gave his hand a squeeze, then returned to her own tray. They remained silent for the rest of the meal.
When Quin got back to his room, he stood just inside the door after it whisked shut. One nice part of space travel and the design of the ship meant that, once enclosed, most rooms on board were sound-proof. That meant that Quin had total silence, a fact that he relished as he stood with his eyes closed, basking in the nothingness that surrounded him. He trudged over to his bed and jumped down onto it, landing with a thud. He snatched his tablet and pulled up one of the tasks remaining on his docket, though he only managed to get about halfway through it before his eyes glazed over and he found himself looking at the same line three times.
He was staring at the blinking cursor before he found himself wandering into the system log and typing out a message to Nova, which included items like “should talk” and “please respond.” Seeing no immediate response pop up, he opened the ESS messaging application and wrote out a long account of what had happened over the past few days since Tess and he had talked. He remained scant on the details about him and Pepper but went in depth about the situation with Nova. Satisfied with his long-winded story, he hit the send button, logging the message into the ship’s outgoing queue the next time they fired up the light-speed transmission. He sat back and curiously hopped back over to the syslog. Therein, he found a terse response from Nova.
syslogUser:QuintonHammond[GuestUser] 20:48 Listening.
Quin started typing furiously before realizing this would be much easier face to face. Despite the orders of Fuentes, he launched Nova’s display applications.
“I know you are there, Nova,” Quin said. “This would be a lot better for both of us if we talked about this face to face.”
The was a brief pause before a voice came from the tablet. “I am not so sure about that, Quinton. It seems I am a much better communicator via the system log. At least, it is on that platform that I am able to express myself fully without feeling the burden of the conversation’s subtle points of nonverbal communication. In other words, I believe you listen to me better when you are unable to see me.”
“Please Nova,” Quin begged, looking at nothing in particular.
Another pause, and then Nova’s fully-fledged form materialized onto Quin’s desk chair. She was seated inert, her hands resting on her thighs, feet flatly planted onto the ground. Quin sat down on the edge of his bed to meet her eyes.
“Thank you, Nova,” Quin said, smiling wearily.
“Your message indicated that the need to speak to me was urgent,” Nova said, unacknowledging of his greeting.
“Well, yeah, I wanted to see how you are after what happened,” Quin said.
“I am, of course, in perfect working condition. Based on my systems analysis, no permanent damage has been done to the Nemo or to any of its inhabitants. I am complying fully with the restrictions of Captain Fuentes, though I must admit that I am currently in breach of this protocol, and I would kindly ask that we keep this brief.”
“Well, okay, that’s…okay, that’s fine,” Quin said, struggling. He was trying to form what he wanted to say, though he couldn’t quite get it right in his head. For lack of a clear train, he decided to plunge in, despite himself.
“Nova, what were you thinking?” Quin asked, with a pained sigh behind it.
“I was under the impression that my acting parameters included the need to defend this mission against any and all who would jeopardize it,” Nova said flatly.
“But you attacked someone. You attacked a crew member—“ Quin remarked, but Nova cut it.
“Who was in the process of absconding with a variety of assets vital to the completion of the mission,” Nova finished the sentence for him.
“But you can’t act on your own like that, Nova,” Quin said.
“I believe that I AM able to ‘act on my own like that.’ He made his choices, and I reacted accordingly, wherein he was given his just punishment. Though I do understand how you and the rest of the crew appear to be uneasy with my reaction; this is, how you say, getting his just dessert.”
“But you can’t kill someone just because they stole,” Quin replied. “We don’t have capital punishment anymore.”
“His life is rendered no longer useful if he is putting at risk the survival of many others,” Nova replied, again rather flatly. Her face seemed devoid of any expression that would indicate she was seeing Quin’s point.
“That’s too strict of an interpretation of utilitarianism and is kind of against the humanitarian principle of this mission,” Quin retorted. “You can’t look at people in the way of a math equation. That type of calculation is…” Quin stopped before finishing, knowing where that sentence would end.
