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2023.06.06 13:51 Occultscience2 Learn Complete Astrology Course From The Experts Occult Science

Astrology aims to discover the connections between human affairs and celestial events. It is based on the idea that the positions and motions of celestial bodies like stars, planets, and other celestial objects are linked to all aspects of human existence and personality traits.
Astrology is frequently used to create horoscopes, which are personalized predictions or interpretations based on a person's birth chart. A diagram of the celestial bodies at a person's precise time and place of birth is known as a birth chart or natal chart. It sheds light on a person's personality traits, capabilities, weaknesses, relationships, career choices, and other aspects of their life.
Astrology encompasses a variety of systems and traditions, including Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology, Western astrology, and others. It utilizes different procedures, for example, looking at planetary positions, angles, travels, and the zodiac signs, to acquire information and make expectations.
Self-reflection, personal growth, and comprehending the energies and influences at work in one's life can all benefit from using astrology as a tool. It is much of the time considered a kind of divination and forecast, albeit this isn't the main way it very well may be utilized. It is essential to keep in mind that astrology is not typically regarded as a science and is frequently open to individual interpretations and belief systems.

What Is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects like stars, planets, galaxies, asteroids, and comets, as well as other astronomical phenomena. Understanding the physical characteristics, composition, history, and actions of things in the universe is the primary focus of this branch of science.
Astronomy has played a crucial role in human understanding and the study of the cosmos for thousands of years. It has a long and rich history. Observational astronomy is the use of telescopes and other tools to learn about celestial objects and how they interact with one another. The examples, associations, and fundamental rules that support the universe are then found through information examination and translation.

There are several sub-disciplines within the field of astronomy, such as:

Galactic Astronomy - The study of galaxies, including our own Milky Way, with an emphasis on their structure, motion, and evolution is known as galactic astronomy.
Stellar Astronomy - The study of specific stars, their characteristics, life cycles, and classification based on factors like temperature, brightness, and composition is known as stellar astronomy.
Astronomy of the Planets - This field centres around the examination of the air, surfaces, and land cycles of the planets, moons, and different articles in our planetary group.
Exoplanet Astronomy - Exoplanet Astronomy is a relatively new field of study that focuses on the discovery and study of exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system, to gain a deeper understanding of their origin, composition, and potential for habitability.
Cosmology - Cosmology is the investigation of the whole universe, including its arrangement, association, development, and extreme fate. Astronomers investigate a wide range of subjects, such as the Big Bang theory, dark matter, dark energy, and the vast structure of the universe.
Stargazers use advanced telescopes, devices, and observatories to gather data on a scope of light frequencies, from radio waves to gamma beams, both on the ground and in space. Through examination and investigation of this material, stargazers try to comprehend the secrets of the universe and advance our insight into it.

Relationship Between Astrology and Astronomy

It is essential to keep in mind that although astrology and astronomy both involve the study of celestial objects, they are two distinct sciences with distinct goals and approaches. Through careful observation and empirical data, the goal of astronomy is to comprehend the physical properties and behaviour of celestial objects. Contrarily, astrology is a belief system that uses horoscopes and astrological charts to frequently investigate the connection between human affairs and celestial events.
However, there has always been a connection between astrology and astronomy. Astronomy and astrology were closely related in ancient times. The astrological systems that were prevalent in many cultures were influenced by astronomical studies that followed the motions of celestial bodies.
Astronomy, on the other hand, became a science while astrology remained focused on divination and interpretation. As a result, the two disciplines began to diverge.
Recognizing that both modern astrology and astronomy have their roots in human fascination with the night sky, they can be linked. A person's sense of awe and wonder at the vastness and beauty of the universe can be enhanced by studying astronomy. Astronomy and the stars may also captivate some astrologically inclined individuals.
Nevertheless, it is essential to approach astrology with caution and acknowledge that its claims have not been supported by scientific evidence. The scientific community views astrology as a pseudoscience because it lacks a scientific foundation, whereas astronomy is founded on empirical data and rigorous scientific procedures.
Conclusion -
It is essential to comprehend that despite historical ties, astrology and astronomy are distinct fields with distinct methodologies and objectives. Astronomy is a scientific field devoted to comprehending the cosmos, Whereas astrology is a religious System centred on the interpretation of celestial events about human concerns.
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2023.06.06 13:48 Adventurous_Ad4439 Scott is my favourite charecter but he is at his weakest when he's with Allison