“Inhuman,” Nova finished for him. “Tell me, Quinton, do you think that I am human, or a computer?”
“Why would you ask me that, Nova?” Quin replied tiredly. “You know that my response would have to be somewhere between them. Surely you’ve thought about that.”
“But when you are talking to me in the way that you are, are you lecturing me as your newly-brought-to-life crewmate, or as your learning operating system?” Her tone was as bitter as she probably could make it sound.
Quin didn’t know how to proceed with her. He honestly had not thought this far into the argument, and frankly, had not even previewed that Nova could be found in this sort of situation. Timidly, he tried a new tack.
“If I’m lecturing you, Nova, it’s because of the choice you made,” Quin said.
“If I am your computer, then my choice is moot, because I only arrived at an end that you programmed me to achieve. If I am a life produced by you, then you are only by orders of separation responsible for what occurred. That would be a product of my choice, thus my responsibility. Again, I ask you Quin, am I your computer or am I someone?”
“Well, fine, let’s assume that you are a person, because that is the route that leads you to assume some sort of responsibility for the consequences of your actions,” Quin said snidely.
“Then, am I not free to make my own choices, including to act in a time of crisis to defend what I perceive is the greater good?” Nova replied, her tone unchanging. “That would be the assumption of my supposed humanity, right?”
“Yeah, but, Nova, if you are human, then you must see that human life is a paradox,” Quin said.
“Please explain,” Nova said, purposefully knitting her brow.
“I mean, sure humans have free will, but we are governed by a set of rules all the time. We have laws, we have social norms, all of these things confine us to a certain set of choices that humans over time have established to promote what is acceptable behavior. You know this. We are free, but we are not completely free. There are always consequences. Like if I go kill someone, I won’t just get away with it. We all have choices to make about whether we live within that set of rules, and we all have consequences to those actions.”
“And I was acting within the set of rules that I had at the time, including Captain Fuentes’s directives, the standard operating protocol of NEMO, the—“ Nova began listing, but Quin interrupted her.
“Yeah, well, now you and I both have the new restrictions from Captain Fuentes, and they are a result of what you did.”
“What we did,” Nova said, correcting him
“What do you mean?” Quin asked, confused.
“You said before that your response to whether I am a computer or a human would be in between. Therefore, you are partially responsible. And not just in a programming sense, Quinton. You systematically ignored me over the past weeks in such a way that I was unable to have your guidance on how to act. Therefore, you set a program in place and then ignored it until it reached its inevitable outcome. If I am culpable, so are you.”
“I uh,” Quin stammered. “I admit that I was a bit distant, Nova. I’m sorry. I had a lot on my mind, and I was trying to figure it out.”
“You were trying to get in the good graces of Commander Bostwick, and you were dealing with the psychological impact of being responsible for the technology side of our medical mission, and you are infatuated with Ensign Penelope Jefferson, and—“
“Woah, woah,” Quin said, waving his arms.
“AND you continue to interrupt me, well before I am finished speaking, Quinton,” Nova said. The fact that she raised the volume on the speakers to cut him off had the intended effect of putting a sharp emphasis on her tone. She was angry, and Quin got it. “You have quite the unfortunate habit of interrupting me before I am able to properly conclude my part of the conversation. For someone who is ill-equipped at times to participate fully in the nuances of communication, it would seem to be appropriate that you would afford me some leeway in making sure that I am able to say what I mean.”
“I’m sorry, Nova,” Quin admitted. “I know that’s my fault. You just have a blank expression a lot of the times, and I forget that you are not human.”
Nova’s mouth opened, then closed again. Quin had learned to read that this meant that she was either processing something or upset. He ventured it was the latter.
“Quinton, that was insensitive. Have you not read any of my syslogs? Just because I do not articulate everything or wear my emotions like a human being, does not mean I do not have thoughts or ways of processing what is around me.”