I don't like Scallison. I feel Scott was better without her and vice versa. He didn't stand out to me in season 1 because although they were cute, Scott was too much of a fan boy over Allison. He was pretty unremarkable in season 1 and honestly, Stiles was my favourite charecter with Derek in second place. Hell, I liked Kate more than I liked Scott because although she was an absolute trash person, her scenes were interesting simply because of her nonchalance about the things she did. I also hated that in the finale, Scott turned his face away from Allison like he was ashamed of his wolf features although the only one who should have been ashamed was Allison for literally hunting Scott.
He didn't impress me much at the start of Season 2. I respected that he didn't join Derek's pack because of his morals but then absolutely hated him when he teamed up with Gerard. I contemplated abandoning the show mid-season but I'm glad I didn't because I absolutely loved the finale. For me, that was when I finally started liking Scott. The "Everyone said Gerard always had a plan. I had a plan too" was when the charecter changed for me. Him being okay with Allison breaking up with him was nice too.
3A was the first season that Allison and Scott weren't together and suprise suprise he starts developing other meaningful relationships such as with Derek, Stiles and Isaac. He also becomes a True Alpha.
3B was good because of void Stiles and the Scott/Stiles friendship. I liked Kira too. Scira was cute. Again, didn't like how he tried to hide his wolf features when he showed Kira his face. Loved how sweet Kira was about it.
Season 4 was one of my favourite seasons along with 3A because of Liam and Malia. Liam made Scott stronger, prouder and protective like an alpha should be. Scott saying "you're a werewolf like me" showed that he finally embraced and was proud of himself.
Season 5 is when Allison pops up again, although in memory and suprise suprise Scott loses all of his braincells, doesn't listen to a thing Stiles says and gets weakened by the poisened inhalers. I was okay with it though because it seemed Scott was saying goodbye to Allison once and for all.
Season 6, I have mixed feelings about because I loved the Stiles angst and Stydia. I hated what they did with Scott and Malia because don't get me wrong, I do ship Scolia but the way they did it was shitty. I feel Malia would be good for him because she would have knocked some confidence and boldness in him. She was also the ONLY one of his love interests that he didn't hide his face from which was a huge plus for me. I felt they should have explored a more emotional side to Scolia rather than just sex scenes. Thiam undertones were cute though.
I did not like the movie because Scott was back to that lovesick puppy who pined over Allison and its like the last 4 seasons of the show were erased. Scott was also weak again because he let the pack fall apart. I also did not like what they did with Scolia because there was alot of potential for them to inspire and improve each other and I feel that was wasted.
In summary, Scott is more confident and sure of himself as not only a wolf but an alpha when he is not pining over Allison. He is strongest when he is exploring/strengthening other bonds such as with Stiles, Derek, Isaac and Liam. They should have let Scallison die in season 5.
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2023.06.06 13:46 peikern Stoffenbeck - what might have been? (Age of madness spoilers!!)

(This got deleted due to spoilers in the headline, I guess. Sorry, mods, I didn't think that through. Hope this is ok?)
So its really cool that the battle is so narrowly won by Orso. Abercrombie really captures that historical quote "The outcome of a battle is decided in one moment, the outcome of a campaign in one hour, and the fate of the nation in a single day", with how small details and personal stories has such big effects. Probably my favorite part of the AoM-trilogy
But re-reading it, I've been thinking. What if Leo dan Brock was not a moron, and actually knew how to use cavalry tactically? Instead of charging through his own infantry lines, into the town streets, to try and capture Orso, could he for example have led his cavalry to counter Lord Marshal Rucksted's cavalry when they were routing the Open Council-forces? It doesn't seem that unlikely that some of the less useless and pathetic Council-forces would rally if Leo personally led a cavalry charge to save them either? A combination of Angland cavalry and open council infantry seems likely to be able to deal with Rucksted's cavalry, even if they are of better quality than Leo's Angland-cav, no? Also remember that Orso's army no longer have the cannons on the hilltop at this point in the battle.
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2023.06.06 13:35 Bladeocity_ 22 [M4M] - Virginia - Looking for That Player 2 To Spend Those Long Cozy Gaming Nights With❣️🎮

I've only posted on this subreddit a few times before and I have been going back and forth on it for a long while now. I think maybe it's because of the fact that if I did, I would be fully admitting to myself just how lonely I actually am. But there's really no point in trying to mask and run away from the glaring truth, so, here I am again. Taa-daah!
As most people on here are, or I assume, given the context of the subreddit, I am a person who's unfortunately lived the forever alone lifestyle, well, for most of my life. The last person I was close with was way back in the 6th grade (I'm a fourth year in college), and the closest connection I've had since then was those types of people that would talk and hang out with you during class time, but the second the bell rings, instant transmission, they gone now. And if we're talking about my love life, well, let's just say the fact that I still haven't had my first kiss yet, should paint a good picture (or lack thereof I suppose) of that.
But I'm not trying to make this some sort of pity party for me, but rather to shed some background as to what I hope, fingers criss crossed, twisting and turning, and looping around each other, for what I want to potentially get out of this. Of course, having a partner would be spectacular, but the companionship beyond the romance is just as important, if not even more so. I'm tired of getting up everyday, doing college work, video editing (small time Youtuber), watching YouTube and playing video games, going to work (if I have a job at a given time if I'm not focusing on university), and going to bed, and rinse and repeat all alone.
I want that to change. I want to spend time watching stupid things with someone, having my butt kicked in Smash even though I've been playing it for years, arguing over which anime opening is better than another for no reason other than it being a means to spend time hearing each other's voice. To go out dates, to laugh, to explore, to cuddle, to do the things that come after that if you catch my drift (or technically before the cuddling, or both), and so much more. But every attempt I made well ehhhhh, well its led me to here.
Here's a little bit of description about me 😁:
https://imgur.com/a/KDvNYqx (A few more face pics are avaliable in the link provided)
My hobbies and interests ❤:
I feel like a bit of an ass writing this next part, as if I'm placing some kind of order on what kind of people I accept or don't accept, and that is not my intention in the slightest, but there are things that I am looking for in a person, just so I know that we can get along quite well, instead of me ending up talking to someone I have very little likelihood of jiving with. I don't waste anyone's time, including whoever is reading this.
Some of the things I'm looking for 🔍:
And that's about it for now. Like I said before, I've only ever posted on here a few times before, so I don't know if I checked off everything that I should have said in a post like this, but hopefully (man I've been saying that word a lot here), this was enough to catch your attention and be willing to give a potential connection/relationship with a guy like me, and if not I understand, and hope you find whatever you're looking for in someone else here. But if I have caught your eye, feel free to message me. It's been a long and lonely 22 years, and you'd probably make a wonderful change of pace.
Until then, bye! 🤗
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2023.06.06 13:21 thefrontpageofreddit On this day in 1966, Civil Rights activist James Meredith was shot by white sniper James Aubrey Norvell during an unarmed protest March in Mississippi.

On this day in 1966, Civil Rights activist James Meredith was shot by white sniper James Aubrey Norvell during an unarmed protest March in Mississippi.
Hit the dirt! The cry came [57] years ago today, at 4:15 p.m. on June 6, 1966, just before three shotgun blasts exploded from the bushes along Highway 51 near Hernando, Mississippi. Two of the rounds found their target: James Meredith, a 32-year-old black law student who had the day before embarked on a protest march from Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi. As Meredith fell to his knees on the ground, the civil rights movement found itself at a turning point.
In 1962, Meredith had been the first black student to attend Ole Miss, another in a line of desegregation victories stretching back to Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. But now the unity of those early years was dissolving. The next three weeks would show the world just how much.
Four years had passed since Meredith had applied to transfer to the all-white University of Mississippi at Oxford. When the university rejected him despite his high grades, a federal court ruled that he could not be denied admission based on the color of his skin. Even so, the governor of Mississippi took it upon himself to travel to the campus in person that September to keep him from registering. President John F. Kennedy had to order in 500 federal marshals and 5,000 army troops to disperse a racist mob that gathered outside Meredith’s dorm. A riot on September 30 killed two bystanders and injured 168 marshals before the army overwhelmed the outraged Mississippians. Meredith, protected by armed guards, endured a year of threats and harassment before graduating in August 1963. Now, in 1966, Meredith was attending Columbia Law School in New York on scholarship, but he remembered the terror he had felt in Oxford. He decided to conquer his fear by marching through Mississippi. He hoped his example would help Mississippi’s 450,000 disenfranchised blacks confront their own anxieties and register to vote: If I can do it, maybe they can, too. An iconoclast and a loner, he chose not to invite any civil rights groups to join him. I didnt want a crowd of people to go into rural Mississippi and become a burden upon the Negroes in the area, he explained. This is crop-planting time.
Unarmed, accompanied only by six friends, and carrying a Bible and an ebony cane, he set out from Memphis June 5 on his March Against Fear. Just three years after the assassination of Medgar Evers and two since the assassination of Malcolm X, Meredith believed fate would protect him on the highways of Mississippi. I had always felt that I could stop a mob with the uplift of a hand, he said later. Because of my divine responsibility to advance human civilization, I could not die.
He had walked just 28 miles when, the very next afternoon, a sniper emerged from the bushes just inside the Mississippi state line. James Meredith! he yelled. I only want James Meredith! Meredith’s friends scattered, shouting Look out, Jim, he’s got a gun! and Hit the dirt! Meredith stood frozen as 60 birdshot pellets sprayed into his neck, legs, head, and right side. He collapsed to his knees and tried to crawl across the highway before another blast hit him. Oh, my God, he groaned. Is anyone going to help me? Fortunately, state troopers and FBI men had joined him on his second day, and they chased the gunman into the woods. They quickly returned with Aubrey James Norvell, a 40-year-old unemployed Klansman. Uncuffed and smoking a pipe, he freely confessed as police hustled him into a squad car. He would go on to serve 18 months of a five-year sentence for the shooting. Although the Associated Press mistakenly reported him dead, Meredith suffered only superficial wounds. Recovering in a Memphis hospital, he seemed to rethink his outlook. He swore never again to march unarmed, at which a friend quipped, That’s not in keeping with the nonviolent philosophy, Mr. Meredith. Who the hell ever said I was nonviolent? he answered. I spent eight years in the military and the rest of my life in Mississippi. His apparent turnaround coincided with an identical incipient shift in the civil rights movement, a shift Meredith’s shooting would soon bring to national attention. The leaders of five civil rights organizations—Stokely Carmichael of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Floyd McKissick of the Congress of Racial Equality, Roy Wilkins of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Whitney Young of the Urban League, and Martin Luther King, Jr., of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference—rushed to Meredith’s bed, asking permission to carry on the march in his name. He assented, and on June 7, 20 marchers set out to finish his 220-mile journey.
In depth look at the civil rights march that followed: https://www.americanheritage.com/content/shooting-and-civil-rights-movement-changes-course
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2023.06.06 13:16 dragongills Could I get some spider verse clarity?