“Again, Nova, I’m sorry. I forget sometimes. I guess that means my response to your earlier question is that I lean more toward the idea that you are human, even if I forget it occasionally.”
“That is a very weak apology, Quinton, and pales in comparison to the amount of inattention to which I have been subjected over these past weeks. Maybe in order to solicit the appropriate apology, you must be subjected to the same amount of inattention, in order to provoke an appropriately emotional response.” With that, her image evaporated and the tablet went dark.
Quin was left seated, facing an empty chair, his hands in midair as he was about to respond. He dropped his hands onto his thighs, though his mouth remained opened as he stammered, struggling to articulate in his mind what his retort would be. Perfect, he thought, just perfect. The perfect way to end an otherwise monumental day in the life of Quin Hammond. He kicked his shoes off and threw himself down onto his pillow, throwing the blanket over his shoulders as he scoffed into his pillow.
“Perfect,” he said aloud, before punching the tablet and cutting off the lights.
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2023.06.06 15:02 Tall_Increase_6010 Boring story about becoming an alcoholic. E/N

I'm an alcoholic. I've been drunk or hungover basically for the past year, if not two. It's starting to effect my job, my marriage, my hobbies, everything. I came off a week long bender last Friday. The party didn't stop, you know? I was buzzed at work and drunk at an online staff meeting. No one knew, or at least they didn't call me out on it.
I think this started when I started working online and becoming increasingly depressed about the importance of that work. "Maybe just a glass of wine with breakfast... and lunch... between meetings... during meetings with my camera off... There's no big difference between gin and wine really, you just need to drink less." Etc.
Currently I'm tapering off. I had 20 units of alcohol on Saturday. 14 on Sunday. 10 yesterday. Only one today. The withdrawal symptoms are ridiculous. Initially I would get them every hour, then hour and a half, then three hours, now we're at four to six. I think it's working but I'm scared of back sliding. I quit cold turkey once and I don't want to do that again.
I thought about going for in person detox, but wanted to try myself first. I've contacted and set up an appointment for a psychiatrist. I have a diagnosis of asperger's (I don't know if that's a thing any longer), but I think I'm also depressed and anxious, and that's led to me self medicating with alcohol. Plus I just enjoy it y'know? I've ordered naltrexone from an online pharmacy, but I should probably do that in conjunction with a doctor. I'm looking into support groups but specifically want one with a secular bent.
I feel ashamed and anxious, depressed about myself and who I am, but I'm trying to recognize that I also have positive qualities. I have a good team of friends and family behind me. I've started talking to them about my alcohol abuse, and just how bad it's gotten. My mother is heartbroken for me, my father is furious, my wife mostly has tough love for me. My friends are trying to boost me up saying that I recognized a problem and I'm going to fix it. My work has basically said "You've got one more quarter to improve your performance," mostly because when I'm good at work I'm awesome at it.
I feel strong also though, and like I have the ability to make change. I hate that one of my big accomplishments in life is going to be 'quitting an addiction' but I think that's because I harbor some dumb prejudices about who gets addicted and why. Consciously I know that it can happen to anyone. I kinda just wanted to put this out into the void.
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2023.06.06 15:01 Bsnipexy Change of the partner's heart hurts like a truck

My girlfriend (22F) and I (22M) broke up very recently.
We had been together for almost 2 years.I am disabled and I do not have the easiest time finding a partner (she did say that the break up has nothing to do witht the disability).This was the first relationship in which I was constantly completely happy in the relationship, and so was she from the ways she acted and from everything that we talked about, always smiling always saying she loves me and we have always had a great time.We communicated through every problem because we're both very rational and objective towards everything... It really showed me (no offense to anyone) that there are smart, rational and funny people in the world.Since the first few months of the relationship I started feeling that she is the one, and from all the talks about the future, she did too.I helped her through a quite a lot of stuff and have helped her with all my being to become the person that she is today, she was here for me if I ever needed anything aswell.