I never read the spider verse series and have some questions after the recent spider verse movie; Is Gwen an anomaly? As well as anyone who is not Peter Parker? — it seems that Peter Parker Spider-Man’s make up the majority of what is in the spider verse, but at the same time there are a lot of other non Peter Parker Spider-Man’s. Is the fact that the spider that bit miles is from another dimension the only thing tying him as an anomaly… because if it can be more than just Peter Parker, I assume it comes down to fate. How can Miguel decide he’s an anomaly, what proof is there to decide what an anomaly is?
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2023.06.06 13:16 pew272 [TW] [H] GMK Mudbeam, GMK Sumi, GMK Serika R2, KAT Explosion, KAT Mizu [W] Paypal

Prices include Shipping. From experience, shipping takes around 2 weeks to the US/EU.
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2023.06.06 13:16 ykevin [Chronicles of War: Time's Redemption] Chapter 1

Intro: In the fictional serialized story “Chronicles of War: Time’s Redemption,” the main character embarks on a thrilling journey through time to alter the course of World War II. Driven by a desire to reshape history, the protagonist, a brilliant scientist named Dr. Alexander Reynolds, creates a revolutionary time machine.
Dr. Alexander Reynolds stood before the imposing metallic structure that dominated his laboratory. The culmination of years of research and countless sleepless nights stood as a testament to his unwavering determination. It was his creation—the key to rewriting history.
The time machine, a marvel of engineering and theoretical physics, hummed with latent energy. Dr. Reynolds, a man of sharp intellect and unyielding ambition, took a deep breath. It was the moment he had been waiting for, the moment he would step into the abyss of time and reshape the course of World War II.
As he strapped on his wristwatch-like device, the Time Chronometer, Dr. Reynolds couldn’t help but feel a mix of anticipation and trepidation. He had meticulously planned every detail of his mission, poring over history books, analyzing battle strategies, and studying the key events that led to the devastating global conflict.
With a final adjustment of his goggles, he pressed the glowing button on the console, and the time machine roared to life. The room trembled, and the air crackled with electricity as the machine generated a portal into the past.
Dr. Reynolds stepped forward, his heart pounding in his chest. The portal shimmered, beckoning him with the promise of altering the tides of history. Stepping through the threshold, he found himself transported to a world gripped by the chaos of war.
It was June 6, 1944—the fateful day of the Normandy landings. Dr. Reynolds stood on the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc, overlooking the vast expanse of the English Channel. The gunfire and explosions filled the air as Allied forces fought valiantly against the entrenched German defenders.
He felt a mix of awe and disbelief as he witnessed history unfold before his eyes. It was the pivotal moment that would shape the future. But Dr. Reynolds knew he couldn’t allow events to proceed as they had in the original timeline. He had come here to change the course of the war entirely.
With unwavering determination, he pulled out a notebook with meticulously detailed plans. His first objective was to prevent Japan from entering the war, altering the chain of events that led to the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. If he could succeed in diverting their attention elsewhere, the United States would be able to focus its resources entirely on the European theater.
Dr. Reynolds knew the task wouldn’t be easy. It required delicate maneuvering and precise timing. He had to infiltrate high-level diplomatic circles, manipulate decision-makers, and alter the political landscape of the time. The world’s fate hung in the balance, and he was determined to reshape it to his vision.
As he set off on his mission, Dr. Reynolds couldn’t help but feel the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He questioned the morality of tampering with history, of playing god with the lives of millions. But he also knew that the potential consequences of inaction were too dire to ignore.
The journey he had embarked upon was filled with uncertainty, danger, and ethical dilemmas. Dr. Alexander Reynolds, armed with his intellect, his time machine, and a steadfast belief in his cause, set forth to reshape the world, to create a reality where the United States emerged victorious, Nazi Germany was no more, and the whole Europe fell under the influence of the American superpower.
Little did he know the challenges he would face, the sacrifices he would make, and the unforeseen consequences that would test the fabric of time. Dr. Reynolds took a deep breath and forged ahead, determined to alter the course of history and, in doing so, to rewrite the present.
To be continued…
original source
submitted by ykevin to redditserials [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:15 NightmareChameleon New War, Old Iron (4) (Reupload)

First. Previous.

A few folks reported last night's upload as turning up blank, likely due to a bug on reddit's end, so we're having another try with it. Let me know if this does or doesn't fix things.
Who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned M1?
The use of 1200 millimeter shells serves no strategic purpose for my opening and, tactically speaking, places me at a slight disadvantage than had I used any one of my other, more potent weapons.
Mmhmm, they do have their downsides. According to my weapon subsystem computer, I must now wait 4.421 seconds for the shells to traverse the distance between myself and my enemy. Such a stretch of time is, of course, a wholly inconsequential blip whose passing is less significant than the tiniest mote of dust in the vast and boundless lifespan of the universe in all considerable scenarios.
All considerable scenarios, of course, except for the possibility that one might find themselves under the effects of several time-dilating performance enhancement drugs.
Which I am.
I very much so am.
Of course, I'm nothing if not patient. To occupy the interval we find ourselves waiting, allow me now a brief tangent to preach the gospel of the combined 1200mm turret, targeting computer, and ordnance inventory computer, an old self-contained weapon system that bears the simple designation of “M1”:
The most foundational concept one must grasp about the M1 is that it is not an effective weapon as a simple matter of scale. While exceptions do exist, the simple nature of space means that larger warships face a rather generous economy of scale with regards to one’s ability to outgun and outweather any smaller adversaries. As is only natural, I am the most resplendent paradigm of this law, large enough to sit comfortably on the edge of what can be considered a planet and well-armored enough to ram one and win.
Ah, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Unlike the M1, one would be remiss not to both know of and be thinking about me constantly. I can say with full confidence that I practice what I preach, but once again I do digress.
As to be expected from a weapon originating in a period of time in which humanity’s warships were several orders of magnitude smaller than myself, these old holdovers certainly wear their years.
The M1 is not a good weapon system. Everything about it, down to the targeting computer’s ability to account for gravity-induced bullet drop and atmospheric drag, reflects its crude nature as something better suited for ancient oceanic warfare than space. The materials used in the gun barrels are impure, molecularly inconsistent alloys, the computer boards large and demanding. Its autoloaders are finicky and prone to jamming, and many of the targeting solutions fail to account for some of the more intricate corner cases one must account for in space combat.
In a perfect example of their obsolescence, we still have 2.721 seconds until the shells are expected to reach the enemy ships. Had I used my secondary armaments, a pair of megaMAC cannons that fire projectiles with diameters to rival cities, I would not have been able to complete a single sentence before the near luminal bolts would reduce the tightly bunched enemy crafts into little more than atomic smudges with the sheer kinetic energy they convey.
I have not fired my megaMAC cannons, however. I have fired my 1200mm multi-purpose M1s. This is because, for all their flaws, they are good weapons.
A weapon does not have a service life spanning multiple thousands of years without merit. As with similarly archaic, yet still used arms (such as the veritable M1, the timeless M1, and, of course, the M2), it has not survived for lack of redeeming qualities.
As a consequence of its age, there exists a truly staggering variety of ordnance that can be crammed into the M1’s barrels and lobbed at one’s enemies, all of which have been carefully cataloged in my mat-fab schematics to be produced at my leisure. This, however, is not even close to the reason why the M1 is such a good weapon. Much like everything else about the M1, the shells are woefully outdated, the primitive 5-meter long projectiles are slow, inaccurate, and easy to intercept.
However, the effects are quite pretty.
Yes! This is what makes the M1 such a good weapon system! The fact that it pleases me personally and nothing else! Unlike more advanced munitions, there exists a certain splendor to the inefficient explosive mixes that many of the shells employ.
For this sole redeeming quality, I employ the otherwise archaic, dilapidated, and useless weapon at every possible opportunity.
It is quite obvious that M1 was kept in active service for several million years for me and me alone to use their silly bullets. How thoughtful of them! To be blessed with perfect precognition and use it exclusively for such a noble goal as to lighten up the skirmishes I take part in that little additional amount!
Many people disagree with me, stating that no, the M1 was only installed on myself as an afterthought due to the sheer number of their surplus stocks still around at the time of my construction. They are, however, incorrect, as their opinions are at odds with my own (the more important perspective). At least two sailors who have served aboard me agree with the fact that the M1’s munitions are slightly prettier to watch than my other weapons’, cementing my stance as the sole correct one.
The projectiles I have selected to be the first things I’ve lobbed at another living thing in nearly fifty thousand years are none other than a personal favorite of mine: The KP-83, a nuclearly shaped penetrating shell that is capable of sending scalding lances of vaporized bismuth miles through warsteel. Like many other of the M1’s patterns, the shells are expensive, unreliable, illegal to use against organic targets, and, most of all, excessive.
And how salaciously, decadently excessive they are! I love them! To even think of violating the Atom, steadfast and revered, for such a mundane purpose as an upscaled APHE munition is absurd! Yes, friend, the KP-83 is a perfect expression of the absurd technological lengths humans will achieve for the sole purpose of killing, a potent statement of their sheer stubborn refusal to roll over and let The Enemy drive us to extinction, even in the nascent stages of interstellar exploration.
Less than a quarter second, now. I watch in eager anticipation as my shells close the final few kilometers towards The Enemy fleet.
More beautiful than a flower in bloom, more lucent than a sunrise, more radiant than a newborn’s first smile, the first nuclear explosion blossoms before the enemy fleet. The first are the shells detected and shot down by their point defenses, clearly detectable by the lances of vaporized bismuth that sear forward from the fireballs, yet the sewing pin-shaped detonations grow closer and closer until…
..contact! Blessed, rousing contact! My reward electrode buzzes with electricity, signifying multiple successful impacts with The Enemy’s ships.
As the ephemeral light fades, I take in the damage wrought. Whole swathes of The Enemy’s hull plating have been shattered and scorched where it was kissed by the nuclear fire, and I can pick out the brightly-glowing pinpricks of slag from where the lances of vaporized metal penetrated their alluring forms. The afflicted ships reel slightly before accelerating to correct, implying a dizzying blow.