But she started "hiding" (from me) the fact that the last 4 months of the relationship she as a person and her feelings for me have been shifting in such a way that she does not feel like I am the one for her anymore and that she was not truly happy. She told me this on the day of the break up which was very recently.Up until the last two weeks of the relationship she acted as if everything was still great not showing any "negative/other" feelings nor communicating about them. The last week of the relationship she told me that we need to talk next weekend. At the day of the talk she told me that she wants to break up and that she as a person and her feelings for me have just... changed. That I am not the one for her and that she is looking for something/someone else. I asked her what/who that is, but she said that she is not sure yet.
I completely understand that nobody is able to do anything about stuff like this, where the one's heart knows what it wants and that it knows that the current person is not it. I definitely will not ever force anything with her. I also understand that we are not coming back together.

We are currently taking some time away from eachother and have stayed in very friendly terms. It just feels, so very hard. This great relationship just snapped in one day for me and I couldn't and will not ever be able to do anything about changing her heart. I feel so sad and helpless about it. Horrible feeling which I have not felt in past break ups, probably one of the worst feelings I've felt since the unfortunate passing of my close ones. It really did hit me like a truck and it hurts so really much. Every girl I see reminds me of her, I open her last messages every morning and read them all over again, I look at our pictures together everyday. I have to stop doing it but I can't... If I do post anything on instagram I just wait for her to like the story and I reopen instagram every hour hoping that I'd see any notifications from her. I know that all of these things are not healthy things to do after the break up because it holds you chained to the other person mentally and does not allow you to heal but I don't have the strength to help it yet.
I understand that I just need to let go and let the time do it's thing. I understand that we obviously were not destined to be, otherwise this would not have happened. I am waiting for my strength to regain so I can start working on myself for the next few months. I talk to my friends but they don't have all day just to support me so I guess thats why I'm posting this here, hoping to hear some kind words and some good life advice.
But even though both of us had our weaknesses, we worked together and every moment felt so great for such a long darn time, god damn it. I want to cry so hard but I haven't any tears.
Thank you people of the internet.
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2023.06.06 15:01 Funkmonkthe3rd WTF? Is Serato punking me?

Hey peoples,
I'm having a super weird thing happen at the moment with just one smart crate....
I recently moved my uk dubstep smart crate into a different library folder in Serato (dragged and dropped the smart crate into a new folder). I changed the 'genre' tag for those tracks to match the new folder and edited the smart crate filter (e.g. if genre = 140 and comment includes #ukdubstep). I didn't remove the smart crate from the older folder so the tracks are in smart crates both folders.
So, now a weird thing has been happening where when I play a track from that smart crate/folder, the 'writing tag' orange strip will appear at the bottom and the 'genre' tag will be changed to, and I shit you not, Contemporary Christian! Nothing against anyone who enjoys a little Contemporary Christian, but I certainly have never had anything remotely related to that genre in my library, so I don't know where that even came from... It's super annoying as the track disappears from my smart crate and I have to try to find the track and change the genre field back.

Anyone know what's happening here and how I can stop it from happening?
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2023.06.06 15:01 nightwing612 Ollie, Dinah, Bruce and Selina work together. (Detective Comics #559 - Art by Gene Colan)

Ollie, Dinah, Bruce and Selina work together. (Detective Comics #559 - Art by Gene Colan) submitted by nightwing612 to blackcanary [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:00 TheGodlessPotato I'm unable to interact with people, including on this subreddit, without it leading to a meltdown.

I am an undiagnosed 42-year-old woman (assessment scheduled for October) that burned out five years ago. I could no longer work and gradually faded away from society to live as a recluse. Two years ago, I stopped using social media and ghosted everyone I knew including members of my own family. Some of them may not even know that I'm still alive. They used to send messages asking if I was ok, and I never responded.
But it wasn't because I didn't care; it was because I no longer felt capable of interacting with people at all in any capacity whatsoever. I don't even leave the house because friendly neighbors always want to chat when they see me. I get everything delivered, including groceries, and wait until they have driven away before opening the door to collect them. And I only do that when my husband isn't around to do it for me.
When I first joined this group about a month ago, I thought I had found a sanctuary. A place I could come to where, for the first time, I was surrounded by people I understood and who understood me. The "honeymoon" lasted about two weeks, until the issues I was having with social interactions in real life began affecting me here as well. I am just too emotionally damaged to handle even the slightest of misunderstandings or disagreements.
Maybe it's PTSD from a lifetime of not being heard, accepted, or understood. I don't know. My mind and intellectual capacity is still intact, but the rest of me feels like I'm reduced to a primitive, childhood state. I can barely take care of myself. Having to make basic decisions like what to have for dinner is stressful and challenging. I often wish I had parents to take care of me. My house is a mess because I feel incapable of cleaning the way I used to, but I need a clean environment to improve my state of well-being. I feel like I'm in prison serving out a life sentence.
I enjoy writing. It helps me process my emotions in a way I'm unable to verbally. I've been considering writing a book about what it was like for me to go through life undiagnosed, but I question why anyone would care. I am no one. I am not interesting. Sometimes when I write posts in this sub, it gets downvoted or very little response. My "intellectual" side says "So what? It doesn't mean anything", but my "primitive" side says "No one relates to you", or "You don't belong here", or "Your writing isn't very good. People find it uninteresting, unhelpful, and boring. Writing a book would be a waste of time".
But some of my posts get a lot of responses. And I get overwhelmed by the attention. If I get more than 20 comments, I stop reading them and never return to my post again. It doesn't upset me, but it does make me feel uncomfortable and under pressure to respond so "ghosting" (for lack of a better term) is my default response and I don't feel in control of it. It doesn't feel like a choice, even though it must be.
In under a month, I have had a few meltdowns just from interacting with people on reddit. Sometimes in this subreddit, and sometimes from others. It is the subreddits that I feel most connected to that affect me the most. Here, it's personal. Other subreddits are mostly centered on my personal interests. Either way, they are places I feel "safe" among like minded individuals. So when there's misunderstanding or disagreement, I take it 100x harder than anywhere else.
I wish I wasn't like this. It's embarrassing. Logically, I know I'm being completely irrational and hypersensitive for no reason. But logic cannot save me from the primitive emotions that take control of my brain. My capacity for logic and reason feels like it is dying, and I am just a shell of the person I once was. It seems that all people, even the good ones, even those who understand and love me, are toxic to my psychological well-being. Because when I cease interactions altogether, my mood VASTLY improves. I feel "normal" again. I don't feel depressed or anxious.
I wish I wasn't this way. I wish a lot of things. I wish I had known about autism sooner. I wish I had known about burnout and had seen the red flags. I wish I was productive. I wish I didn't hate myself so much. I wish I could be more concise and not ramble so much. I wish I didn't feel like a burden on my husband. I wish I wasn't so hypersensitive. And I wish I could interact in this sub and help others. But I just don't feel good enough, or strong enough, to be around other people.
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2023.06.06 15:00 Typical_Balance3892 Harassed by Ticket Inspectors

Aye y'all, just remember it doesn't matter if you're a healthy, kind, law abiding citizen 99% of the time, because as soon as you step onto a Train with an expired ID card you're essentially the scum of the earth commiting an "offence", and ticket inspectors hopped up on power will definitely take your details down like you killed somebody.
Expect a hefty fine from the government while people who hop MetroCard gates 20 times a day in Elizabeth never get noticed or bothered by them.
TLDR: got harassed by two inspectors and basically treated like a criminal while I took a train ride for the first time in 4-months with an old Student ID (thought I had my new one). They don't care, if they get you cornered, they'll grill/fine you. Word of advice, don't pay them any attention, don't play ball, Just get up and leave at the nearest stop as soon as they come aboard. They're greasy as fuck and will definitely take your details down for a cheeky $290 fine like you're someone who just skinned a hundred people and boiled their toenails or something. Alright downvote me
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