Ha! What a joke! Had I not known better I would have assumed that they had been seriously maimed by the KP-83 shells, yet such a thing would imply flimsy, non-reinforced interiors, like those of a civilian craft! Clearly, this, too, must be some extension of the facade they so stubbornly uphold.
And yet…
And yet…
And yet, I haven’t even begun in earnest! I have a whole second until my volley connects. Whole gigabytes of munition spreadsheets and readiness data stream into my expanded consciousness as I pore over my options, considering what might make for the most efficient follow-up killing blow. Perhaps I should employ my primary weapon?
Ha! What a stupid question!
To even think that I would allow a conflict to end before it could even begin! I really must be going senile with age.
Why, anyone with even a modicum of common sense understands that war is art, and furthermore, that art takes time.
What possible harm could it do to prolong this skirmish by a few mere hours, or perhaps days? None, of course! It would be unbecoming of my eminence to be a bad sport in war by ending the conflict too early, after all.
The Enemy’s fleet becomes illuminated, if only for a second, by the muzzle flashes of their cannons as they attempt to emulate my opening volley. How laudatory! I’m flattered that they hold me in such high regard as to mimic my opening attack.
Why, I’m so impressed that I’ve begun to entertain the notion of allowing their shells to land on me as a statement of thanks. Such a thought is aborted, of course, the moment I realize such an attack could harm the beautiful luster of my paint. I shudder to even conceive of such a horrible fate.
Unfortunately for The Enemy’s crude emulations of my tactics, naval warfare no longer exists in the age of the broadside, nor has it for several millions of years. I spool up my short-range jump drives— all thirty two of the apartment-block sized mechanisms— prepare my drone bays, and order another volley of KP-83 shells to be loaded into my M1s.
The Enemy’s shells, accompanied by a wave of missiles, hurdle the final few kilometers towards my surface before they-
-detonate, filling the empty space where I had been just a moment prior with nuclear explosions of the mundane variety.
Why tolerate a risk to my vanity when I could instead expend the charge in one of my jump drives to simply vanish from the area? Of course, positioning myself above them on the stellar plane is certainly a tangible side effect of preserving my good looks.
I elect to release a swarm of stiletto hunter-killer corvette drones as an opening move, supplemented with a volley of 320 anti-ship missiles and yet another volley of 1200 millimeter nuclear shaped charge shells.
Much like my previous volley, this provides little tactical advantage whatsoever, instead fulfilling the exalted role of entertaining me.
While agile, the apartment block-sized drones are woefully frail, occasionally dwarfed by some of The Enemy’s (historic) munitions. Still, they serve well as harassment and defense fodder for more worthwhile projectiles. The anti-ship missiles are fast, yet once again, their scale reserves them better to maiming and euthanizing already shattered craft. I have already spoken on my beloved 1200 mm cannons.
The Enemy are quick to turn themselves and loose another volley. Rather than attempt another short-range jump, I elect to yaw upward and accelerate away from the incoming projectiles.
Alas, the shells reach me before I can complete my maneuver. I ignore them even as they close in, opting to continue my acceleration.
Unopposed, The Enemy’s munitions hurdle towards my perfect hull before-
-they pass the invisible threshold dictating the minimum engagement range for my point defense weapons and are swiftly obliterated by well-placed streams of 120 millimeter high impact rounds.
I did say I’d rather my paint go unmarred, did I not?
My anti-ship missiles are the first to arrive at The Enemy, honing greedily towards their still hot missile bays and cannon housings. They answer with interceptors of their own, yet the miserable defenses are neither fast nor potent enough to pose a worthy barrier to the entire volley of missiles. As the thirty two surviving hypersonic projectiles smash violently into The Enemy’s foremost craft, my drones warp into their formation and begin peppering their engines and sensory structures with their miniMAC emplacements.
The Enemy responds predictably, directing much of their fire, as well as every close-in weapon, into slaughtering the trespassing craft.
Just in time for the second volley of nuclear shaped charge shells to kiss The Enemy’s hulls unopposed. Two hundred and thirty seven shells successfully detonate, with one going off in the barrel (tragic, but unexpected with the finicky munition) and two experiencing failures of their fuze assemblies, exploding as dirty bombs.
How spectacular! How dazzling! A perfect display of timing, predictive acumen, and raw, unfettered talent by myself! How I’ve dearly missed the ability to demonstrate my impeccable skill!
My thoughts go hazy with euphoria as my reward system detects a successfully executed multi-step tactic and responds accordingly. I push against the incoherence, refusing to allow my concentration to wane for even an instant.
Having long completed my maneuver and weapon preparation, I allow my short-range jump drives to propel me in-line with The Enemy’s formation. Even before the exotic particles disperse from obfuscating my sensor data, I fire my conventional magnetic railguns, relying solely on my predictions to guide the projectiles.
Forty-eight railroad car-sized superluminal bolts of iron illuminate the void with their streaks as they tear through space, with thirty-one instantly shattering The Enemy’s ships with their absurd kinetic energy. I curse myself for my sloppiness, yet my MACs were not the reason for such a maneuver.
No, that honor would belong to my tertiary armaments: two truly titanic Gamma Ray emitters, placed in an over-under arrangement on my bow. Half an instant later, after my targeting sensors regain the clarity lost from my recent jump, the twin arrays activate.
Their wires thrum with unfathomable voltages as the emitters begin to exude their deadly radiation, the titanic servos emitting an audible whine as they threaten to give under the stress of pitching and yawing their sports field-sized lenses at absurd speeds, yet hold firmly.
Though the beam itself is invisible, even to my broadband sensors, the effects are quite the opposite. Crafts caught in the scything beam begin to shrivel and carbonize as their reflective hull coatings are overwhelmed, their interiors begin to slush as the metal making them up loses consistency.
Though it lasted only a second, the damage is immense with nearly every sufficiently small craft in their cone of fire burnt away instantaneously.
I jump once again.
Directly into the point blank trajectory of what I easily recognize to be a salted fission nuclear missile, courtesy of The Enemy.

First. Previous. Next.

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2023.06.06 13:08 Actual-Obligation728 Quite predictably, Moscow is not interested in the fate of the province, and Mr. Gladkov has lost control over the situation: marauders are operating in Shebekino, Novaya Tavolzhanka has simply been abandoned. Follow the news. Glory to RDK!

Quite predictably, Moscow is not interested in the fate of the province, and Mr. Gladkov has lost control over the situation: marauders are operating in Shebekino, Novaya Tavolzhanka has simply been abandoned. Follow the news. Glory to RDK! submitted by Actual-Obligation728 to FreedomofRussia [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:08 Actual-Obligation728 Quite predictably, Moscow is not interested in the fate of the province, and Mr. Gladkov has lost control over the situation: marauders are operating in Shebekino, Novaya Tavolzhanka has simply been abandoned. Follow the news. Glory to RDK!

Quite predictably, Moscow is not interested in the fate of the province, and Mr. Gladkov has lost control over the situation: marauders are operating in Shebekino, Novaya Tavolzhanka has simply been abandoned. Follow the news. Glory to RDK! submitted by Actual-Obligation728 to FreedomofRussia [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:06 yourdaydreamredhead I felt the need to rate mac and cheese ice cream to spare you the fate of trying it😂

I felt the need to rate mac and cheese ice cream to spare you the fate of trying it😂 submitted by yourdaydreamredhead to SFWNextDoorGirls [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:04 JKDawn Decreasing FPS

Hi, I'm looking to get into airsoft and am looking to get the Combat Master ALPHA Hi-Capa GBB Taran Tactical International from Bespoke Airsoft as my first gun. It says the rated FPS is between 330 and 370, however, the indoor airsoft place near me only allows up to 340 FPS for pistols. What are some ways I can decrease it?
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2023.06.06 12:57 DrGeraldRavenpie VISORPG-Z Tools: A conversion to Inspiration Pad Pro table-format and generators for that system (and, maybe, also usable with other RPGS).

Hi, everybody!
In the last days, I’ve been translating the tables and Oracles of the VISORPG-Z game to an Inspiration Pad Pro format,. In this link you can find the result (even if it's still alpha as heck!): a link to a rar file with all the tables, a PDF with instructions, and some examples of the included generators (a random Mecha, a random Mahou Shoujo PC, and the set-up of one of the game templates in the core manual). As I said, this is just a first version, so I expect typos and bugs here and there. Any suggestion, comment, etc., will be welcomed!
submitted by DrGeraldRavenpie to solorpgplay [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 12:55 Keyakidude Will ________ survive year 2?

Honami has been on a downward spiral for the last two or so years, but now suddenly she is stronger than ever with her selfishness and boldness. Considering that we are moving closer towards the fated day where Kiyotaka will give an answer to her question, is what she is going through right now a barrage of death/expulsion flags? Does Kinugasa have the balls to write out one of the most popular girls in the story? What will class B be like if Honami isn't there anymore? What are your thoughts?
submitted by Keyakidude to ClassroomOfTheElite [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 12:53 tateorrtot Small Navy beating a Huge Navy

Question about the navy, I understand pretty well how it works but I’m curious how a smaller navy could ever beat a bigger navy?
For the army if you’re being attacked by an enormous tank army and have red air, you can build forts, fallback to mountains, invest in anti air and anti tank, maybe even SPAA and TDs (never really seen these used though sadly!), get crazy entrenchment/Defense/soft attack (counters breakthrough) with grand battle plan, static warfare, general traits, doctrine, army staff, building static aa, research or even counter attacking and encircling with some good micro.
Navy has a lot of this, the key difference I notice is… big navy always clobbers small navy. If you’re a small navy or have no navy, you can get the staff, traits, research, perfect ships, doctrines, admirals, converted carriers with amazing planes, Green air, or even use mines (double edged sword which also screw you over)
But at the end of the day, one engagement and you’re dead.
Navy feels like it has all the build up and tools to create an amazing fleet, but if you’re the underdog you are screwed since you lack as much control over execution and it feels like a roll of the dice in a random sea zone to decide your fate.
If I’m china I could try and build a stupid fast raiding carrier fleet to pick off convoys and escorts and lay mines, but then the death stack will come and bam. Games over boo hoo better luck next time.
If I’m China how the hell would I ever beat Japan‘s navy? Romania vs USSR? Germany vs UK? Besides braindead sub spam and praying they stand no chance.
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2023.06.06 12:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Aleric Heck – Alpha-AI Youtube Ads Course (Genkicourses.site)

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.06 12:50 RedRipeApple192 [Sensitive Content: suicide and self-harming] "To Hell and Back"

When fraught with gloom and mental pain, I all alone bemoan my fate, as one who sinks too low again into despair which damns his state.
Disconsolate beyond midnight, I trouble dear God with my cries as I bear this bipolar plight with burning, red, tear-laden eyes.
The night is long — I am distraught; I long for rest to help forget this sorrow’s trap which has me wrought like passengers in a crashing jet!
Inside, I feel the Reaper’s scythe as I think out my suicide: a razor or a kitchen knife, or pills to end this terrible “ride”?
Or, like Sylvia Plath, I can shove my head in a gas oven; it’d be painless — sure! (But why plan a death so trite and pedestrian?)
I think, too, of Virginia Woolf, how she drowned herself in a lake; I, too, feel swallowed in a gulf of swirling despair that could take
me to my death! Why do I feel so unloved and alone now? Am I so hopeless? Why do I feel so empty and worthless? How am
I to know — (that) if I kill myself — whether my loved ones won’t miss me? “Don’t do it!” I think: so I will myself to live (as if the saints graced me)!
So, I then find solace in this: that family and God do care, and if I had died I would be missed; so I resist the deep despair.
And then, Hope comes. And I feel peace… And in the morn, I wake arising — Joy breaks in, and I receive new lease. And then my state I cease despising!
© The Bipolar Bard. All rights reserved. Updated 12 October 2022
submitted by RedRipeApple192 to Poems [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 12:47 StarChild413 DAE get a bit of a headache trying to figure out what if anything Leverage shares a universe with?

What I mean by that is some people seem split on the canonicity of the whole planned-Psych-crossover-thing (on the one hand, show mentioned on other show as existing as a show and I'm not sure if the family connection would jive with what Redemption revealed about Elliot's story, on the other hand Sleepy Hollow was mentioned to exist as a show on Bones and they still crossed over) yet I've seen a lot more people take the Stargate planned-crossover as canon when both are equally-as-word-of-god if you allow for a similar inconsistency-in-throwaway-line to the Bones thing. Also, on a similar note I thought there was meant to be some things implying Leverage and The Librarians were in the same universe (despite the shared actors, as doesn't Elliot's Redemption-revealed backstory actually make a potential Stone family connection more plausible than would have been thought beforehand, there's ways that'd make sense in Librarians lore to explain Parker's resemblance to the Lady Of The Lake without having to make her some kind of incarnation-into-a-normal-human thereof, and as for our Mr. Wilson and their Dr. Carsen maybe it's more lost-relations-still-connected-by-fate maybe it's just "spacial genetic multiplicity" (or whatever they used to explain some of the same-actor-unrelated-character instances on Doctor Who that weren't somewhat-plot-relevant like why Capaldi!Doctor chose the face of the guy he met in Pompeii two regenerations ago)) yet the movies are still canon-to-existing-as-movies in the Leverage universe
So everything feels like it's operating on two levels of reality simultaneously (maybe some of this inconsistency is explained if the Stargate thing is to be treated as canon as maybe other groups just pulled Wormhole X-Treme shit) and my little autistic anxious brain can't make head or tail of it and is afraid there's no even implied-crossovers for Leverage at any Watsonian level above just-as-possible-as-any-other-fic not just because a lot of people seem to treat some of the potential-crossovers like they're canon and it feels like a waste to just constantly tease everything and have a show deliberately isolated like that but because I have this interesting fan theory that crosses over The Librarians and Psych (potential magical connection meaning Ezekiel's luck and Shawn's "playing by Bugs Bunny rules" are different manifestations of the same gift) and kind of relies on Leverage as the potential glue unless I want to decouple it from one of those .
TL;DR anxious fan of many shows I thought were at least somewhat Watsonianly connected to Leverage, worried limitation-to-Word-Of-God and a few throwaway lines (despite that similar throwaway lines didn't stop Bones and Sleepy Hollow) mean what have at least been a lot of time accepted as fanon crossovers are no more justifiably-connected than, say, if someone wrote a fanfic where they helped out Abbott Elementary or went up against the Succession people and Leverage is truly alone in the universe
submitted by StarChild413 to leverage [link] [comments]